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Kim Possible Movie Project

They never recovered a body. Presumably it was still deep in the Middleton Mountain Range, buried under the rubble of his twisted dreams. Instead the casket was left open so that the few mourners gathered that sorrowful afternoon might place a memento inside. A ritual designed to play out the act of letting go.

Few people attended. Terrorists don't receive flashy funerals, just a hole in the ground. Drew's mother was there, weeping for the tragedy that was her son's life and tearfully saying goodbye to her precious 'Drewby'. Joe was there too, holding her and retelling the tale of how Drew Lipsky had heroically risked his life to save another twelve years prior.

And the Possibles were there, supported by their friends the Stoppables. Even Uncle Larry, and Nana Possible who had made the trip from Florida alongside her old friend Maeve Lipsky. Nana found it difficult to reconcile the monster with the quiet boy who played 'Captain Constellation' endlesslyalongside her son. James stood next to the casket with his wife Anne next to him, holding his hand. He solemnly placed their wedding photo, the one from their mantle. It lay next to the other items inside including a Captain Constellation action figure, a teddy bear, a space shuttle replica, Drew's PhD, Drew's glasses, a microphone plus a karaoke soundtrack and a bottle Exit Mould.

"Goodbye Drew."

Kim came forward next, supported by Ron. Out of a small backpack she pulled her closest link to the man she knew as Uncle Drew. Her Panderoo, superstar edition. She placed it inside. For added measure Ron tucked a lollipop under the plush figure's arm.

A short time later the casket was buried. Kim didn't watch. Instead she wondered over to the most surprising attendees. Dr Director and her small guard detachment remained clear of the funeral party, paying their respects from afar. Each of them dressed in full GJI regalia.

"I didn't expect to see you here. Do you regularly honour your foes?"

"The ones I pity, yes. The information he passed to us through Will did achieve a great deal of good. We dealt some heavy blows to Gemini and hampered imperial activities globally because of him. In truth though, Drews funeral isn't the reason I came. Or not the only reason. I came to talk to you."


"Your family as well. But mostly you."

As Nana Possible led Maeve Lipsky to their rented car, Ron struck up a conversation with Joe.

"I let her down Joe," he admitted, feeling ashamed.

"The veterinarian said Rufus's jaw will be fine, just a bit of a strain."

"No, I mean Kim. She was in danger, almost died, and I wasn't there to watch her back."

For the first time that Ron could remember Joe softened his tone until it almost sounded human. With great sincerity he said, "That's not the way I hear it kid. In fact, the way I hear it you committed a near suicidal dash across open ground with armed men standing in your way - to deliver the equipment Kim needed to escape Drakken. And before that you jumped a highly trained assassin to save her."

Ron allowed a grudging, "maybe."

"Both acts, of course, were stupid beyond belief," Joe chuckled, "but I'll never accuse you of being a clown again. In fact, I'm glad Kim found such a brave and loyal friend."

Joe finished his statement by ruffling Ron's hair, intentionally irritating the teenager. Ron brushed him away, though he was wasn't greatly annoyed. In fact he was smiling and trying to hide it.

Dr Director waited for James and Anne Possible before explaining her presence. "We rounded up most of Drakken's henchmen, though we believe several, including Shego, slipped through our net. Worse, William Du's remains were not present at his crash site. GJI agents are scouring the mountain range for him and every agency we liaison with have been alerted that he is public enemy number one."

Possibles paled at the thought of William Du still at large. The young man was the most ruthless of the foes they had faced and with his Global Justice training could not be underestimated.

"I'd like to apologise on behalf of Global Justice Initiative and myself. The moment you, Dr Possible, were kidnapped I should have thrown your family in a bunker surrounded by elite soldiers. I did not do so because I suspected I could use you to lure Dr Drakken from his lair. I believed you would be safe with GJI's top agent and his team camped out on your street. Clearly I made a horrific mistake. I had no idea Drakken's rot had spread so deep."

Neither Possible parent was happy with the explanation, although James was ready to admit, "I guess friends aren't always who we believe them to be. We don't see the monster until too late."

