Chapter Three: Weddings??

Uhura walked down the hallway, a determined look in her eye. She walked angrily through the junior officer's Rec Room door, feeling even angrier that she couldn't have made a more dramatic entrance by slamming it open. Nevertheless, Ensign Juliet looked up at Uhura in surprise.

"Hey, hon, how are you? You don't need the junior's lounge anymore, not with your senior bridge ranking, huh?" she laughed, smiling at the lieutenant.

"Yeah." said Uhura, not returning the smile. "I came here to see what new lies you're spreading. I've heard plenty."

"Lies? Hon, I'm not lying! Is it a lie to report that Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy are-"

"Are what? Becoming friends! What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, nothing." Juliet said. "I agree. They've become friends. Close friends. Very close." She giggled, and a few of the crew members by her laughed in agreement.

"Is there any proof?" Uhura asked, ignoring the log that had been sent to her declaring McCoy's love.

"Apparently, according to Chris Toka, McCoy wants Spock to come down to Vulcan with him. They'd spend a few days there. They've been talking about what to wear-"

"How does Toka know anything?"

"He's Nurse Chapel's assistant, okay hon!" Juliet said, though there was no humor in her voice then.

"And what to wear? It's hot on Vulcan, McCoy would know what to wear-"

"Not for a wedding." Juliet countered. There were a few gasps from the collected junior officers.

"That's impossible." Chekov, who had been near the back of the room, snapped. "A vedding? Vhy vould they haff a vedding on Wulcan? The doctor vould never marry on Wulcan."

"He'd never marry Spock at all!" Uhura argued.

"Are you homophobic, Uhura?" an ensign asked her.

"Of course not! I don't like seeing false rumors spread around!"

"How do you know they're false?"

"Me and Nyota know Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy vell." Chekov said angrily. "They are not romantically inwolved, and if they vere then that is not your business!"

"Ha. Prove that they aren't dating." Juliet said, sticking out her lower lip.

"We will." Uhura replied.

"Don't come crying to me if your assumptions are wrong, hon." Juliet said.

"Don't call me hon." said Uhura, and turned to leave, Chekov on her heels.


Uhura, as well as the rest of the bridge crew, were on the bridge making annual repairs to the system. "Adjust the optical displays one fortieth of a meter, Lt. Uhura." Spock said, who was underneath her station so that only his boots were seen.

"Sure, sugar." Uhura said absentmindedly.

"Sugar, lieutenant?"

"Wha- oh. Sorry, sir. I was, um...thinking."

"It would do you best to think about the job at hand."

"Probably." Uhura agreed, blushing slightly.

"Hello, Lt. Uhura." McCoy said, walking onto the bridge with a PADD at hand. "Where's Spock?"

"Under there, sir." Uhura answered, pointing to her station.

"Ah. Thank you." McCoy crouched down by the comm. "Hello, Mr. Spock. Um..." He looked at the PADD. "Er...T'tavi koe tich tor ang tesmur?"

"Your verb tenses leave little to be desired, but the greeting is essentially correct." Spock answered from beneath. "Lt. Uhura, would you please pass the soldering laser?"

"Of course." Uhura said.

"And to answer your question Doctor, 'oh koe taarh' tayn, kit t'tavi?"

"Hell, you expect me to know what the hell you're saying?"

"You seemed intent on learning parts of the Vulcan language. I said nothing too difficult."

"Too damn difficult for me. And screw it. Why bother learning a language best left to-" McCoy stopped himself, though everyone on the bridge knew the ending of the sentence. "Anyway, I need to talk to you."

"You are talking to me right now, Doctor." Spock non-replied.

"You have your head in a console. I need to you to listen."

"I can listen and repair. Here is the laser, Lt. Uhura. Please pass the tuning recorder."

"Here you are."

"All right, Spock." McCoy said. "Have it your way." He grabbed Spock's feet and pulled him out from the console. "Can you spare a moment now?"


"I'm nervous."

"There is no reason to be nervous."

"I can't even conjugate a Vulcan verb! Everyone's going to think I'm an idiot."

"You are not an idiot." Spock said. "Vulcan is a complicated language to non-Vulcans. I myself had difficulties learning English, but nobody believed me to be unintelligent. No one will think you a fool."

"I'll think me a fool." McCoy muttered. Spock returned to the console work. "And what am I even supposed to wear?"

Ensign Juliet came onto the bridge just as Spock said, "The gorta."

"The what?"

"The attire of the husband, Doctor."

Juliet squealed slightly, glaring at Uhura as she did. Uhura sweetly said to Spock, "Can I help you with any more of the repairs, Mr. Spock?"

"No. Thank you, Lieutenant." Spock said.

"So, I don't mean to pry, there something going on on Vulcan?" Uhura asked.

"Yes. A wedding."

"Why do I have to wear-" McCoy began, but Spock cut him off.

"It is the wish of the groom. It is a fairly recent trend of Vulcan weddings."

"Damn him." said McCoy with a slight smile. "And I didn't know Vulcan had fashion trends." Spock chose to ignore that comment.

