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Chapter 27-Four Years Later

"See you later, Ritsuka-kun!"

"Bye guys! See you tomorrow!"

Waving, a tall, raven haired teen made his way down the street, book bag slung over his shoulder lazily. He smiled to a few familiar faces, passing shop after shop. A group of girls walked a distance behind him, whispering and giggling over the male.

Aoyagi Ritsuka sighed with a slight shake of his head, violet eyes gazing up at the sky. He had high hopes that they wouldn't actually approach him, and try to ask him out. Again.

Turning his head a bit, he glanced over his shoulder at the group, which immediately sent the girls into another fit of giggles. Damn.

Gazing back to the road ahead of him, he blocked out the obnoxiously loud whispers. He didn't get it. Every single person that flirted, or asked him out, were always rejected. He'd made it pretty obvious that he wasn't interested in dating. So why did they keep going after him?

It made no sense at all. Usually, if you're shot down, you should give up. Not keep asking and stalk the person. It just made it worse!

He suddenly froze, feeling something rather soft flutter against his cheek. Glancing from the corner of his eye, he saw a butterfly resting on his shoulder, taking his breathe away.

It's large, glistening wings shimmered in a shade of blue that was stunning, yet familiar to him. He'd seen this color of blue before…

'They remind me of his eyes…'

Blinking, Ritsuka slowly shook his head, ridding the thoughts before the pain came back. It had been four years, and he had yet to get over him. He knew his brother and Youji simply played it off as a childhood crush, but only Natsuo understood him.

The red head always comforted him when he got down, always listened to him, even gave him a shoulder to cry on when he needed it.

He'd made the right decision, but that didn't mean he couldn't regret his choice.

Taking a deep breathe, he gently blew at the butterfly, willing it to fly away, and with it the memories it brought. Only the butterfly refused to budge, fluttering it's wings again. Frowning, the raven blew at it again, and again, and again until he decided to give up. It would fly away eventually.

Opening an iron gate, Ritsuka stepped onto the stone path that lead through the front yard to the door of his house, a red headed teen sitting on a porch swing, book resting in his lap, a small breeze blowing his long, red locks against his face gently.

Looking up, green clashed with violet, and a big smile stretched across the red head's face. "Hey, Ritsuka! Back so soon?" He asked teasingly.

Ritsuka laughed, plopping himself next to the teen. "Tch, it only seemed so fast to you because you sluffed today (1). Seriously, Natsuo. I don't know how you get away with it."

Natsuo grinned and thrusted a thumb at himself. "Hey, I just have that kind of charm!"

"No kidding." he said sarcastically, while rolling his eyes.

Laughing, the green eyed male nudged him with his elbow. "I checked your e-mail. You're inbox is pretty full." he snickered, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Scowling, the youngest Aoyagi pushed the elbow out of his side. "Stay out of my e-mail! Yeesh, you don't see me going through your mail."

"That's because I don't have such wonderful e-mails from such a devoted admirer like you do, Rits."

Ritsuka gave a hiss at the sarcastic remark before standing up and stretching. "Yeah, well, unlike you, I have homework and a test to study for."

"Have fun!" Natsuo chirped, before returning to his previous reading.

"Yeah, right." he mumbled, as he made his way into the house, passing the living room in favor of entering the kitchen for an after school snack.

The house was quiet and empty, what with Seimei working till dinner and Youji studying early at college. It was just the two teens left to themselves until the evening. Rummaging through the pantry, cupboards, and fridge, Ritsuka opted for an apple and banana.

Taking his fruit up to his room, the raven haired teen threw his school bag on his bed before setting his snack on his computer desk. Silently shutting his door, he peeled his shirt off and tossed it into the hamper.

Stretching his arms out, he sighed contently as his bones gave an audible 'pop' and crossed the room to his closet, digging around the top shelf in search for 'his' favorite shirt.

'C'mon…where is it…' he frowned, digging through piles of neatly folded clothes.

'Ahah! Found it.'

