By Ariel D

Description: SANDSIBS fic. Poor Kankuro is obsessed… but with what? Post Sasuke Retrieval, pre Shippuuden. Fluffy crack!fic.

Disclaimer: Kankuro, Temari, and the Naruto-verse are copyrighted by Masashi Kishimoto and Weekly Shonen Jump. I am making no profit; this is just for fun.

A/N: Totally a fluffy crack fic. 500-word "drabble" self-challenge. Written for the Kankuro-Rox contest (on DA) about obsession.

No matter where he went, they followed: little ones, fat ones, young ones, arthritic ones. They would run, jump, creep, pounce, and run right between his ankles. At first, he felt irritated, then he got curious. Finally, he thought they were cute, so he started to feed them, pet them, and even keep a few. In the end, he left his window open at night to allow them to come and go.

And so it was that one night, around two in the morning, Temari knocked on his door and awakened him.

"Come in," he called, his words slurred from drowsiness.

She slid open the door and glared at him. "How can you sleep with that racket?"

Kankuro glanced at the herd of cats that were napping, playing, and even fighting in his room. "I've learned to shut it out."

"Well, I can hear the fighting ones through the wall!" She glowered at the nearest fighting pair, and the cats cowered and stopped.

Sitting up, Kankuro took stock of the situation: three cats — two orange tabbies and a Siamese — were sleeping on his bed, curled up together. A calico and her five kittens were piled in an empty carton by his worktable. A solid black cat was staring down a hissing brindle by the window, and three solid white kittens were playing seek-and-pounce between Karasu's arms.

"It's the black one," Kankuro replied. "His name is Shadow, and he picks a fight with all the other males."

Temari crossed her arms. "Then kill it so I can get some sleep."

"Kill it?" He gaped at his sister. "Damn, that's harsh even for you." He frowned to himself. "Besides," he muttered, barely loud enough to be heard, "they're cute."

She watched him with half-hooded eyes. "Give me a break." However, as if to spite her, one white kitten tumbled across her foot, and she glanced at it and smiled.

"I sawthat."

Temari instantly dropped the smile, but he knew better. "Just shut them up, okay?" She stepped through the door, then looked over her shoulder. "It's your fault, you know. If you didn't wear that cat-eared hood, they wouldn't have become obsessed with you." She left, sliding the door shut behind her.

Although he knew she was joking, Kankuro sighed and gazed at his cats. "I can't help it," he mumbled to himself. He flopped back on his bed and stared at the ceiling, feeling wide awake now. However, the brindle jumped on the bed and curled up beside his pillow. As he listened to the cat purr, Kankuro began to feel drowsy again.

"It's not a bad obsession," he told the cat, yawning. Still, as he drifted off, his thoughts entered that jumbled, nonsensical pre-sleep realm, and he found himself wondering if his hood really had drawn their attention. No, that was impossible; the ears wouldn't mean anything to a cat . . .

. . . unless someone had doused the hood with catnip.

Kankuro decided he didn't care.

A/N: Thanks to Darkhelmetj for the quick beta and to anyone who reviews this fluff.