"Sometimes," Betty conceded. "Sometimes we watch friends go through seven kinds of hell we cannot begin to understand and they don't come back the person they were. And when that happens they slip though our fingers. I know. I've seen it."

The director laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "It wasn't wrong to be Drew's friend. In fact, nothing could be more right. Drew Lipsky of twelve years ago, the one you made godfather to your firstborn child, was not Dr Drakken."

James was not convinced. "If I believe that than I have to believe I could have stopped it somehow."

"You couldn't. But since that knowledge isn't going to help, trust me when I say believing you could hurt's a lot less than to just hate."

Kim felt uncomfortable. She remembered Wade's explanation about why he had purged Dr Director's diary from his drives; something concerning the fate of her husband and best friend. She had to keep her discomfort hidden with a smile when Dr Director shifted attention to her.

"In two days you saved the lives of every man, women and child in Middleton, including two of my agents and numerous employees of the Middleton Space Centre. You unmasked and locationed a vicious terrorist. Most astonishingly, you took on Shego in hand to hand combat and emerged the victor, twice. This nation, GJI and I - owe you thanks Kim Possible."

Betty extended a warm hand. As Kim shoke it she added, "When you turn eighteen, I could use an agent with your skills."

"Can I?" Kim addressed her Mom and Dad. "Become and agent and save the world?"

"As long as your home by eleven…, ouff."

James clutched his side. Anne had elbowed very hard. "We'll talk about it." It was the most ground she was willing to give at the moment, and far than she wanted to concede.

"And Ron too?" Kim queried Director.

Betty wavered. "I'll review Mr Stoppable's case."

"I'm not saving the world without Ron," Kim made clear. Anne relaxed. Just a moment.

"But if you ever have a stitch, I have a website. Icandoanything. com."

"I'll keep that in mind."


Kim and Ron walked down Main Street together. Strolling along, trying to block out the world. After the events of the past few days they needed the time out. From the corner of his eye Ron noticed Kim poking her tongue out.

'"Are you trying to lick your own nose?"

"No," Kim replied innocently, refusing to meet Ron's gaze. Changing the subject she pointed to a poster for Bricks of Fury III. "Hey, you want to go to the movies?"

"Nah, seen it. Filled with too much advertising - oh look, Bueno Nacho!"

Rolling her eyes at Ron's knee jerk response spotting the familiar taco hut, Kim persisted with the movie idea.

"Alright, how about Fearless Ferret 2: The Fearless Defender? I know you've been dying to see it."

"Kim, you don't have to take me to a movie you don't want to see. I know you're sorry."

"In that case how's about the memo pad?"

"I could go for some Ferret-y action."

Sitting at the outdoor tables of Bueno Nacho and enjoying the warm day happened to be several members of the Middleton Cheerleading squad; the captain and her second, Amelia and Monique, also Bonnie, Tara and another Kim knew her name to be Farley.

"If you two walked any closer you'd be Siamese-twins," Monique commented on the sly. Kim flushed, telling Monique to, "Get out."

"Yeah, soon they'll have matching rodents making nests in their pants pockets. Won't it be cute?" Bonnie added. Her tone underlined the fact that she did not think it would be cute.

"Lay off," Amelia ordered them both. After Bonnie huffed her disapproval, Amelia addressed Ron directly. "We put it to a vote. The squad agrees you got the moves Stoppable, and you came through for us in that lunatic's mountain lair. We'd love to have you as our mascot." Her eyes flirted toward Bonnie. "Most of us."

"Subject to review of course."

Bonnie did not skip a beat. Amelia had only just finished welcoming Ron to the squad and she was already putting Ron in his place.

"Miss a practice, forget your routine, trip one of us up during your goofy performance; mess up in any way and we serve barbecued dog at our next beach party. This is not going to turn into a fiasco like the time you volunteered with Kim at the hospital. Bed pan suits of armour and a MRI magnet."

