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I gasped as I quickly took in what was happening. As I peered down the alley I saw a large, overflowing dumpster; the stench of the rotting human food would have propelled me quickly away if it wasn't for what I saw next to it.

Lying next to the dumpster was a large man on top of a young girl of about 15 or 16 years of age. She was throwing her head back and forth, her eyes wild with terror. My horror only grew when I saw her jeans and underwear around her ankles and her shirt lying on the ground a few yards away from her. The man had one hand over her mouth and was holding her wrists away from his face with his other. I could hear his grunts from here as he moved swiftly forward and back, in and out.

His intentions hit me like a stone wall. He felt that he needed this. He was desperate to relieve the gnawing hunger than seemed to come from inside of his very being. From Edwardуs growls, his thoughts were just as sickening.

I ripped my eyes away from the sight and stared up into my husband's face. I gripped his arm tightly and whispered, "Edward..." horror seeping into my voice.

He only nodded in response and we took off toward the alley as fast as we could while still maintaining our human charades - we knew that if this guy was going to rot in jail that we would need to tell the police what happened, something that wasnуt possible if this guy realized we couldnуt be human.

Edward sped up ahead of me a few steps and lifted the man off of her before throwing him against the brick wall of the alley where he landed with a sickening thud and the crunch of breaking bone.

"Careful Edward," I whispered just as I got to the girl, who was simply staring up at the stars; I didn't want him to accidentally kill the man before justice could be served. He merely nodded in reply, not trusting himself to words just yet.

I quickly assessed her situation before I did anything. She was obviously in considerable shock, had multiple teeth marks on her chest and shoulders, and already had blood pooling between her legs. I glanced over at Edward quickly but he was doing okay around the blood, simply staring at the unconscious man at his feet with his back turned towards us, always the gentleman.
I grabbed her tattered, old shirt and worn wind breaker and draped them over her waist and chest, wanting to save her as much humiliation as possible. I turned toward Edward again and said quietly, not wanting to frighten her, "Call the police". He nodded again and then whipped out his cell phone. "And Carlisle, tell him to wait in the ER," I added as an after thought before turning back to look at the girl.

She was very pretty with soft reddish hair and beautiful silver eyes. When I leaned over her and those silver eyes locked on my own, I was shocked at how lifeless they appeared.

She opened and closed her mouth a few times, struggling to speak. Finally she spoke in a low whisper that I wouldnуt have been able to hear if I wasn't a vampire, "Are you an angel?" I chuckled softly and gently wiped a piece of auburn hair out of her eyes, not answering; if thinking I was an angel gave her some kind of comfort, who was I to take that away?

I started to get up to see how Edward was doing with the man we pulled off of her until I felt a small, warm hand wrap around my wrist and feebly pull me back down. "Don't leave," she choked out.

"Shh, shh, I won't, I promise," I whispered soothingly back to her as I settled down onto my knees next to her, her eyes following my every movement. "What's your name?" I asked quietly while I stroked her hair, trying to keep her occupied until the police arrived.

"Abby... Breghlin," she chocked out.

"Well Abby, my name is Bella. We're going to take good care of you, I promise. My father's a doctor you know. We're going to take you to him and he's going to take excellent care of you," I chatted quietly.

She merely looked at me, shock still clearly evident behind her argent eyes. I heard Edward's quiet footsteps behind me as he walked toward us. As soon as he came into her line of vision, terror encased her soft features once more. She let out a low whimper and cowered into me.

"Shh, shh. It's okay, no one is going to hurt you, I promise," I murmured as Edward squatted down slightly behind me, making sure to keep his distance from Abby. "This is my husband," I whispered.

"Hey Abby, my name is Edward," he said quietly in his soothing, musical voice before turning his head to me. I lost my train of thought slightly when his lips brushed against my ear and he murmured, "The police are going to be here in about two minutes, I can already hear their thoughts. I called Carlisle, heуs going to meet you in the emergency room."

I turned to him with a confused look plastered across my face. "What? Meet me? Where are you going?" I questioned anxiously.

"Shh," he breathed, cupping my cheek into the palm of his hand, making me relax immediately. "I think I should go to the station with that son of a bitch so I can make sure they all know exactly what happened." I cringed slightly at his choice of words but then it hit me just how passionate Edward must be about this in order for it to compel him to swear. Oddly, this realization just made me even more in love with him.

"Okay," I whispered back. "I think that's a good idea, and I don't think that Abby will let me leave her soon." I leaned back against his hard chest, closing my eyes as fatigue that I hadn't felt in months sapped my energy. I hated seeing this beautiful girls in pain and it frustrated me that I was so powerless to help her. He wrapped his strong arms around my torso from behind, giving me strength I didn't know I had, and we sat there, waiting for the police; two vampires and a human girl, their lives entwined by some twist of fate. Who knew what would happen.

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