Summary- Lily Evans and Severus Snape meet each other in the playground beweet both their homes, they become very close friends from the off, much to Lily's sister's objections. Lily finds out her new friend's secret early on in their friendship, but can it survive more problems concerning Severus's father, and problems in their school


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Lily's And Severus's Friendship Into Love

Chapter One: Encounter's Of A Second Kind

It had been a day since Severus and Lily's first encounter in the park.

Lily's sister Petunia had teased her sister, made her run out of their house crying on the beautiful sunny day.

Severus got up from his hiding place, looking behind him at his home and then at Lily.

"Y-you again?" she asked through her tears.

Severus nodded, his black hair falling before his face like curtains shielding him from the sunlight. He sat on the swing next to hers, and looked up at her, his hair moving a little out of his eyes.

Her skin blotchy from crying, tears still running down her face. Her emerald eyes bloodshot and her pupils widened with sadness.

Severus reached over and gently wiped the tears from her face, got up, helped her off the swing and walked over to the roundabout with her. They both sat on it and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry" she whispered after a while, sniffling a little.

"What for?" he asked.

"We met just yesterday and now I'm crying on your shoulder." she whispered.

"It's alright. Honest." he told her gently.

She smiled. "I guess it could be the start of a new friendship."

"Yeah" he whispered into her hair.

They both sat in each other's embrace.

Suddenly Lily giggled, got up and held his hand.

"What?" he asked.

She tugged him up and pulled him toward the swings.

The two ten-year0olds ran to the swings, Lily's crimson hair flying behind her and grazing her cheek, while Severus's hair didn't move, for it was too greasy to have any life and vitality at all.

"Severus…" she said.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Why haven't I seen you before? You live over the playing field and yet, I haven't seen you before…" Lily said, looking at him.

"My dad, he doesn't let me out much." he mumbled. It seemed to slip out before he could think.

"Why not?" she asked.

Realizing what he had told her and knowing that it was too late to cover up his tracks, he thought up a little lie.

"We both have to look after my mother, she's unwell"

In truth, his homelife was a dark, disturbing secret. But Lily seemed not to notice he was lying.

"Okay, but why do you need to help?" she asked.

Severus's eyes glanced over at his home and flitted back to Lily, but the action hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Severus?" she said gently.

Severus looked to the floor, his hair falling in front of his face like curtains once more.

Lily's fingers gently pushed his hair out of the way so she could look at her face.

She took in everything about him. His eyes, deep, dark tunnels that should be the windows to his soul, but instead were masked.

His hooked nose that seemed to twitch every now and again.

His thin lips pressed together in a fine line.

His hair, so long yet so greasy.

He obviously hadn't been taking care of himself.

She hugged him around the waist without warning.

'Or being taken care of !' she thought, alarmed, feeling just how thin her new friend was.

"Sev?" she said finally.

She didn't get an answer. She kept her head on his chest, her arms still around him.

Cautiously he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Severus looked over at him home once more and saw a man storm angrily from the house.

"I have to go." Severus said.

Lily looked at him.

"Why?" she asked.

He looked into her emerald pools, almost losing himself.

"Because I do."

He knew he was about to walk away only too soon from the one person on the outside world to care about him.

"See you tomorrow then?" she asked.

Or maybe not…

Severus turned to her and smiled, his cheeks hurting a little from this alien action.

"Yeah, tomorrow." he said. He got up from the swing and ran towards his home.

Half of him dreading what awaited him at him, half of him happy and content with making his only friend.

Lily sat watching his retreating form, COMPLETELY happy and content with her new friend..

She looked to the floor and saw four rocks at her feet. She hovered her hand over them, concentrating. She giggled as she managed to rotate them around in a circle.

After fifteen minutes Lily grew bored and walked back home.

"Lily!" Petunia called, wanting to have another go at her sister.

"Leave me alone Tuney." Lily said and walked into the kitchen where her mother was preparing the dinner. "Hello Mummy." she greeted.

"Hello sweetheart. What's the matter?" her mother asked.

"Tuney picked in me earlier so I'm no longer talking to her." Lily said.

"Oh you'll be best friends again tomorrow. A girl's best friends are her sisters and her mother. And the only man a girl can truly depend on is her daddy." her mum said.

Lily looked at her hands, deep in thought. If that were true, where did that leave Severus?

Dinner was quiet except for Petunia and her snide comments.

"Mummy, Daddy, Lily went to the park on her own! With that scruffy boy from down Spinner's End!"

"Tuney get lost! I'm ten-years-old not five! And he's my friend!" Lily said.

"I see nothing wrong with Lily having a neighbourhood friend." their dad said. Lily smiled. "Bug Princess you know you're not allowed by Spinner's End on your own."

"I know Daddy but I only went to the park. And petnuia was picking on me." Lily said.

Petunia glared at her sister.

Lily remained unfazed. "May I be excused?" she asked, looking between her parents.

"Of course, Princess." her dad said, smiling.

She gracefully lifted herself from the table, walking out of the dining room and seemed to float up the stairs.

Meanwhile, in the dark, dingy house at the side of Spinner's End, Severus Snape sat at the top of the stairs by his bedroom, knees drawn to his chest, he was looking into space, but listening to his father's drunken shouting.

"WHERE IS HE!?" came the dreaded question from his father to snap him back to reality.

"Tobias leave him be! He's just a boy!" his mother pleaded.

Incoherent, drunken slurs came from his father.

Severus quickly jumped up, darted to his room and locked the door, his heart thumping, beating his frail ribcage, his breathing heavy.

The slurs carried on as his father thumped up the stairs, and his mother at the tyrant's side, pleading for him to leave her son alone.

"Tobias please!" she said, tears evident in her voice, although the young boy couldn't see his dear mother through the wooden door.

Severus closed his eyes, waiting for the stupid drunk to come thundering through the door. But it seemed after some debate, his mother had finally guided him away.

After hearing his parents' bedroom door shut, he finally opened his eyes. He looked out of his dirty, mouldy bedroom window.

He hardly noticed his mother open his door, walk slowly across the threadbare carpet, switch on the gas lantern by his bedside and touch his shoulder gently.

She took in everything about her precious son. It seemed he had aged a few years before his time, he was thin for his height and age, his robes seemed to bury him.

She ran her own thin fingers through his hair.

He looked up at her.

"Why put up with it Mother?" he asked.

"Where would we go Severus? You have no living grandparents." she whispered.

"Hogwarts." he said automatically.

"No, son." Eileen said gently.


"Because he'll find us."

"He won't. Not Hogwarts he won't."

She sighed. He was right and they both knew it.

"Maybe soon son. Maybe soon."

-End Chapter-