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It was a hectic Saturday at Jungle Karma Pizza. Casey, Lily, Theo, RJ and Fran were doing their usual lunch hour duties: serving their distinct pizzas, keeping the place clean and making sure everyone was having a good time. This particular day was especially busy.

"Man, there's a lot of people here today!" Casey noted.

Casey was manning the cash register and was ringing up the customer's bills as fast as he could. It took all his concentration to keep from handing one customer too much change and short-changing another.

"I know; more than usual. Fran, I need three Thrilla Gorillas and a veggie pizza for table five, pronto!" Lily called out.


Fran walked out from behind the counter with two pies on each arm. She was on her way to the table that had four college football players wearing their letterman jackets when she tripped over her own untied shoelaces. Her arms flailed sending the pies flying and in danger of hitting the floor therefore deeming them unfit to eat.


"Fran, I got it!" Theo shouted.

Theo runs towards Fran and catches each of the falling pizzas before they hit the floor. The lunchtime crowd applauds the young man thinking it was some form of entertainment.

"Nice catch, Theo." Lily complimented.

"Thanks, I owe you one."

Theo placed all four pizzas on table five before looking to Fran.

"That was too close. You okay, Fran?"

"I'm fine. From now on, I'm wearing sneakers with velcro." She said with a laugh.

At that moment, their boss and mentor to three of the employees, RJ, comes out of the back with four pizzas inside their trademark boxes ready for pick-up. He had on the garb of a master chef; his white double-breasted waistcoat with the insignia of Jungle Karma Pizza in full view on his left lapel, a red apron tied around his waist and his favorite leopard print hat that was cocked to one side slightly.

"So, how are things going out here?"

"Just fine, RJ. Fran had a little mishap but everything's cool." Casey explained.

"Are you sure you're okay, Fran?"

He walked over to check on his spectacled employee and noticed her shoes were indeed untied. He chuckled to himself figuring that that was the reason for the commotion he heard earlier.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But with all these people, how are we going to get all of the pizzas done?" She asked with concern.

"We're going to have to. I've got a pizza order ready right now and someone is supposed to come in to pick it up." RJ replied.

"Wow, so who's supposed to come by?" Lily wondered.

"I've only seen her a few times. She comes in at exactly the same time everyday, rushes in wearing a white coat, says a quick 'hi', pays for the pizzas and gives a quick 'see you later' before running out. I guess she's just really busy."

Just then, a young woman with long, black hair wearing a white lab coat in a ponytail walks in and comes up to the counter with a smile.

"There she is now."

She was hovering between 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 7 in her white sneakers. She wasn't rail-thin, but she wasn't what you would call a chubbette, either. She was the perfect medium, sleek-toned with curves in all the right places. Her dark brown eyes were usually the first thing people noticed because they always conveyed her warm, caring demeanor. She had been called 'quiet' by people who meet her for the first time because of her soft-spoken voice but she preferred the term "calm-natured." The feature she liked most about herself was her skin that she herself said was roughly a shade lighter than milk chocolate. (A/N: YES, she's African-American. ;) )

"Hey. Is my order ready? Two Thrilla Gorillas double bananas, one Mega veggie and one veggie no onions?" She asked.

Casey looked over to his boss who was holding the pizza boxes in his arms and noticed that...he wasn't moving. His face was frozen in what looked like awe; complete with his mouth just slightly open. Casey chuckled nervously as the lady stood their waiting for her order. He made a mental note reminding himself to rib RJ later about this later. Grabbing the four bozes from his mannequin of a boss, he handed them to the young lady with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry about that, miss. Here you go. Fresh out of the oven." Casey said returning the smile.

"Thanks...you're new here aren't you?" She asked grabbing the boxes.

"Yeah, we are." Theo replied.

"I'm Lily, this is Theo and that's Casey."

"Nice to meet you all." She said shaking each of their hands.

"And I'm Fran. Nice to meet you."

As each of the teens got finished introducing themselves, Casey was gently shaking RJ in an attempt to make him say something...ANYTHING. A squeak, a grunt, a burp. Anything to prove to the young cashier that RJ was still on Planet Earth.

"Likewise. This place is in good hands. Keep up the good work." She complimented.

All four employees thanked her and Casey noticed her attire. He'd given up on making his boss talk.

"So you're a doctor? I'm asking because of the lab coat."

