Could This Be Happening? Part I

A/N: This starts with 3.05 President Evil and goes from there pretty close to canon, besides the obvious, until the later parts of the story. Any part of the storyline not mentioned goes unchanged from the show. Slight timeline changes, such as, the costume party at the Benetian happens the day after Veronica's presentation.

A/N2: Character's thoughts are italic.

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Before 3.05 President Evil

The week before Halloween 2006: 3 weeks pregnant

Veronica woke up wishing she had a few more hours of sleep. She had stayed up half the previous night finishing up her Criminology oral report, which features Weevil and his life as a gang leader. She wasn't very confident in her work because of the lack of time she put into it but she figures she could wing it if she needs to. The topic is Weevil after all.

She didn't really feel too well this morning.

I've got to get some sleep tonight. I didn't even drink last night and I feel this crappy? She thought rubbing her eyes.

She pops a slice of wheat bread in the toaster and pours herself a glass of orange juice. She glances over the newspaper headlines and sips her juice when suddenly she fells her stomach perform somersaults.

She runs to her bathroom as quickly as possible and vomits.

Jesus, is there a flu going around or something? Veronica thought of all of the people she had contact with in the last few days. Logan and Mac seem to be fine. Don't remember Wallace saying he felt bad. Could it be nerves about my presentation? She picks herself up from kneeling in front of the toilet.

She undresses and steps into the shower, ready to start her day.

A thought shot into her mind. Maybe I'm pregnant? Nah, we were careful. She stops lathering the shampoo into her hair and looks up to the heavens, eyes open wide and mouth hanging ajar, keeping suds from falling in her face and praying to some sort of God. Oh. My. God, Am I pregnant?

She quickly finishes in the shower. Wraps herself in her fluffy robe and swiftly searches for her messenger bag and pocket calendar.

Counting the days on her calendar she couldn't believe it. No. No! No, this isn't happening right now. Feverishly recalculating the number of days in her cycle and her overnight visits to Logan's suite she says to herself, "But we used protection."

I'll pick up a pregnancy test tonight before I go to work. She thinks as she gets dressed and tries to concentrate on her oral presentation that was due in less than an hour.


Veronica is standing in the grocery store aisle in front of a wall of condoms, lubricants and pregnancy tests. Her eyes glaze over with indecision. After staring at the different selection of E.P.T., Clearblue Easy, First Response, among others, Veronica quickly grabs one E.P.T box. Buries it in the bottom of her grocery basket and heads for the checkout counter.

Back at home, sitting on her bed, Veronica reads through the home pregnancy test instructions. Okay, tomorrow morning is the moment of truth. I can't worry about this until then. She thinks as she hides the test under her bed and climbs under the covers determined to get some sleep. "Yeah, like that's going to happen now." She huffs.


The sun shines in the window of Veronica's room lighting every surface it touches. Veronica opens one eye in a sliver and looks at the alarm clock. With a deep breath she launches out of bed, retrieves the pregnancy test from under her bed and pads into the bathroom. She reads and rereads the instructions.

"I doubt it's too easy to mess up." She says to herself quietly. "Just pee on the stick."

Preparing to take the test, hovering over the toilet with the test stick in place, Veronica swallows. Here goes nothing.

"Honey, I made breakfast." Keith bangs on her bedroom door. "Come and get it before it goes cold."

Startled, Veronica jumps a foot off the ground from the sudden sound and close proximity of her dad's voice and his most inappropriate timing. She fumbles with the test stick and drops it into the toilet water.

"Okay, Dad, I'll be right there." She answers in the most innocent voice she could muster.

She looks into the clean toilet water and watches the ruined pregnancy test float on the surface. "Well, that's just great. I'm glad there were two tests in this box." She says making sure that there are, in fact, two tests in the box.

She fishes out the soggy test and throws it in the garbage.

She prepares herself again with test number two. Her need to urinate becoming urgent. She pees on the stick and sits it on the edge of the sink.

This is it. My life could be changing in three minutes and all I can do is wait. She thinks staring at the test, willing it to say negative.

But do I want it to be negative? I could possibly see myself with Logan forever. We could make it work. We're both crazy enough to be normal together. No. I want this to be negative. What about school and the FBI? How can I intern at the FBI with a newborn baby? No, this has to be negative. Her internal dialog racing out of control.

"Honey, are you awake? I made you breakfast and it's cold now. You need to get up or you're going to be late." Keith bellows from the hallway.

Veronica's cell phone rings from her bedside table.

"Alright, I'll be right there." She replies back to Keith as she steps over dirty clothes and hurries across the room. She reaches for her phone and sees Logan's caller ID.

"Good morning, Sugarpuss."

She smiles at the sound of his voice. "Hello to you too. What makes you so cheery? It's before noon."

"Well, I was just making sure we were still on for the Benetian tonight? I haven't seen you in a few days and I miss you." He says in a sultry bedroom voice. "Your work is taking away from your Logan lovin' time."

"Is it still considered a booty call if you call twelve hours before said booty is expected to come-a-callin'?"

"You could always stop by my place before your first class." Continuing in the sexy voice that makes Veronica weak in the knees.

She smiles. "I can't." She pauses and remembers the pregnancy test waiting in the other room. She walks into the bathroom slowly and looks at the test stick. Her grip on her phone loosens and the phone crashes to the bathroom floor.

"Veronica? Veronica are you there? Ronnie!" Logan yells from the phone.

She looks at the test instructions and verifies the results. Gathering her breath she smiles and a single tear drops to the countertop.

"Ronnie! I'm coming over there right now! Ronnie! Answer me! VERONICA!"

Veronica hears Logan yelling and snaps out of her thoughts.

"Oh shit." She grabs her phone off the floor and wipes her tear track away. "I'm so sorry. Logan, I'm okay. I'm so sorry. I was lost there for a minute think-"

"What is going on? Are you okay?" He cuts her off.

"Logan, I'm fine. I was distracted for a minute. I'm sorry. Please calm down."

Taking a deep breath Logan breathes, "I got so worried. I thought you fell or something. What happened? Where did you go? Did you drop your phone?"

"Yes, I dropped the phone. I was distracted for a second. But I'm here now. I'm okay. Nothing happened. Why don't we meet at the Benetian after your class?" Trying to change the subject.

"Your eggs are ice cold now, Veronica." Keith gruffs through her door, cracking it open slightly. "You better get a move on kiddo or you're going to be late for all that higher learnin'." He sees she's on the phone and whispers, "I'm heading out, I'll see you later."

"Okay, Dad. I love you." She says to his back as he walks down the hall.

Returning her attention to Logan, Veronica says, "I'll be at the Benetian waiting for you. We need to talk."

Logan gulps air. "What?"

"We need to talk about a few things. That's all. I'll see you tonight. I have to get going or I'm not going to make my class. Bye." She snaps her phone closed and rushes to get ready for class.

Before she leaves her room for the day, she collects all of the pregnancy test contents from the bathroom to hide them in the trash and looks at the test stick one more time. Damn. Could this be happening?