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I sighed as I snuggled closer to his chest as we walked along the dark city streets, shivering with pleasure as his hand strayed to the bare skin at the small of my back. I laughed to myself as I recalled Alice's words from a few hours before. "Just put it on, I promise you'll love it!" she had whined, finally convincing me to wear the ridiculously small piece of fabric she called a dress.

I had to say, it really was beautiful. The halter v-neck dress had very little fabric on the back, coming to a stop at the top of my knees. It was a deep blue, of course, and I had to admit that the color really did look nice with my newly pale complexion.

"I'm so proud of you, my angel," he murmured as he kissed my hair softly.

"For what?" I asked, throwing a confused glance in his direction.

He laughed at my expression before teasing, "You've been such a good little newborn," rubbing his nose to mine and slightly stunning me with his heavenly sent - I was slightly annoyed that he could still dazzle me even after I was a vampire. Then his face grew serious as he pulled away and he added thoughtfully, "Seriously, your self control is astonishing."

"I think Emmett's going to win the bet," I laughed as I thought back over the last ten months. Edward had come through on his promise and changed me in early September, right after our wedding - a little too close to my birthday for my taste but, then again, beggars can't be choosers and I had defiantly been a beggar. All I remembered from my change was the fire ravaging through my veins and Edward holding me, his soft voice and soothing hands desperate to ease my suffering. No matter how many times he said he was selfish he would never convince me he was worse than I. I had made him watch me writhe and scream in pain for 72 hours while he could do nothing; his worst nightmare. I felt horrible, especially when the subject was brought up and the pain was evident in his eyes no matter how hard he tried to conceal it... but I had needed him so badly.

When I finally woke we were all astonished by my lack of extreme blood lust; Carlisle believed it was because of my aversion to blood during my human life. Even now I hunted less than my family. Emmett still enjoyed making fun of me for my differences.

"Wow, you have to be the only person who is freaky in two lives!" he had said through his laughter soon after I woke. Of course, this began a wresting match between Edward and Emmett which I had thoroughly enjoyed watching. Really, who doesn't like watching their husband defend them from their bully older brother?

Even with my lack of extreme blood lust Carlisle had advised me to stay home and avoid contact with humans as much as possible, advice that I had happily complied to; I wasn't taking any chances. The house arrest also allowed me to take online courses so that when classes at Dartmouth started up again in September I would be able to join Edward as a sophomore. With my strange diet my eyes had changed from the brilliant red to the topaz I love faster than normal and it was then that Carlisle said it would be safe for me to be around humans.

This had been our first date as husband and wife; Edward had taken me to a beautiful little café in downtown Concord. After I had gotten over how expensive the place was, (I didn't eat anything of course but it's the thought that counts) I actually had a good time. Edward and I had sat in large leather armchairs by the fire, listening to the soft jazz band playing in the corner and talking about life for hours. We had only left when the bus boy began sweep the carpet around our seats.

I was pulled out of my reverie when Edward shifted his weight around so that he was slightly facing me more and could thus kiss me easier. His intentions to make me feel how proud he was of me ran through my head. This was my power. As Carlisle put it, I had the ability to understand the intentions behind a person's actions. I always had been good at guessing people's intentions and reasoning behind what they did. My power only worked if I could see the person or had skin to skin contact with them but Carlisle assured me that it would strengthen with time.

I wasn't sure if I wanted my power to strengthen, I mean this gave me another excuse to touch Edward. He couldn't deny I had to learn to control my power better. Although, I had to admit I was much better at controlling my power already. In the beginning it had been torture. I had no idea how to control all these thoughts running through my head. I would lock myself in our room for hours at a time to escape them, driving Edward crazy with worry.

I decided to act before he did so I turned mid-step and planted myself in front of him before reaching up and crushing his lips to mine. He was still for a few seconds, his face registering his shock, before returning the kiss. I chuckled quietly at his eagerness and took my lips off his before either of us lost control. We had both become accustomed to married life a little too well; our family often teased us saying that we were worse than Rose and Emmett. Emmett refused to admit it but I knew he was a little peeved about his title being stripped.

I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring his face closer to mine so that I could gently kiss along his cheek and neck up to his ear where I whispered as seductively as I could manage, "We'll finish that when we get home," before gently nipping his ear. It seemed to work because he growled playfully in response and when I pulled away there was a Cheshire Cat-like grin on his face.

I once again wrapped my arm around his waist and gently tugged to get him to move. We restarted our walk to the car at a faster pace than before. I laughed again as his intentions flew through my head. My horny little vampire. Suddenly his grin slipped and he twisted his head swiftly around to look over my head. His intentions told me he was responding to someone's thoughts.

I quickly swung my head to see what he was looking at and followed his line of sight to an ally across the street from where we were standing. I searched the shadows until I saw what he was growling at. What I saw shocked me beyond belief.

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