"Yeah, I'm the head vet of the Ocean Bluff Veterinary Hospital."

"That is so cool." Lily replied.

"Yeah, we treat all kinds of animals there, even wild ones."

"Wow. Aren't they hard to tame?" Theo asked with interest.

"Well, they're wild; they weren't meant to be tamed, but somehow, they seem comfortable around me. Even when they growl and jump at the other vets. I even had a lion lick my face once. Shocked EVERYONE!" The young woman recalled.

"That's so incredible!" Fran said.

"Well, I better get back to the hospital with these pizzas before everyone revolts."

She smiles as she picks up the four boxes to carry back to her car.

"It was nice meeting all of you."

The four young employees bade her farewell as their boss was oddly silent. She had been coming in for a few weeks and RJ never had the guts to ask for her name...until now. Before she took one step towards the door, he walks around the counter to face her; at this point his voice finally decided to make an appearance.

"Hi. I don't believe we've met. My name is RJ. And you are?"

The young woman gave a tiny smirk. She was wondering when he was going to say something to her. She noticed him just standing there when she came in. Usually she would just pop in, pay for the food and pop back out due to her busy schedule; today was a rare treat because for the first time in weeks, she had an off day. Inside, she was thankful she had some time to come in and talk to the employees, otherwise she never would have met this attractive young man standing in front of her.

"My name's Gwendolyn. But everyone calls me Gwen."

"That's a pretty name." RJ said with a goofy grin.

"Thank you. I guess I'll see you later. Bye."

She flashed him a sweet smile before leaving the parlor with her order. RJ was left waving to her for a solid twenty seconds until Casey waved his hand in front of his face to snap him out of it.

"Earth to RJ, do you read me, over!"

"Cute girl."

"Oh, looks like someone has a crush." Casey said jokingly.

Lily and Fran giggled behind their boss' back.

"I do not."

"Yeah, right, RJ. It's written all over your face." Theo mused.

"I told you I don't have a crush."

"You SO do." Lily rebutted.

"Okay, okay, I admit it. She's pretty." He said with a light sigh.

"Pretty nothing. She's hot! Y-you know i-in a scientific kind of way, of course." Theo stammered.

"Uh huh." They all replied.

Meanwhile, at Dai Shi's lair...

Dai Shi was pacing back and forth recounting his latest defeat by the Power Rangers. Every passing second made him seethe with more and more anger. He needed to take his frustrations out on someone, and he knew just who to call.

"CAMILLE! GET IN HERE NOW!!" He bellowed.

Camille appeared from the wall she was camouflaged in and cringed when she looked at her master's scowl.

"You summoned me, Dai Shi?" She asked cringing.

Dai Shi methodically stalked around Camille like the lion spirit that inhabited him. He looked her up and down and the chameleon was thinking that Dai Shi had finally taken an interest in her other than just as his general. Sadly, that was not the case.

"Camille, unless you have a foolproof plan to defeat the rangers, you might as well look forward to a future as my NEW BELT!!"

Camille jumped back from her master's roaging threat. She'd be completely turned on if she wasn't so terrified of him.

"Master, don't worry. My newest creation will bring chills down the spines of those rangers."

She produces a silk bag that held a golden spider idol.

"The tarantula is the largest and most feared of all the spiders."

Camille calls forth a rinshi and places the spider idol on its forehead. It changes to its second form and stands next to Camille.

"May I present...Arachnikhan!"

"Looks promising. GO into the city and gather their fear...and you best not fail me this time."

"Of course, Dai Shi. Rinshi, let's go!"

Camille bowed and walked out with the Rinshi hopping behind her to wreak havoc.

Meanwhile at the Ocean Bluff Veterinary Hospital...

"Guys, soup's on!"

Gwen shouted as she fed her patients ranging from domesticated pets to wild animals. After making sure they were all fed, she takes the pizzas to the lounge area where a small group of kindergarten kids and her coworker were waiting.

"I got pizza! COME AND GET IT!"

A few of the kids rushed to get their slices.

"Thanks, Gwen. I'm starving." One kid said as he took a bite.

She loved animals, true enough, but she also loved children. Often, she would take a break from her busy schedule and host field trips to educate the kids about animal, how to take care of them and how to treat those in the wild. It was the children who made her job that much more rewarding.

"Now where's Keenan? He's usually first when I call out..."


The shout came from behind her and nearly scared the daylights out of her.

