Ishtar sat completely bored in her chair. She was in the ballroom where the lights were beautiful, decorations flawless, and all her friends were having a good time WITHOUT HER! Vord was dancing with Fallen, his brothers were attracting attention(for different reasons) and Daress was acting like a stupid bodyguard!

"This bites!" Ishtar yelled. She slumped down in her chair and folded her arms.

"Well that's definately going to help." Duzell said. She looked up at him glaringly. "You act like a five-year-old."

"Yeah! Well, youre dead!" She yelled.

"You really don't like these kinds of things, do you princess?"

"No. I'm bored out of my mind!" She yelled!

"The last time I was extremelt bored, I set out to kill the human race. maybe..."

"No!" Ishtar said. "I'm not starting any wars, or fights, or competitions."

"Oh, fine. If that is the case, shall we dance, instead?" Duzell held his hand out to her.

"I guess..." She took his hand and let him pull her from her sent. Duzell was a very good dancer.

"Princess..." Duzell started. "Would you forgive me if I did something unsavory?"

"Like what?"

"If I was the cause of a great calamity."

"You're already the cause of calamity, Duzie. Trying to kill Phelista's reincarnation."

"Yes, that's true." He said. "Would you forgive me if I killed you?"

She heisitated slightly. "I'd forgive you."

Suddenly, his lips were on her. It was a very passionate kiss and it made her swoon. "I love you." She heard him whisper when he broke off the kiss. He kissed her again, then once more before starting to kiss her neck. He left a trail of kisses down her neck, soft and sweet. In a pirrcing of pleasure and pain, she felt his teeth sink into her skin. The last sound she heard was the sound of glass shattering.

The glass shattered as the vampires pored in. Duzell knew this would hurt her, finding all her friends slaughtered. Worse, he'd say that she did it. But it was the only way to save her. Prove tp the undead world that he was again the great Vampire King Duzell. He had to do it...but he didn't want to.

Ishtar awoke craddled in Duzell's arms. Blood and bodies surrounded them. All of her friends were dead. "I'm sorry." Duzell said. "Now, we are the same."

She looked at him and he thought her to be more beautiful than before. "Did you do this?" she asked."No...but I did not stop you. Ishtar, I love you. I want to have you to myself and I want to rule this world with you. Phelios is dead...and you are mine."

Ishtar cried. She cried for her friends, the people who would suffer because of her, and for Duzell whom she loved so much and had caused so much pain to. She vowed though, that she would never cause him so much pain and that she would never cry this way again.

"I love you, too, Duzie. I really do."

So, what do you think? Did I push it? Was it believable? I wrote it impulsively a while ago and I didn't do too much to it in terms of Plot. Should I revise something, maybe?

I hope all of you that begged for a another one shot are happy. (Now that I've written this I bet I'll have to write another sequl.) Please reveiw and all that.

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