Your Eyes are Golden

They met before the accident, they met after the surgery; they met when she was blind, and they met now that she can see—and the first thing the girl sees, are her golden eyes, as bright as the sun can be.


Chapter Six: Trust Me

"Tell me again, why I must use a cane?"

"Because you're recovering from surgery and you may have trouble walking."

"Nina-san," Erstin said, looking towards her blue-haired friend. "You do remember that I was blind and that the surgery was done on my eyes, right?"

Nina turned away from door she was about to open, and grabbed the cane the blonde kept nudging her with. "Of course I remember…" she scoffed. "I just got it for you in case you felt dizzy. Since the surgery was done on your eyes you might get a migraine… or something."

"Well thank you for being so thoughtful," Erstin smiled brilliantly and took the walking aid back from blushing blunette. "We ought to get going, lead the way, won't you?"

They left the room together to stand out in the hall.

"So where to?" Nina asked, clearly unprepared for taking care of another person.

"Home would be nice." Erstin replied nonchalantly.


"Your place or mine; either is fine with me," the blonde started. "On second thought, can we go to my house? I don't have my walking stick."

Nina frowned. 'A cane is a walking stick…'

The blonde continued, seeming to read the other woman's thoughts, "And as nice as this cane is, it's a bit different of a feel and I'd feel more comfortable knowing what I'm walking against—or on—from the sound it makes."

Nina made an 'oh' face and then hummed, after realizing that the girl couldn't see her face.

"Let's go then," Nina said, walking away. When she got to the elevator she stopped to see Erstin making her way slowly towards her. "Erstin."

The blonde jumped. She had been concentrating so hard on walking that she didn't notice Nina right in front of her. "Y-yes, Nina-san?"

The elevator opened up and Nina stepped inside. "Can I see something?"

Erstin nodded and followed the blunette's voice by stepping into the elevator. "Sure, what do you want?"

The blunette looked down at the blonde, "Let me see the cane." Although her voice was casual, she could feel the heat creeping up her face at what she was going to do.

"But I can't see if I... I mean, I won't know where I'm going if I don't have it."

Ding. The elevator signaled the arrival to the hospital lobby.

"I know," Nina flushed slightly as she took the cane with one hand and the smaller girl's hand in her other. "That's why you have to make sure to stick with me. I'll get you home safe."


"So how long is it until the bandages come off?" Nina asked, trying to make conversation. She turned her head to face the blonde as they walked through a park.

Erstin's head tilted to the side in thought, "I think it was… a week?" she replied, not exactly sure.

Nina sighed, "I'll call the hospital later, just in case." Erstin nodded with a grateful smile.

The two exited the park and began to walk along the crowded sidewalk before Nina observed something. She opened her mouth to ask if Erstin had seen it too, but closed it suddenly in remembrance. Instead she glanced around to make sure if she had been correct, and she was. Many of the people they passed had been staring at them.

'But why?' the blunette thought; looking over her blonde to see if something was amiss. 'She is pretty—pretty interesting, that is. That's all; they're looking at her because she's interesting.' She shook her away her thoughts and continued to walk the remainder of the way to Takashi and Erstin's apartment. 'Well I suppose it's only Erstin's now…'

Erstin shifted and Nina looked down—it was then that she noticed their clasped hands. It felt so natural to hold the petite woman's hand that Nina hadn't realized she was still doing it. She understood why many passersby had been staring; they assumed she and Erstin were a couple.

Nina blushed and tried to ignore the staring.

"It's all right."

Nina started at Erstin's voice and raised an eyebrow in confusion. Erstin began to remove her hand from Nina's grasp. "I can feel them--the stares."

"No," Nina replied, surprising herself at the suddenness. She really didn't know why she had even said it, but she did know she didn't want to let go of the other woman's hand. "You trust me, right?" The blonde nodded. "Well, it's fine," her tone lightened and she smiled, "I told you I'd keep you safe."

Erstin couldn't help but smile at her friend's words; the corners of her lips curving up slightly in a shy smile, and she could feel the blood accumulating in her cheeks. "Thanks," she muttered softly.



Nina sat in the middle of a cozy living room. She glanced around at the modest furnishings and neutral colors of the home. 'I haven't been here for so long, and the feeling is just as relaxing as last time.'

