As I said before the three hundred years had surely passed. The silver blood who had been born in 1651 was Simon Bristol. Instead Simon had an older brother named Christopher, but he was not born a vampire until Von Grab came to give his blood.

I hadn't met Simon until after Christopher was killed. However, Vincent's phone call came a week later.

"Shiloh, it's me Vincent, I'm at the bottom floor of your apartment building love."

"Simon, did you know about this little get together?" I snapped.

"Yes, I did, but Vincent just wanted to keep it a secret," whispered Simon as he brushed a whisp of silver hair from his face.

That's just great Simon, go ahead and mess around with a thousand year old vampiress and her so called mate, I said in my mind.

Although Simon got the message right into his young thick skull already. Looks like he's learned how to send words through his mind.

"Better go meet Vince downstairs before he gets too cocky," laughed Simon as if it were a joke.

"To late boy I'm already here."

As I turned around I saw a pair of red eyes stare deep into mine. I just ran up and hugged him refusing to let go.

"Vincent, you're finally here, but how did you know when to come?" I was shocked.

Didn't I promise you three hundred years ago before Simon would be born?

"Yes, you did so," I said letting Vincent carress my cheek with a free hand.

To be continued...

In part two