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Kim Possible was alone in her bathroom, brushing her teeth in the mirror. Fresh up in the morning, she had yet to fix her hair or change out of her PJ's.

As Kim brushes her hind teeth thoroughly she pauses, wiggling her tongue.

She looks crossed eyed down at her nose.

Knock Knock Knock

"Come on Kim. We're going to be late!" Ron knocks on the bathroom door.

"I'm coming."

"If Barkin catches us tardy one more time, he's gonna lock us in detention and throw away the key. We'll never see daylight again."

"I'm coming!"

"What are you doing in there?"

"Just brushing."

Ron paused.

"You're not trying to touch your nose with your tongue again are you?"

"…. No."

"Ugh." Ron hits his head on the door.

The Kim Possible Movie

Drakken's Demise

Coming 2009

George Clooney. Liv Tyler. Shia LeBeouf. Chris Rock. Kim Possible Movie: Drakken's Demise. Produced by Mengsk. Written & Directed by Mengsk. Voice that No One Listens To Production. 2009