The room, as well as the apartment itself, seemed to make anybody feel at home. Cream colored chairs and sofas complimented the oak cabinets, entertainment stand, and tables. Plants of various colors gave the house an even livelier feel as they sat in their respective spots near the windows. A miniature grand piano sat in a corner of the room, its ebony and ivory keys glinting from the nearby sunlight.

'Wait, piano…? Takashi didn't play the piano, he planted… plants.'

Tap-slide. Tap. Slide-tap.

Nina turned toward the noise and watched as Erstin made her way over to her.

"Nina-san?" the blonde called out as she stepped into the living room.

"Over here, Erstin." Nina turned away from the blonde and pressed a few keys on the piano. "Hey, whose piano is this?" She glanced at the girl standing next to her. "I know Takashi didn't play… I mean unless he just started or something."

"Oh, w-well, it's mine." Erstin muttered hesitantly.

"You play?" The blonde nodded. "Wow that's amazing! But I mean, isn't it hard since you can't see?"

"Not really," Erstin said, running a hand across the keys before settling on one and pressing it down. "I just need to memorize the locations of the keys and listen to the sounds. The rest is easy."

Nina watched in amazement as Erstin took a seat on the small bench and began to play a song. The blonde's fingers flew expertly over the ivory keys and pushed down with just the right amount of pressure to make notes flow beautifully. She stopped short, and the notes jammed together as she quickly stood.

"That was wonderful… why'd you sto—"

"Well, I got my stick." Erstin sniffed. "I think we can go now."

Nina got worried when she saw the smaller woman raise a hand to rub at fabric over her eyes. "Are you okay, Ers?"

"I'm… I'm fine, c-can we just go. Please?" Erstin said, her voice straining a bit at the end.

Nina nodded, "Whatever you want. Where would you like to go?"

"Home… yours please. I just can't be here anymore. I can feel him everywhere…" Erstin frowned deeply and grabbed at her chest as if she just noticed something. "It-it hurts. I feel like this is a dream and-and I'm waiting for him to walk through that door… or something." She sobbed into her hands. "Something… anything. P-please… just tell me… tell me it's a joke! I'll forgive you if-if you just come back… Takashi…."

Nina looked at the girl in front of her, unsure of what she was supposed to do. Hesitantly, she reached out and placed her hand on Erstin's shoulder. The blonde, needing comfort, lunged into the blunette's arms; and that time, Nina didn't hesitate, she quickly pulled Erstin into her.

"Come back…" Erstin wept against Nina's shoulder.

'I'm so sorry Erstin… I'm so sorry.' Nina continued to think that phrase over and over again in her mind as she rocked the blonde slowly. She stood with the other girl for a long time, occasionally she would offer words of comfort, but more often than not, she just silently rubbed circles on the blonde's back. 'I promise I'll be here for you, Ers. You don't have to go through this alone, I'm here.'

After her silent vow, Erstin's sobs began to die down. When there were only hiccups left, Nina pulled away slightly, but still held the blonde in her arms. Erstin turned her head up and smiled sadly, "Thank you, Nina. I'm sorry you had to see that…"

"No." Nina shook her head and squeezed Erstin a little tighter. "Do you trust me, Erstin?"

"Of course I do." The blonde said, tilting her head slightly to show she was confused.

"Well then you'll know that I'm here for you Ers, you don't have to do this alone." She said, repeating her vow aloud. "I'll protect you."

Erstin lowered her head before lifting it up to show a sincere smile. "Thank you, Nina-chan."

The blunette extracted herself from the blonde's arms and blushed deeply at the warm smile that was directed toward her. "Uh, well, you're welcome. So… home?"

Erstin nodded and began to walk toward the door, but stopped after she heard her name being called. "Yes?"

Nina caught up to the blonde and shifted shyly. "Um…"

"Yes, Nina-chan?" Erstin began to smirk.

"Well…" Nina began as she opened the apartment door. She turned her head toward the blonde and sighed. "Never mind."

Erstin closed up her retractable walking stick and attached it to her waist. She walked out the door and held her hand out to the blunette. "Let's go," She said, smiling as a blush crept up her cheeks.

Nina smiled warmly and grabbed the blonde's hand. She allowed her hand to be swung back and forth as they walked down the street.

I trust you.

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