One or Two Things I Know For Sure

Chapter 21 Caleb

He is the first one of my children to arrive exactly on he's due date.

My husband though it was the best moment to mention this right as I started to push. Apparently he didn't notice that I had other things in my plate at the moment.

People then ask me, why I want to smother him while he's sleeping.

It is true; I have to give him that. Annabel was three days early, Madeline wanted to give us all a scare by coming a month and a half early, and Leah was a week ahead of time.

But our only little guy decided to come right on time, which led me and James to win the bulk of the betting pool that had been going on.

I really need to thank him.

He looks just like his Daddy, so I already know he's going to break a lot of hearts.

He has ten perfect fingers and ten little toes, and when he is placed on my chest he looks up at me with fuzzy blue eyes and I fall in love with him.

"Hey buddy" I say softly, tracing his cheek with my finger and then letting him suck on my knuckle.

I look up at my husband, who looks so scared for a moment because now he's a daddy again. I take his hand and smile at him, gently handing him the bundle in my arms.

"Wow" he says, looking up at the little body in his arms.

"Had to get a boy sometime right?" I laugh gently and my little guy reaches a little arm to grab for his daddy.


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