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Summary- Ritsuka is kidnapped, beaten, and auctioned off to a complete stranger. But what if this stranger showed kindness, hospitality, and maybe even…love? Will Ritsuka return these feelings? Or will Seimei find him and take him back home to his nightmare of a family? Read to find out!

Warnings-Rape will be involved! Along with…well…a lot of bad and naughty things.

Pairings- Ritsuka x Soubi, Natsuo x Youji.

Chapter One-Silent Night

The wind blew softly, blowing the dry, dead leaves across the pavement. A figure darted across the street, his footsteps thudding lightly as he rushed towards his only safety at the moment. Home. He continued to run then suddenly stopped, listening to soft distant footsteps behind him. Fear struck the cloaked figure. They had found him. He started to run when he was suddenly tackled into an alley way, crashing into garbage cans. He was pinned to the floor instantly and hit in the face.

"Don't move" the attacker growled, tying up his victim and removing his cloak and smirked. The little boy underneath him whimpered, his ears pressed flat against his face and his big purple eyes full of fear and sadness. His tail tucked into the back of his cloak, his rosy lips slightly trembling. The wind blew softly through the alley, causing the boy's hair to litter his face, covering his watery eyes.

"Lets go brat" The man said roughly, hauling the little boy to his feet. He dragged him down the deserted, dark street. The boy held back a whimper, wincing at the bruise that was forming on his cheek.

"What's your name kid?"


"I said what's your name?" He stopped and turned to the boy, backhanding him across the face. The boy cried out and fell to the floor as blood slowly dripped from the cut on his upper cheekbone. He was pulled roughly to his feet.

"R-Ritsuka Ao-Aoyagi" the boy stuttered in a soft, quiet voice. He touched his cheek gingerly, trying to ease the pain by slowly rubbing his fingertip over his cheek. The man chuckled coldly.

"Ritsuka, perfect." He pulled out a cell phone and spoke quietly into it. He glanced over his shoulder every few seconds before nodding in agreement with the other person on the other end of the line. Ritsuka's ears flattened against his head even more, not liking the looks he was receiving. He looked down at the ground, silently wishing for his older brother, Seimei, to rescue him. But he didn't come. He didn't rescue the small neko. He suddenly slammed face first into the man's back rather hard. He blinked a few times before peering around the man to see where they were. All he saw was an empty warehouse. Wow. This definitely wasn't a good thing.

"Come on lets go" Came the man's gruff voice as he grabbed the back of Ritsuka's shirt hauling him into the warehouse. Ritsuka winced as the man pinched his skin, steering him into the bitch black that was the giant building. That was his future. That was his hell.

Seimei Aoyagi mumbled in his sleep, trembling in a cold sweat before he sat bolt upright, lightly panting. He looked around at his dark room, a wave of relief washed over him. Images of his nightmare flashed before his eyes. Ritsuka in a coffin, cold, stiff, empty. He shook his head. He couldn't stand those nightmares. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and rested them lightly on the floor before standing. He quietly walked down the hall and stopped in front of his brother's room. A sudden feeling of worry and fear washed over him as he slowly reached towards the doorknob and grasping it. Taking a deep breathe he flung the door open, only to be greeted by an empty room, bed unmade, window open. He rushed into the room, desperately looking under a desk and bed, throwing clothes out of a hamper and closet. His little brother was not to be found. He ran down the flight of stairs and grabbed his coat before running out the door, desperation in the young man's eyes. His raven black hair blew in the wind as his light eyes sweeping over the streets for any clue of his little brothers presence. After about two hours of searching…


He sighed, feeling like he could drop to his knees and cry. Cry because he was stupid enough to shut his brother out because he wasn't "feeling" too well. It was a shit of an idea, but in his drunken and drugged up state it seemed good to him. He didn't want to hurt his angel of a brother. He received enough of that from his mother. He was about to head home in defeat before a voice called to him.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to be looking for a little boy now would you?" Seimei turned around to see who had spoken to him, only to come face to face with light, blue eyes.

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