I was reading a fem!Naru fic that contained the line "Who cares if you have a dick or not?" My answer spawned this fic.

When Naruto had snuck a few dozen flea collars into Kiba's room, thereby insulting both Kiba and Shino, he was expecting revenge. However, he wasn't expecting said revenge to be quite so juvenile. He had been positive that Shino would be more mature, not to mention creative, than to simply pants him as he was greeting his teammates at Ichiraku's. Unfortunately, the only thing underneath the genin's pants was a pair of cotton panties. Shino made a small noise of surprise before Kiba enacted his portion of the retribution and poured a bucket of water over Naruto's head, soaking his clothes and making it clear that he was a she. The two avengers stared in shock at this revelation, as did Naruto's team and various villagers. After a few moments of silence, Sai's voice could be heard gleefully shouting, "I knew it!"

I realize it's not the best, but it amuses me, so there.

Reviews would be lovely.