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I didn't want to experience the feeling of someone's hand wrapped around my heart. The thought made me shiver of someone having the power to hold it so easily in the palm of their hand. Tyki did not hesitate to grab me. His hands shot out like a viper and grabbed the front of my uniform. I tried to pull away as he lifted me up again but his strength was impressive. I lifted up my leg and slammed my knee into his chest, causing him to make a grunting noise. He glared at me and wrapped a hand around my throat to start strangling me again, "Why can't you just die gracefully like a woman should?" Tyki hissed at me, his golden eyes flashing dangerously. I merely coughed in response. I didn't have oxygen to make any witty comebacks. He was pleased by this; it brought a smile to his face.

"Now, no more playing exorcist. I've got things to do." He said as his hand dipped into my chest again. My whole body tensed as his hands once again squeezed against my heart. If he kept doing that, it was going to leave a nasty bruise. I'm pretty sure bruised organs hurt more than the bruises you'd get on your skin. He studied my expression intently like he was waiting for something. If he was hoping to see me start crying then he was going to be waiting all night. Tyki clutched my heart tighter, causing more blood to escape from my mouth. I was beginning to feel woozy and my vision was becoming foggy. Tyki frowned at me and soon his grip loosened. Was the look in my eyes not pleasing him?

"Tyki~ don't kill her." A childs voice called out from behind Tyki. He turned around and I could see a girl sitting on a pumpkin umbrella that was suspended in the air. I couldn't make out what she looked like but she was smiling at him, "The Earl needs to see you." She said, tilting her head to the side.

"Hm." Tykis hand was soon gone from my chest. He dropped me on the ground like I was just a piece of trash. I fell on my side and my whole body ached with pain. I rolled onto my back and gripped my chest that felt like it was on fire. "Rhode, shouldn't you be in school?"

Rhode straightened her posture and frowned, "I got out early." She lied, glancing down towards me, "I want to play with her."

"She's a foul mouthed, stubborn girl." Tyki said, reaching into his pockets to fish out his pack of cigarettes.

Rhode smiled wickedly and slid off of the umbrella. She walked forward, coming closer to me. Rhode stopped and knelt down beside me, putting a hand on top of my sweaty forehead. "The stubborn ones are always the best to break." She said darkly before my body shut down from the blood loss. I fell into unconsciousness before I could even attempt to make an escape.


The room I was in was completely white. I don't know if there were walls… I was in this big white void. There were no doors or windows in this place, the only thing here was a chair and a mirror. I sat in this chair with my hands placed on the sides. I glanced at the mirror in front of me only to stare at my own reflection. What kind of dream was this? It didn't make any sense, but then most dreams never did. I just kept looking at myself until my reflection started to move. I-- she, lifted her hand towards her face. Her fingers brushed against the skin and then began tearing it away like it was paper. My eyes widened as my reflection tore away its face to reveal a beautiful woman.

She was tan with mesmerizing golden eyes. Her brown hair had turned dark, pitch black like the night sky. It was long and curled naturally at the ends. She smiled at me and stared at me, giving me shivers up my spine. "Who are you?" I spoke and broke the silence. My reflection ran her fingers through the front of her hair, dragging her bangs back to reveal her forehead. It was adorned with cross shaped scars, the same kind that Noah shared.

"I am you."

"NO!" I yelled automatically. This was a sick and twisted dream. I stood up from the chair, knocking it over behind me. The woman in the mirror merely chucked in amusement as I stormed towards the mirror, "Shut up, stop laughing! You aren't me, this is just a nightmare!" I screamed at her. She threw her head back and continued to laugh at me. My hands balled up into fists and I slammed them into the mirror, causing it to shatter and break. The room quickly turned black and I began to fall as the mirror was destroyed, but I could still hear her laughter ringing in my ears.

My head snapped up as I woke from the nightmare. I looked around and found myself sitting in a chair. I tried to sit up but my hands were tied to the arm rests. My legs were also tied up to the legs of the chair. For some reason I was wearing a dress and when I licked my lips I could taste lipstick. The room I was in was dark but there were candles floating around in the room, casting some light. I moved the chair an inch forward as I struggled to get out of the binds.

"You aren't going anywhere." I heard a familiar child's voice coming from a corner. Rhode skipped into view and stood in front of me, smiling happily. She placed her hands on my lap and smoothed down the dress, "I dressed you up; you're my new pretty exorcist doll."

