One or Two Things I Know for Sure

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Chapter 1 Doors

"I know that there are two doors in this hospital with the name 'House' on them, but this one says 'Gregory' before it"

I'm almost tempted to roll my eyes; instead I raise my brown at my ever so dear husband and make myself comfortable in his desk.

"Sorry, I got confused" I tell him with a smile as he moves deeper into the room to sit in front of me. It makes me laugh gently for a second, because I remember the last time I was sitting in this office across from him. The day he hired me without as much as one glance down into my resume (a few years later he said it was something about the top I had on that day).

"Any phone calls?" he asks, it's always somewhat strange to see the famous Greg House concerned for someone besides himself. Someone listening might think he may be referring to me answering his phone, or any messages someone might have left on his table and I would have found while I was sitting in his office.

But I've known him for long enough to know that he is referring to the one from one of two places, A. the preschool, or B. from our nanny.

"The girls are fine" I tell him, taking his hand in mine and tracing the lines of his palm. "I have something for you"

It's easier to dive into this head first then drag it out; especially because I know if I even try to he'll see right through me. He always does, and it drives me insane because even after seven years he's sometimes still a complete mystery to me.

"Oh, is it naughty?" his eyes lit up and it's everything for me not to laugh, he looks like a little kid at a toy store.

"No, it's not. Our one stunt in the clinic was enough to last Lisa a few lifetimes"

He pouts and I can't resist leaning forward and pecking his lips. He's adorable sometimes.

"MOM. There's people watching!" and then again sometimes he acts like a two-year-old.

I hand him the test results, and his eyes immediately go to the result. Mostly because it's highlighted very extravagantly.

"You are trying to get me to go broke aren't you?" it's his first response and I get up and move to sit on the armrest of his chair. "Four bedrooms not enough for you?"

"I married you for the money, didn't you know?" I ask him in the most serious face I can put on, he gives me a slight shove but there isn't much threat on it as he does have the other arm around my waist. His fingers just slightly tracing a circular pattern over my stomach, he's done so with my two other pregnancy's as well.

"I know this wasn't planned…but neither were the other two times"

"No, I'm pretty sure Maddy was at least discussed" he tells me, test results still in one hand leaning his head slightly against my side. I let my fingers twirl his thinning hair and we are quiet for a minute. It won't last long, he has a reputation and being a big teddy bear isn't part of it. So I'm not surprised that he pulls away then looks up at me, with those beautiful blues eyes. The eyes I feel in love with, the eyes that are the first thing I see in the morning, the eyes all our kids have as well.

"Ten bucks says it's another girl"


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