HI, so i thought i'd give the 100 theme challange a try...here is the first oneshot, its an introduction and who better to do that than Toph...enjoy, the 2nd chapter of Firefly should be up later tonight and so should the second chapter.

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# 1: Introduction

"Where did Katara and Zuko disappear to?" Sokka happed to ask. "I haven't seen them in forever? Maybe she killed him..." he muttered hopefully to himself. Or at least that was how Toph took it.

Toph leaned back against the nearest rock and grinned to herself. She might have been blind, but she wasn't stupid. She always prided herself on being able to see what others couldn't or wouldn't. That was the thing about people that Toph had learned; people only saw what they wanted to see, not always what was there. Sight, she decided screwed with your mind too much as was happy for maybe the fifteenth time today that she didn't have it. She shrugged.

"They said they were going to look for firewood..."

Toph held back a snort. Wow, Sokka had actually swallowed the lie Katara fed him without choking at all. Then again, Sokka couldn't hear the lie as it slipped from between Katara's lips. He couldn't hear how her heart sped up as he considered her words and then how it relaxed as he accepted it. "Well, Snoozles..." Toph began. "I can't actually see, so ..."

She could hear Sokka fuming at her. It was a funny sound, almost like a bee buzzing and a pygmy panther growling. "You know what I meant..."

She shrugged again. "Nope, haven't seen them all afternoon." If Toph was anything besides stupid, she was loyal. Katara should tell her brother what was going on in the afternoons when they went "collecting firewood" or "foraging for food", not Toph. Toph would spare Sokka the violent urge to make sure that there would be no more heirs for Zuko and then wish he'd left the prince in that prison they'd visited a few days ago. As far as Aang was concerned, Toph shook her head. If she spilled the beans now, the Avatar would never master all four elements; he'd go into the Avatar State and kill Zuko without remembering he'd done so.

Toph was generous and loyal and not stupid. So she lifted her feet off the ground so she wouldn't have to see anymore of Katara's and Zuko's afternoon in one of the less used and abandoned rooms in the temple.

"Are you sure you're not lying to me?" Sokka demanded.

"Totally sure," Toph assured him with a grin.

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