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Her eyes.

Pretty eyes.

Were full of tears.

Pretty tears.

Flowing down her cheek. Her legs running away from what she thought was a place of no return. She couldn't stop running, her body going against her will. Why was she running?

Now I do as I please, as I lie through my teeth. Someone will get hurt, but it won't be me.

The warm summer breeze passed through her silky, glossy hair. Eyes shut tight as she raced faster through the path. Never noticing the red-headed male chasing her, or the danger that she was heading for.

So go ahead and believe, each and every word I say.

"Why in hell's name do you have that Naruto?" Sasuke screamed out. After all the time he's been at their cottage, he never took notice of the pink pin that had the name of the girl he adores engraved on it. How stupid of such an Uchiha prodigy.

No reply. This had started a riot inside of Sasuke.

"Screw this." And with that, Sasuke ran after Gaara and Sakura.

Perfect timing.

I need to feel your lips against mine. The innocence between us. Scream my name please.

"SAKURA!" Gaara screamed as he neared the running girl. His heart pounding just as quick as hers, but not because he's running. Because he can't watch the tears of the blossom to fall anymore.

I beg heaven to please erase you, (since it's just a lie.) because without you, I can't even smile or form tears in my eyes.

'Help me. .. . I'm scared. .. ' Inside of Sakura's mind was fear. Fear. The feeling that makes a person feel scared of insecure. Her legs felt like jelly as she finally slowed down inside the garden, where she was stuck asleep for such a long time. Sakura's legs fell onto the floor as she cried.

"I'm scared, help me. Daddy, I'm scared. Bad people are going to kill me." Sakura sobbed unwillingly. Her heart slowed down a bit, but it still pounded fast. Her imagination went wild. The day her father left for that mission. The looks of happiness that graced everyone's face. Then the evening when she was told her father was dead. Rain mixing with her tears as she ran out of the mansion.

I don't want to live anymore (the lies are killing me)...


The day of he beloved father's return, little Sakura sat on the large staircase in front of the main door. Her bright emerald eyes sparkled as she played with her pink curls. She made sure she looked especially nice today. Since when her Father came home, he would kindly return her clip, and have dinner with her. A charming smile came across her delicate doll face.

But she never expected that the preson that would walk through that door would destroy her spirit in pieces.


Emerald eyes lit up. Her body bounced up as she ran towards the figure coming through the door.

"Daddy, Daddy. I've missed you so mu--"

Her voice stopped. It wasn't her wonderful father. It was the bulter Walter. His eyes dropped down to meet little Sakura's. A look of sorrow. But at her age, she didn't realize what was going on.

"Sir Walter, where's Daddy?"

A moment of silence was brought upon the two people in the room. Until a sigh escaped the bulter's lips.

"Young Miss. I am sorry to inform you that your father, has passed away."

I can't see you, even when I want to, but I'm still right there...


Large arms wrapped themselves around Sakura's fragile frame, and molded her back to a developed chest. Her tears continued flowing, even though she wanted them to stop. Her hands found their ways to the holder's forearms. Telling him, she accepted his embrace.

"I've finally caught up to you." That voice. The voice she believed to be her savior. But it's such a shame she doesn't know, it's not the truth. He's not the one she truly loves.

And, you're so sorry, but you love me. But it's just a lie. . . .( liar ) What you didn't know now, you know that you need me. . . .

"Sakura, relax. It's alright." A head with flaming red hair, and pitch-black cirlces that covered his closed eyelids was in her blurry view. Tears stopped coming out her eyes, but the tears that stained her pink cheeks were visible.

So without even thinking, I let you leave so easily, because once again, you're so sorry, but you love me. . . .

Timing is key. It's chance. It's fate. More pieces in the chess game. Sasuke didn't expect this to happen. The picture of Gaara holding onto Sakura like a teddy bear, embracing her lovingly. While Sakura in turn allowed him. It would have been picture perfect, if HE was the one holding onto the girl he loves. HE was the one being embraced back. HE was the one that recieves affection. Too bad it doesn't always goes their way.

Leave me, so the memories will slowly fade, and allowing me to the be only one in pain. . . .

All he could do was watch the beautiful scene that should have involved him. Not that red-head in his desired place at the moment. His heart once again aches in what mortals would call, heatbreak. Anger rose in his body. Defeat showed in his eyes. Determination worked its way inside his head. Even if he thought he wasn't the one who saved her from a sleeping hell.

He was.

He wanted. . . .

To be her knight in shining armor.

The kisses.

The way he bent his head down to kiss her.

Held love.

He loves her.


She'll never know.

He loves her so deadly.

But because of the pieces of deciet,

Everything turns out differently.

Yes, they say love is pain, yet they dedicate it to their broken hearts, ( come again ), it burns out like an old flame, a memento of us; a lie.

It's time for him to wreck the moment. His presence can change it. The lies people put up. The way fate played with them. One step. Just take one step and the moment is ruined. Yet why is he unable to take that step?

"Gaara-san. . ." Sakura softly whimpered out. Even with the small voice Gaara could hear her. He held her a little tighter, as a response.

"Can we g-go on a walk?" Sakura asked in the same gentle voice. Gaara gave no reply. Instead he got up slowly and lifted Sakura bridal style out of the garden. They didn't notice they were going the wrong way, the trail to the trolls. But Sasuke did, though he didn't do anything except follow them secretly.

Now, people probably don't know, alone without anyone knowing; yeah, those words I said were lies.

Hearts beating.

Minds racing.

Feet stepping.

Eyes blinking.

Fate unwrapping.

I've been left all alone and I got lost in the midst of it all. . .let's not get this straight. . . .

With Hinata and Naruto. . . . .

They sat there in complete silence, understanding the situation. Hinata quietly lifted her tea cup, and took a short sip. She placed back the tea cup and looked at her reflection in the rosemary tea.

"Ne, Naruto-kun."

A blonde head piped up from hearing his name. He looked at the person who spoke his name so many times. The person who he spent most of his life with. His face dropped a bit from the seriousness in her voice.

"Yeah Hinata. . ."

A small sigh escaped her pale pink lips. "Do you remember how we first met?"

Across Naruto's features was a mix of confusion yet happiness. His lips curled into a half grin as he took Hinata's hand into his own. How could he ever forget?

"It was because of Sakura. I remember."





. . . . . . .

It'll fade away. . . .

Don't cry.


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