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Matt glared at the wall inside his dorm. 'Damn,' he thought, 'Damn the world! I-I... No, suck it up, Matt! You can do it! You just- No, I can't do it...' Mello slammed open the door and spat at his roommate.

"God, Matt! Just go and tell her! Why do you have to be such a coward about it? Seriously, a simple sentence and you're done!" Mello yelled, snapping a rather large piece of chocolate off of his bar. "Why do you have to be so friggin' shy?! I saw her coming our way while I was coming in here, so just go!" Mello grabbed Matt's striped shirt and shoved him out the door.

"Ugh!" Matt stumbled over into the hallway. He looked forward and saw a smiling Linda looking at him. 'No! I'm not ready! Okay, fine.. I can do it... I'll just say it now!'

"Uh, Linda, can I talk to you...?" he asked, facing the floor.

"Sure, Matt. What do you want?"

"Umm... I need to tell you something..." Matt blushed about what will come out of his mouth next.

"What is it, Matt?!" Linda, getting irritated, stomped with one foot. "Spit it out!"



I..." was all Matt could say.



The two orphans stared at each other.


"I need the Barbie: Mermaid Adventure game back." Matt finally said, with a glare so fierce at the floor it could probably burn holes right through.

"Oh, okay! Why didn't you say so? I have it right here." Linda pulled out the pink cartridge from her pink game boy and handed it to him.

"Thanks for letting me play with it!" Linda smiled her regular smiled and skipped down the corridor again.


"Did you tell her?" Mello asked, later.

"Yup..." Matt replied back, playing his game. 'Mission accomplished.'