"I'm anyone's toy. If you don't let me go I'm going to…" I trailed off. What was I going to do? Yell at her? That wasn't going to help. Rhode just continued to smile at me and pointed up. I glanced to what she was pointing to and gasped. Inside a pink bubble were my elbow blades.

"You can't hurt me without that." She said, resting her hands on top of mine, "Now, how many candles does it take to make an exorcist obedient?" Rhode asked, her eyes glittering with excitement. Behind her the candles began to move and tip to the side, revealing pointy bottoms. My eyes widened as I tried to count how many there were, but I lost count after twenty. Was she going to kill me with all of those? Rhode smiled at my expression and one of the candles shot out like a bullet, lodging itself in my arm.

I let out a gasp, grinding my teeth together as the pain radiated throughout my body. My fingers dug into the wood arm rests of the chair as I tried not to make any noise. Rhode didn't look very pleased with how I reacted. Did the whole Noah family have a sadistic side to them? She frowned at me and held up her hand as more candles advanced forward, "One," another candle rushed to me and stabbed me in the shoulder, "Two," I kept my jaw clenched tight and tried to hold back the tears that were fighting to come out from the pain. "Three," The third candle hit me in the thigh. I was starting to lose my control; I let out another gasp but didn't scream at least.

Rhode was becoming more frustrated with me. Five candles came forward, "Three plus five is-"

"Rhode, you need to do your homework." Tykis voice radiated from somewhere in the darkness. Rhode turned away from me, making a hmph sound. "I don't want to do it. I want to play with Selene." She said firmly.

"If you don't do your homework the Earls going to spank you." Tyki replied as he came into view. I glanced at him but his face was blank. What else was I going to expect him to look like? Maybe be all excited from the freshly spilt blood.

Rhode pouted and scooted away from me, "Fine. But I want to play with her again later." She said, glancing toward me fondly. That look she had made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Tyki held an unlit cigarette in his hand and put it against his lips, "Finish this little game of yours so I can go home and eat."

The candles inched back as Rhode looked at me, "We shall play again very soon, Selene." She said as a heart shaped door began to appear from out of the ground just behind her and Tyki. The doors swung open to reveal only darkness. Tyki walked towards it but waited for Rhode to follow. He sighed heavily as Rhode kissed me on the cheek before skipping over to him. He walked inside the door but Rhode hung back for a second, looking back at me.

"Good night, Selene." She said as her hand lifted up again. All of the candles that were hovering around in front of me shot out and stabbed me in multiple places of my body. It hurt horribly and finally I cried out in pain as she left. The door closed behind her and my mind was gone as soon as Rhode was.



My voice was being called by someone familiar. Was this God? That didn't sound like God… but then how were you suppose to know how he sounded like? What if he wasn't a he but a she? Or maybe neither…

"Miss Selene, can you hear me?"

Of course I could hear them, they were very loud. I tried to open my eyes but the lids covering them felt heavy. As I tried to move other parts of my body they also felt heavy like bricks. I continued to struggle to gain control back over my body and finally managed to crack my eyelids open halfway. My vision was greeted by bright sunlight that caused me to close them automatically.

"Ah, you're awake Miss Selene."

I opened my eyes again, this time a little more than just halfway. I looked towards the voice and saw the finder who had been accompanying me on my mission standing over me. I looked away from him and started to look around to see where I was. The room was white and pointed to hospital room. Great, I hated the hospital. I got the feeling back in my upper body and proceeded to pushing myself up. The finder leaned forward to help me but I shrunk away from him, "Where am I?" I asked before coughing. My throat was dry and it hurt to talk.

"In the hospital. I found you unconscious after the akuma attacked the train. You sustained a few injuries but nothing life threatening." He replied.

Nothing life threatening? I got stabbed with a million candles, I should be dead right now from the blood loss and shock. I pursued my lips and looked down at my lap. Had the whole experience with the Noahs been some kind of nightmare? It had felt so real that I was certain it happened.


"Oh," I looked up towards a glass being held out in front of me. I lifted my hand towards it, wrapping my fingers against the cold beverage, "Thank yo-" I stopped as the reflection in the water had a dash of red to it. I glanced up and saw a familiar teenager grinning at me. I pushed the glass away and crossed my arms against my chest. "What's he doing here?"

Lavi frowned and set the water down on one of the nightstands before sitting down on my bed. I inched over to the side, not wanting to be that close to him. This only made him smile again as I tried to get away from him. It was the finder that spoke up first as we played the "Stay away from Lavi" game, "Since you were injured the Order thought it would best if they assigned you a partner for your mission."

