A/N: Kinda based on the story SNOW WHITE. Though I changed some things about it. Hopefully it'll only be about 13 chapters, the most.

Summary: He wanted to her knight in shining armor.. The way he bent his head down to kiss her, held love. He loves her. But, she'll never know. AU.

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"Here little girl, take this pretty apple and eat to your heart's content." The Witch said happily.

"Why, thank you very much." The young girl replied, taking the ripe, red apple from the Witch.

"You're very welcome Dearie." The Witch crackled before she left.








It's been ten years since the envious Step Mother of Sakura Haruno had hired the witch to curse her step daughter. It's been ten years since the Elves conserved the now teen beauty. It's been ten years since, Sasuke Uchiha first kissed her.

The young prince Uchiha Sasuke rode his horse down the path of the Elve's forest. He never forgot the sleeping beauty. Ever since the day he was saved by the elves when he was eight. The day he met her. His princess. Love at first sight.


The eight year old boy fluttered his eyes open. His onyx eyes observed his surronding. What had happened? Oh right, he was attacked by orges, when he went off the track. But where is he now?

"You're finally awake." A voice called out to him.

His eyes went directly to the source of the sound. His eyes met deep blue eyes, shining blonde hair and a cheeky smile.

"We didn't think you'd make it."

"Where am I?"

"You're in Roseville."

Roseville. He's heard of it before. His father had told him that Roseville was a place that nice, kind Elves lived. Their kindness was beyond belief.

"N-Naruto-kun" A new voice interupted the short silence.

This time, onyx eyes met light lavender, and purplish hair.

"Eh, Hinata-chan is it time already?"

A nod indicated her answer.

"Ne, erm, person. Would you like to come with us to see someone?"

Without thinking it over Sasuke nodded his head to his question.

"Good, come on let's go!"

The three walked down long white path. While walking together, Naruto explained that there were seven elves that lived at the cottage he was just in. Sasuke seemed a little bored with all of this, until he reached the destination.

Onyx eyes lit up.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere surronding what seemed to be a large glass container.

The three slowly walked up to the glass container. Sasuke's eyes grew in wide porpotion. He had never seen such a grogeous person. The unusual pink hair, rosey lips, flawless white skin. It made him wonder why she was sleeping in such a place.

"She's cursed."


He wanted to be her knight in shining armor. He wanted her to be his princess. His only. But...the way the past ten years have been, it doesn't seem like it'll happen.


"The curse will only disappear, once her true love kisses her." The person named Naruto told him.

Her true love.

She was already HIS true love.

"May I try?" Sasuke asked quietly.

The two Elves just pat him on the shoulder and walked away.



The lid on the glass container opened.


"Princess, I wish to awake you."

With those words, he dipped his head down and gently laid a kiss on the pink-haired beauty.

He's never kissed a girl like this. His heartbeat skipped.

It seemed as if time stopped itself to let this moment linger.

But...the moment he released the kiss.



Even after those ten years, he's been visiting his love. Kissing her each time, hoping to wake her up. He never stopped trying. Never stopped believing that; he was her true love. Even when he didn't awake his love.


She didn't awake.

Her eyes were still closed.

A disappointed look washed over the young prince's face.


The pink-haired girl, her lips curved.

Into a smile.

A beautiful smile.

Don't stop believing prince.

The voice echoed.


He loves you. Can't you see? Even after all those years old pain and tears, happiness and smiles. He will always and forever love you. He wants to be your knight in shining armor, the person that saves you. From the darkness. He wants to be your light. The light that awakes you from the cursed slumber you are suffering through.

The white majestic horse whines woke Sasuke up from his trance. He had reached his destination. The garden of beautiful flowers, and the large glass container. Every week he comes by. Just to kiss her again. So that maybe, one day...

Lalalalala, he's back again. Again to see me...

...she'll wake up.

Back again, to kiss me awake.

Because you're my true love...


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