"Alright, MICHELANGELO!" She shot back with a smirk making the kids laugh.

"Can I help it if my pizza is my favorite food? Especially pepperoni?" Keenan asked as he reached for his favorite food.

Keenan was just shy of 5 foot 10 and has a slim build. His skin was a little darker in tone due to the time spent outside doing one of his two favorite hobbies: basketball and dancing. His hair was cut short, a little like Ethan's but a tad shorter.

"What ISN'T your favorite food? Anyway, let's dig in." She chuckled.

As they ate, Gwen thought back to the pizza place and a small smile crept on her face. Sure, she went to Jungle Karma Pizza almost every day but it was just a run...in every sense of the word. She was usually the one corraled into picking up everyone's orders despite her frantic schedule so it was always, get in, pay, get out. She never got the chance to look around the pizza parlor to admire its unique take on the 'Tarzan' them it had. This time she did and she wondered why she never noticed before. The pizzas were interesting on their own but the atmosphere the decorating added made it more enjoyable. And the staff...they were pretty cool kids. But what grabbed her attention the most was the owner...HOW did she not notice HIM?

"He's a hunk and a half...and another three quarters." A Cheshire Cat-like grin made the corners of her mouth curl as she thought about RJ.

"Why are you so happy?" Keenan asked.

"Hmm, no reason." She lied.

"Come on, Gwen. We're all friends here. And since when have you kept anything from me?"

"Okay. I met the crew and the owner of the pizza place I got the food from."

"And the owner's kinda cute." She thought to herself.


They continued their lunch in relative peace when suddenly, there was an explosion outside, near the hospital. The animals started to make loud noises.

"What was that?" Keenan asked.

"I don't know. It sounded like it came from outside."

Everyone ran to the windows to see Camille and the rinshi causing mayhem and destroying everything in sight.

"Whoa! Gwen, you don't think..."

"We need to get everyone out of here in case they hit here next."

"You're right."

They gather the frightened kids to take them to safety as the rangers show up to confront Camille.

"Back off, Camille!" Casey shouted.

"What's your game this time?" Lily asked.

"Let me show you! Rinshi, ATTACK!"

The minions hop towards the three teens as they take a fighting stance.

"Ready?" Casey asked.

"Ready!" Lily and Theo shouted back.


All three go through their transformations and stand in front of their enemies.

"Strength of the Tiger! Jungle Fury Red Ranger!"

"Speed of the Cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!"

"Stealth of the Jaguar! Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!"

"Don't you get tired of that?" Camille sighed.

"We're tired of YOU!" Casey answered.

The rinshi and the rangers face off in a heated battle. A few minutes into the fight...

"Oh, rangers!" Camille taunted.

"What do you want!?" Lily asked.

"I hope you're not afraid of spiders! ARACHNIKHAN! GET THEM!!"

"Watch your back, guys!" Casey ordered.

"Step into my parlor, said the spider to you flies!"

The transformed rinshi changed once more into a grotesque spider mutant that roared loudly.

"Okay, that's just SICK!" Lily said with disgust.

"I HATE spiders!" Theo replied.

"We're gonna need the big guns for this one! JUNGLE CHUCKS!"



Casey rushes in to attack Arachnikhan first while Lily and Theo take care of the rinshi, but his strikes had no effect on the mutant's tough exoskeleton. As he fought, Gwen and Keenan were on the other side of the street herding the kids to safety.

"Come on, guys!" Keenan ordered.

"Run to the police station! You'll be safer there!" Gwen told the kids who ran to the police.

"Okay, Gwen, they're safe. What do we do?"

"Come on."

Gwen and Keenan run back to the hospital for reasons known only to them. Meanwhile, Casey was blasted into a car by the monster's Spinneret Attack.


"Casey!" Lily shouted.

"You alright?"

"MAN, he's tough!" Casey groaned as he peeled himself off of the car door he dented.

"Let's get in on this, Theo!"

"Right behind you!"

Both Lily and Theo charge Arachnikhan full force and manage to get a few hits in, but they get beaten back by the same attack. Its exoskeleton is virtually impenetrable.

"Yikes! Talk about unnecessary roughness!" Theo groaned.

"We can't give up, guys!" Lily reassured.

"You might as well. NOTHING can pierce his armor!" Camille cackled.

Arachnikhan was slowly inching forward, looking forward to handing his master his first victory...

End of Chapter One

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