"So there's a wedding going on?" Juliet asked.

"It would seem so." McCoy said. "I'm still nervous."

"There is nothing to be nervous about." Spock reiterated. "Trust me."

"I'm probably going to mispronounce a word and accidentally swear and ruin the wedding." McCoy sighed.

"I hope you have fun, Doctor." Juliet laughed.

"Yeah. A lot of fun, dammit. At least you'll be with me, Spock." McCoy said.

"Well, he sorta should be." Juliet replied.

"What?" McCoy asked, but the ensign had already skipped away. "What is wrong with her?" he asked himself quietly.

"Nobody knows." Uhura replied.


"So explain to me once more, Spock. The gorta?" McCoy asked the Vulcan later in sickbay.

"The gorta is what the husband wears, Doctor. You will wear that robe, and walk down the aisle with your daughter. Then, you will place the robe over Sportik. It will signify that you are placing the role of husbandry onto his shoulders, and that you approve of it."

"Well, I don't." McCoy grumbled. "A Vulcan! Of all people..." He looked up to see confusion in Spock's eyes. "No offense."

"You do not find Vulcans attractive in the least?" Spock asked, his confusion rising. McCoy was too paradoxial for Spock's liking...though that was not necessarily true. McCoy had a certain depth to him that Spock enjoyed to decipher. Vulcans, at least to him, were mostly one and the same: logical. McCoy had so many different levels to dissect.

"Well, not as a son-in-law." McCoy replied. Spock nodded.

"But you would romantically involved with a Vulcan?" Spock asked.

McCoy laughed, a little uncomfortably. "Uh, well-"

"Hello Doctor McCoy!" Chapel said, barging into sickbay. "I'm sorry I'm late. Uh, feeling okay?"

"I should be asking you. You're twitchy." McCoy said, looking at the nervous nurse.

" No. I'm fine. Uh, hello Mr. Spock." Chapel looked down, and went into another room.

"What is wrong with her?" McCoy asked.

Spock gave a small shrug in response.

"Did you just...shrug at me?" McCoy asked.

"I...was not aware of doing so."

"You're becoming more human, Spock." McCoy grinned, and leaned in closer to the Vulcan. "I like it."

Spock refused to meet the doctor's eyes, and quickly excused himself.


Spock looked around the red, beautiful, barren land that he had called home for most of his life. Not anymore, though—the Enterprise was his home now. He glanced at McCoy, who also seemed enraptured with the landscape. "Vulcan isn't that bad, I guess." he chose to say, which Spock took (from McCoy, anyway) as a great compliment.

"It is aesthetically pleasing." Spock agreed. The two of them walked to the gated building a few yards away.

"So, where is-" but McCoy stopped his sentence as he ran to greet a figure at the gate, who had screamed, 'Dad!'

"Joanna!" McCoy yelled, hugging his daughter tightly. "Congratulations! How are you?"

"I am glad to hear English again." Joanna replied. "And how are you?"

"Great to see you." McCoy answered. "This is Spock, a friend of mine who agreed to help me with Vulcan customs."

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Spock." Joanna said, placing her hand palm upward to him. He placed his fingers atop hers as a greeting.

"Joanna. I offer my congratulations to both you and Sportik." Spock said.

"Thank you."

"Where is the damned Vulcan, anyway?" McCoy asked, glancing around.

"He's doing a ritual before the ceremony tonight. You have to join him, Dad." Joanna said. "Sportik's inside."

"Um...alright." McCoy seemed hesitant to approach the door.

"He won't bite, Dad." Joanna laughed. "Go on." McCoy left. His daughter turned to Spock. "I've heard a lot about you, both from Vulcan gossip and my dad's messages. You seem to be a great Vulcan, and a good friend of my Dad."

"You are too kind. I am only as great as other's think I am. However, I do consider myself a good friend of your father's." Spock answered.

"Does he annoy you as much as he thinks he does?" Joanna laughed.

"Your father is very...illogical."

"He wouldn't be my dad if he wasn't."


The wedding went amazingly. Spock watched, feeling distant as he saw the young Vulcan take his vows and mind-meld with his bride. That could have been him. Married in front of a full crowd, without the pangs of pon farr to cloud his judgment. He could have made his father proud for a change. But instead he was in Starfleet, unmarried, and alone. It could have been him.

Spock excused himself from the 'reception' that was being held (purely on Joanna's insistence, as Vulcans traditionally had no receptions). He looked out at the desert, feeling a sense of depression and a lack of accomplishment. He sighed, and tried to block out those emotions with logic. For the most part, he succeeded. He climbed a small hill that overlooked the reception, and watched what was going on.

McCoy was dancing with his daughter, smiling and laughing. He seemed to finally approve of Sportik and Joanna's marriage, perhaps through the ritualistic mind-meld he had preformed with Sportik earlier. McCoy kissed his daughter on the cheek, and Spock suddenly felt an odd emotion that seemed completely out of place: jealously. He wanted that kiss from McCoy. Was that possible?

What was going on? Spock wondered. He initially wanted to allay McCoy's feeling for him—was he now reciprocating them?

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