She may have been talking to Ron, but Bonnie never took her eyes off Kim, winking when she was finished. It had been another amusing tale Kim had let slip in her attempts in fit in with the girls. Her wink was a reminder of just who was responsible for handing out so much ammo to use against Ron; or perhaps a sign that Bonnie was still trying to "save Kim's respectability". Her friends were truly disgusted with Bonnie for bringing the topic up now while they were trying to extend overtures of gratitude and friendship. Tara shock her head disapprovingly. Monique and Amelia looked like they wanted to do far more.

"You just don't know when…," Monique began, tone dangerous.

"Oh, that was just some fun for the cancer kids," Kim interrupted her. "I told Ron it would cheer them up and things went horribly wrong. It wasn't funny. Not like the time I locked braces with Walter Nelson. Right Ron?"

"Walter Nelson?!" Ron started.

"Ron's mom had to drive us to the orthodontist, lips locked in backseat. Mom couldn't stop laughing when she found out, though Dad was less happy. I'll have to show you the x-ray sometime."

Amelia and Monique regarded Kim with pride and respect, smirking at Bonnie who now scowled. Tara and Farley laughed, at Bonnie's intimidation fail as much as the thought of Kim attached by her lips to a boy. Unheard because of the giggling, Ron quietly muttered in Kim's ear. "There weren't any cancer kids on that floor. And I thought you said any mention of Walter Nelson would have me sown inside your punching bag."

"If you ever do the penalty remains," Kim said back softly, a jest with a hint of warning. When the girls had stopped giggling Kim voiced, "So, if Ron is now officially a member of the squad I assume the cheerleader initiation tradition applies?"

Bonnie's eyes went wide. "No!"

Too late. An evil glint had come all the other girl's eyes. They glanced at each other, wordlessly agreeing.

Ron did not like it….


"Cause I'm just a girl,

Little 'ol me,
Well don't let me out of your sight.
I'm just a girl,

All pretty and petite,
So don't let me have any rights."
Oh...I've had it up to here!"

Written By Mengsk

The entire cheer squad invades the mall dressed in their finery. Kim, Monique and Tara drag reluctant Ron along for the ride. As per tradition their first port of call is Club Banana.

"The moment that I step outside
So many reasons for me to run and hide.
I can't do the little things I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those little things
That I fear."

"Cause I'm just a girl I'd rather not be,
Cause they won't let me drive late at night.

Oh I'm just a girl,
Guess I'm some kind of freak,
Cause they all sit and stare with their eyes."
I'm just a girl,
Take a good look at me,
Just your typical prototype!

Oh...I've had it up to here!"

Produced By Mengsk

Now dressed in leather shoes, black jeans, a tight pink t-shirt and a black double breasted pea suit; Ron sits at a saloon booth with the cheerleaders occupying the booths extending out from either direction of him. The stylist gives Ron a shave, manicure and runs gel though his hair. Kim approaches from behind, the same ringlets Ron had dismissed earlier running down her right shoulder.

One of the stylists yelps and jumps back upon discovering Rufus waiting for service.

Directed By Mengsk

The girls try out numerous perfumes, urging Ron to tell them what he prefers. They do the same for him when he begins to experiment with aftershave.

" I making myself clear?"

"I'm just a girl
I'm just a girl in the world...
That's all that you'll let me be!"

A Voice That No One Listens To Production ('-')

Tara and Farley press Ron into the nearest photo booth.

The first snapshoot has them each kissing one of Ron's flushed cheeks

The second snapshoot Rufus pops up in front of the camera. Ron's face is blocked in a way it appears the girls are kissing Rufus.

On the third snapshoot Tara and Farley are scrambling out of the booth, away from Rufus.

"I'm just a girl,

Living in captivity,
Your rule of thumb makes me worry some.
I'm just a girl, what's my destiny?
What I've succumbed to is making me numb!
I'm just a girl, my apologies,
What I've become is so burdensome?
I'm just a girl, lucky me,
Twiddle-dum - there's no comparison!"

We are considering sending this script to the following….

George Clooney as Dr Drakken/Drew Lipsky

Liv Tyler as Shego

Shia LeBeouf as Ron Stoppable

Chris Rock as Rufus

Tyler James Williams as Wade Stoppable

James Earl Jones as The Kimmunicator

Sean Penn as Joe

Angelina Jolee as Betty Director

Geena Davis as Anne Possible

The cheerleaders wait outside a trio of dressing rooms.

