Dad: "Why sure Little Lady. Come on, I'll get it for you."

She follows Dad into the barn. Once the two are alone inside, the girl's eyes turn white and there is a bright flash of light. Dad yells and walks out of the barn, but Lilth is gone and there is no sign of her ever even being around the place. He walks zombie like into the farm house where Mom is washing dishes at the kitchen sink. He looks scared to death.

Mom: "Henry, I heard a yell. Is everything all right?"

Dad: "Don't worry about it Marla. We've got to prepare for the war. Those White Eyed Monsters are everywhere."

Mom: "What on Earth are you talking about?"

Dad: "You protect the kids. I have to go fight the war."

He looks her in the face, but his eyes are not meeting her eyes. His coloring is pale like he just saw a ghost or something.

Mom: "You look strange. Are you all right? What's wrong with you?"

Dad: "They're mind controlling us, Marla. We're all brainwashed by the White Eyed Monsters. Nobody is safe. I have to protect my family."

He goes running upstairs to get his gun.

Marla: "You're scaring me. What are you talking about? There are no White Eyed Monsters here. You're going to be all right. Just calm down."

Henry: "I have to kill that girl before she makes any more monsters."

She steps in front of him to stop him from leaving the house with his gun and it doesn't even phase him. He robotically just pushes passed her like she's not even there or speaking to him.

Marla: "You're not shooting any girl. Henry, stop."

She physically grabs him and his eyes go white. He lifts her off the ground without even touching her and she flies across the room into the wall. Breaking every bone in her body on impact.

Henry: "It's for the best, honey. I have bigger plans for us."

He walks out the front door with his shot gun in hand in search of the girl that Lilth had possessed. Now, inside Henry.