"Yea, I'm going to help you out." Lavi added, patting my legs that were covered by the bed sheets.

I jumped as he hit a few bruises that were there, "Ow!" I said with a hiss, glaring at him. I honestly didn't mind having a partner, but I would have taken anyone but him. Why did they stick me with Lavi? He was okay… but he always looked like he wanted to get me alone in a closet. If that ever happened he'd find himself getting knocked out before he could do anything inappropriate.

"Oh, sorry." Lavi apologized, scratching the back of his head, "I forgot you're legs are hurt."

I continued to glare at him. Maybe if I did this he would go away. It didn't seem to work, he just continued to smile at me like a happy idiot. The finder cleared his throat to cut through the awkward tension, "We are suppose to depart as soon as you wake up, but if you wish Miss Selene you may rest for another day."

"No, I'm fine. I've dealt with worse before." I replied. I didn't want to waste time that could be used finding innocence in a hospital bed. Besides, I hated hospitals. I didn't like being secluded to one spot. I needed to move around.

"Alright. I'll let you get ready and then we will leave shortly after. There is a train leaving in an hour or so that will take us to France." The finder said before he turned and disappeared behind the curtain that they used to make your bed more private. You could never have privacy in a hospital though.

I looked at Lavi who hadn't moved an inch, "Can you go so I can change?" I asked him.

He blinked at me and tilted his head to the side, "I thought maybe you needed help putting your uniform on."

"Get out of here or I'll give you another eyepatch."

"Okay! Geez." Lavi said as he stood up from my bed and departed, finally giving me privacy. I pushed the covers off of me and slid my legs off the bed. My body hurt every time I moved it, but it was doable. My uniform was laying on one of the chairs. I wanted to take a shower, but I doubted they would let me use it without assistance from a nurse. So with a heavy sigh I got began to change. I would just have to shower when we got to France.


Lavi's POV

Selene Lok, age nineteen, born on April 6th in America. Her blood type is O positive and she likes to dress like a boy. Her innocence is an equipment type with the ability to control wind and create it into a weapon. That was everything in her profile that the Black Order carried for all exorcists. She didn't have anything that made her stand out except the fact that she dressed like a tomboy. I don't understand why she does it; she would look cuter if she didn't but… I also heard she was raised by men. Maybe this stopped the growth of her feminine side.

We didn't talk much as we traveled to the train station. She had stayed silent and stood as far as she could from me without making it seem that she wasn't with our group. For some reason it was pretty humorous to me. I enjoyed bugging Kanda, but having her glare at me was better. Selene looked positively adorable when she acted tough, but I know there's more under that exterior. We got a first class compartment as always and the finder opted to stay outside while she and I sat inside the room.

Selene sat by the window and I sat across from her. She just looked outside and pretended I wasn't there while. I studied her closely and memorized her physical appearance before she looked at me with an annoyed expression.

"What are you staring at?" Selene snapped.

This made my lips curl into a smile, "Your pretty brown hair." I said. It was long and came down to the middle of her back.

"I want to cut it but my teacher said he would kill me if I did."

I blinked at her. If she cut it then she would definitely look like a boy. Her long hair was the only thing that made her appear as a girl. "Don't cut it, I like the length." I replied honestly.

"Then I'm definitely cutting it later." She replied.

Selene looked back towards the window and I frowned. This wasn't going to be a fun mission if she acted like this the whole time. I leaned back in my seat and crossed one leg over the other. I wanted to get her to talk more but I had a feeling it would be a while before she openly conversed. "So what happened during that akuma attack? Did you pass out after you killed it?" I asked curiously, wanting to get the story accurate.

I saw the tension appear on her face as I brought up the subject. She looked at me and there was something haunting in her eyes that quickly disappeared, "I… I don't know what happened." She said, looking down at her lap, "I thought I encountered Noah's but… maybe I was just dreaming."

I raised a brow to her response. She knew about the Noah? I thought besides me and Bookman we were the only ones with this knowledge. I pursued my lips and curled my fingers through my thick hair, "What did they look like?"

Selene didn't answer for some time. She took a few minutes before she started to describe them, "One was a tall man with curly black hair… and the other was a little girl."

My body froze as she described the last Noah. So she had met her? It made sense now if she thought it was all a dream. That was her power after all. I let my arm fall back down onto the chair and let it rest there as I stared at Selene. She should be completely broken after encountering a Noah, but here she was sitting on a train going to France. Why hadn't they killed her? It didn't make any sense… unless they had some interest in her. This was peculiar indeed and I would have to remember this conversation for my records.


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