"Reveal," Kim commands.

The trio of stalls opened and out step Tara and Monique, two ravishing creatures in heels. And from the centre stall steps Ron. Also in heels and a purple evening gown with a slit that shows off his right leg.

The cheer squad cheers falls over laughing and screaming approval.

"Oh...I've had it up to!
Oh...I've had it up to!!
Oh...I've had it up to here!"

The cheerleaders sit on Kim's couch, wearing pyjamas and watching a movie.

Ron enters the room carrying his seven layers of heaven chocolate cake.

The squad cheers.

Uncharted Caribbean Island

Jagged rocks thrust out of the turbulent ocean creating a high spire. In times long past a rogue pirate lord had seen fit to build a castle atop the pinnacle of this evil place, hanging skeletons around the forbidding shores as a warning to any who may think to disturb his place of solitude. On the horizon black storm clouds gathered. Flashes of lightning lit them up in thirty second intervals. A great hurricane gathered over the Caribbean basin and the island had the perfect view of its destructive formation. Around the island the sea was calm or at least calm as it got in this place with constant wave action going head to head with rocky outcroppings and cliffs. Nonetheless the storm was coming in.

Deep in the heart of the rocky island, in a room carved deep into the black volcanic rock, a room excavated making use of the islands cave systems, where the walls, ceiling and floor were all rough edged rock of the island, the villainess known as Shego relaxed under a tanning lamp. She lay out across an unfolded beach chair in the centre of the room. She wore sunglasses, a black and green bikini swimsuit allowing the light to reach most of her body and a green wrap around skirt made of light, silky material that felt good draped over her thighs. On a stool placed next to her was a small stack of magazines, a martini glass and chocolate.

The only light in the dimly light room came from the tanning lamp and the massive fireplace which looked like it could be the entrance to hell. It stood tall enough to admit an averaged sized person. Demonic gargoyles lined the outside and a henchman, on of those who had escaped with Shego in her buggy, kept it stoked so that the flames reached higher than him kneeling. Another henchman had fan duty, carefully raising and dropping a large sail so that a gentle breeze ran its cool fingers smoothly over Shego form. The third henchman stood to her right and a step back, holding a towel over his forearm and ready to respond to her every demand.

Moving shadows in the dim light alerted the henchmen to the new arrival. He casually walked down the stairwell and entered. Uncertain how to respond to his appearance they halted their assigned tasks. The man ignored them and Shego did no notice. She held out the empty martini glass expecting it to be taken immediately and refilled. When it was not she grew impatient.

"Hello?" she dangled the empty glass around in the air. The olive toothpick tapped the edge of the glass. . "Another martini? Can I have some service here, please?"

The newcomer's hand shot out and seized Shego by her wrist. His grip was so vicious and strong she dropped the martini glass. It shattered against the stone floor. Shego was removed from her beach chair by her wrist and forcefully stood up to stand nose to nose with her master.

He was a horrific sight. Bloodshot eyes with sunken pits underneath them. His once pale skin was now sky blue and leathery. The cut under his left eye had opened again. A thin trail of blood, coloured dark blue, so dark you could be forgiven for mistaking it for black, ran down his cheek. Even his formerly pitch black hair, still tied in a ponytail, seemed to have a blue hue to it in the dim light. All of his clothing had great tears and gashes. Shego and the henchman the man's entire body had been permanently stained blue.

Right hand still gripping her wrist tightly, he ran his left gently, though threateningly, over her neck. His hand smoothed over her skin and through her raven hair. It was almost seductive in nature. Perhaps it would have been had Shego not been so repulsed. Where the fingers of his black gloves had been torn his flesh made contact with hers. It sent cold shivers of fear down Shego's spine. Her legs grew weak.

"What's the matter my dear? You're trembling. You look like you've seen a ghost."

Dr Drakken shoved her back into the deck chair. The tanning lamp toppled and smashed. Satified, the doctor reeled to address his henchmen.

"If you want to survive the next 48 hours you will find me the man they call Frugal Lucre."

Drakken's Demise