Disclaimer: I do not own The Demon Ororon, but I do own this miniscule bit of fluff. I'll Take Floating Over Flying Anyday "So, you can fly?"

"More like, 'float'." Shiro answered, looking over to where Lika sat on the couch. Deciding to give her an example, he concentrated, focusing his energy into hovering above her. "But its still better than anything a human could do."

Lika reached up and grabbed his tail which had been twitching across her nose playfully, and pulled. Yelping loudly, Shiro glared down at her before snatching his tail up and floating to the other side of the room. An hour or so passed while he sulked in the corner, both of them looking up whenever they thought they heard voices from outside. Then Lika would turn back to her book, and Shiro would turn back to staring at Lika. Wait, what?

Realizing he'd been staring at her slender fingers turning the pages in the book, he tore his gaze away, only to have it find a new target in her twitching foot. It took her long enough, but she finally noticed someone's eyes on her, looking towards the only other person in the house at the moment. When their eyes met, Shiro unconsciously drifted towards her, stopping only when he was inches from her. He lowered his head, eyes locked on her lips. A little closer…

"We're home!"

AN: Ahh, ShiroXLika 3 Did they kiss and get caught? Or did they pull away when they heard the others enter the house? I'll leave it up to you, the reader.