Smiling, Ritsuka pulled down a rather faded, worn out looking shirt that was definitely too big for him. Gently cradling it to his chest, the violet eyed teen closed his eyes and pressed his nose into the fabric. Yep, still smelled like him.

'My Soubi…'

Sighing, he grabbed a pair of sweats and quickly changed into the more comfortable clothes, pining his hair so that it was out of his face. Grabbing the juicy, green apple, he started his daily routine of homework and studying.

Glancing at the clock, he was surprised to find that it had only taken him thirty minutes to finish. Rolling over onto his back, Ritsuka stared up at his ceiling as his mind began to wander to icy blue eyes, softly, silky blonde hair and a voice as smooth as silk.

And then the regret hit him. The pain and regret of turning away from the one person who owned his heart, body and soul. Soubi…


"I choose…Seimei."

Everyone in the entire room froze, eyes wide in silent shock. Seimei? He had actually picked Seimei?

Ritsuka looked up at icy blue, tears filling his violet eyes. It hurt, it really did. He was choosing to leave this man, this man that gave him everything and more. He was choosing to hurt him, to rip him apart. And in doing so, he was ripping himself apart as well.


"Ritsuka, I would like to speak with you privately." Soubi asked, smiling softly.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Ritsuka could only stare at him in confusion. Why was he smiling. He basically rejected him! And he was smiling? Did he even hear him correctly?


Following the taller male into their, no, Soubi's room, Ritsuka stared at the broad back in front of him, letting memories of their…'bonding' fill his mind. That same back he would drag his fingernails up and down, leaving scratches and marks.

Ritsuka shook his head quickly, trying to rid the images from his mind. Now wasn't the time for those kind of thoughts! Looking back at the blonde, he sat on the edge of the bed and waited for Soubi to speak.

"Ritsuka, can I ask…why you chose him over me? I'm not trying to guilt you into changing your mind, but I would really like to know why you chose him over me." Soubi said, seating himself next to the small boy.

The young Aoyagi turned his gaze downward, head hanging a bit. "Because…because its better that way Soubi."

Lifting his head up, he looked the tall blonde straight in the eye. "Think about it. I'm only 12, and you're 20! We can't be together without the risk of you being thrown in jail! I love you Soubi! I love you so much! But we can't even be close to each other outside this apartment!"

Soubi sat with a blank look on his face as he listened, letting each word sink in.

"I don't care if it's selfish, but I want to be able to hold your hand in public! I want us to be like other couples who give kisses and hugs anywhere they want! I want to be like other kids! I want to show off my amazing boyfriend! But I can't! And I hate it so much, Soubi! I just…I want to be with you without having to be scared that you'll be taken from me!"

Ritsuka wiped away at the tears that had begun to spill while he threw his small tantrum, hating the way he just acted. It was childish, and it sounded selfish, but they were his honest feelings.

He didn't want to stay cooped up in a small apartment. He wanted to be out there! He wanted to proudly march down the street with Soubi. He wanted to show everyone that he belonged to Soubi, and Soubi belonged to him.

He wanted a life with Soubi. And he was refused such a desire because he was too young. So to him, it was better if he just went back with Seimei.

Soubi sat immobile and silent for a few passing seconds before letting out a soft breathe of air. "I completely understand, Ritsuka."

Looking up at him with dumbstruck, Ritsuka could only answer, "Huh?"

Giving a small smile, Soubi gently patted the raven locks that sat on top of the young boy's head. "I understands you're feelings Ritsuka. And I support your decision. Even if it hurts unbearably."

Ritsuka frowned, tears falling down his cheeks again. Why was Soubi so understanding? He should be furious! He should hate him for breaking his heart! Why was he so…so…perfect!

"Why aren't you mad!" he screamed, fisting Soubi's shirt in his tiny hands. "Why must you be so understanding! So forgiving!"

"Because I love you, Ritsuka."

"Damn you, Soubi!" He wailed loudly, letting his frustration, regret, sadness, and heartbreak out.

Warm, strong arms wrapped around his small frame, holding him tightly as he cried. This was the last time he would be in this place. The one place he felt completely safe. Soubi's arms.

-End Flashback-

Bolting up, Ritsuka glanced around the room quickly, heart beating as his breathe came out in short pants. He'd dozed off…and dreamt about that day. Frowning, the raven haired teen quickly slid off his bed, and knelt down on the ground.

Reaching underneath the bed, he patted around on the floor until his fingertips brushed against a smooth, cool surface. Slowly pulling out a plain, black box, he climbed back onto his bed, cradling the object in his lap.

Opening the lid, he gazed down at the contents that filled the box, a sad smile gracing his features. Reaching in, he pulled out an old, faded glow stick still attached to a black string. Next he pulled out fuzzy, raven black cat ears and a tail covered in dust.

Setting them aside, he reached back in and pulled out a handful of pictures. Random pictures of him, Soubi, Kio, and even Yayoi. He couldn't help but feel a smile pull at his lips. So many memories, wonderful, happy memories of those days. Good days, great days.

His smile instantly vanished as he came upon one certain picture. It was a shot of him, Kio, and Soubi at a rock concert, Alesana, to be exact. He remembered being so psyched about it, bouncing around the apartment as they got ready to go. Kio had been less enthusiastic, preferring his rave and techno music over loud drums and guitar shredding.

But as they stood there in the crowd of fans, listening to the "Seduction", Kio had admitted that he was having the time of his life. When the concert had ended, they'd splurged themselves at the merchandise booths. And before leaving, they'd taken a photo of them together.

Kio had a huge, toothy grin slapped on his face, corner of his eyes crinkled as he stood at his left. Soubi was calmer, a soft, peaceful smile graced his lips, eyes full of warmth as he took the Ritsuka's right. The small raven had his tongue sticking out in a childish manner, both his arms thrown around the two male's necks at his side.

It had been one of the greatest days of his entire life, even up till now. Every time he looked at this photo, it gave him the best feeling of happiness.

And it also gave him the worst heartbreak.

Stuffing it all back in, he shoved the box under the bed and plopped himself onto his computer chair. Looking at his long forgotten banana, he slightly shook his mouse to wake his computer.

Ritsuka rubbed his eye as he signed into Windows Live Messenger (Tee hee) and clicked open Firefox (best browser EVAR). He went through his (already) read e-mails, deleted spam and junk, and replied to a few messages before unpeeling his neglected banana.

Taking a huge bite, he was unprepared for his computer screen to shake while making a loud random noise as a conversation window popped up. Coughing on his bite of banana, violet eyes snapped onto the small window to see another person watching him. He forgot he had a webcam.

Frowning, the young Aoyagi swallowed and set down the fruit. "You shouldn't scare me like that!"

"It's not my fault you were eating a banana when I decided to message you."

"Yeah, well…oh forget it." Ritsuka huffed, pouting as he looked away. He turned back and glared as he heard a chuckle.

"What's so funny!"


"Bah! I'm glad you find my chocking funny!"

"Ahhh, you are funny in general, Ritsuka. That aside, how was today?"

"Ehh, you know, same old boring school stuff. Homework here, flirting girls there, horrible cafeteria lunch, Natsuo sluffing school-"


"Yes. Again. One of these days, he's going to seriously get in trouble for it."

"I wouldn't be surprised."

Ritsuka smiled. "How about you?"

"Hmm, nothing to really report."

"Wow, such an exciting day!" he gave a false squeal, grabbing his banana and taking another bite.

"I could say the same for that poor fruit in your hand."

"Tch, please. It's the banana's destiny. It is it's purpose to be eaten by me."

"Huh. Be planted, grown, picked, shipped to a store, and then get eaten. Sad way of life for that poor banana."

"No kidding." glancing at the time, Ritsuka looked back at the person on his computer screen and raised an eyebrow. "You're on early today. Why?"

"Oh, right. That. Well I had something really important to tell you."

Blinking, Ritsuka cocked his head to the side. "Like what?"

"I love you, Ritsuka."

The raven teen's heartbeat quickened at those four words, and his eyes brightened while he gave an overjoyed laugh.

"I love you too, Soubi!"

(1)- In Utah, we call skipping school "sluffing"

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