Lily's And Severus's Friendship Into Love

Chapter two: Getting Closer.

Over the coming weeks Severus and Lily grew more confident with each other.

But secrets still remained untold from Severus. Lily barely noticed.

They laughed and played on the park.

"Oh, Sev look at this! I got my Hogwarts letter! It's really reall!" Lily said, looking happy and excited, pulling out the familiar looking envelope.

"See, I told you." Severus smiled.

"Tell me about the four houses again Sev."

She walked up the hill, pulling him with her and she lay on her front at the top of the hill, Severus lay next to her, both of them overlooking the cluttered yet spacious park.

"Well, there's Ravenclaw, mainly the brainy people are in that house, they think before they act really. Hufflepuff, they've never got a bad word to say about anyone, completely loyal and trustworthy. Slytherin, no-one has gone in that house good and come back out good. Cunning and evil. Gryffindor, brave courageous and loyal. I think you'd do great in Gryffindor." Severus told her.

"What about you?" she asked.

"Slytherin probably." he whispered.


He shrugged.

She looked up at him. "There must be a reason for you to think that. I think you'll be in Gryffindor with me."

He looked at her and smiled.

"You think so?" he asked.

"I know so." she whispered. She lifted herself up and sat upright, he did the same.

"Lily do you think your sister will ever warm to me?" he asked.

"I don't know Sev, but my parents like me having a friend." she said.

"In other words, she won't." he smiled.

She giggled. "Maybe."

He pulled her backwards into his arms, the pair of them laughing.

"How are we going to get our school supplies?" she asked.

"Well.. Someone from the school is meant to be coming for you, to guide you through it and help you." Severus said.

She turned to face him. "I want you to come with me. I won't feel comfortable without you there, and I know it's silly cause we've been friends a matter of weeks, but you're the only one who understands."

He hugged her tightly. "It'll only be for a day." he said gently. He knew he himself didn't know how he'd cope a day without her.

"Well… I suppose…" was her response.

Seemingly, over the past few weeks, they'd both grown rather close, each needing someone to trust, love, depend on, attach to.

Severus more out of the two.

"Come on, Sev." she said after a bit.

"Where?" he said.

She wriggled out of his embrace and stood up. She held her hand for him, he took it and pulled himself up.

She gripped his hand tighter and pulled him out of sight of his home. She has sensed something was wrong.

And she was right.

Severus's father came storming out of the house, bellowing his son's name. his hair was sticking up in all places, and even from her position, she could see his eyes were bloodshot, and each time her friend's name was uttered, it became more slurred.

"Sev..?" she asked gently.

"Forget it." he snapped, not looking at her.

She nodded, but knew she wouldn't forget.

He got up instantly.

"Sev." she asked once more, her soft voice a little more pleading.

"Sorry, I have to go." he said and trudged up to his home, his face expressionless the entire way there until he got inside, and the front door was slammed behind him.

Pure fear shown on his face at the sight of his mother, sitting silently in her usual chair underneath the lamp, a book in her hands but her eyes not showing any sign on moving, he once beautiful, plumper, glowing face was now sullen, bruised and scarred.

"Mum!" he said and rushed to her side despite the fear prickling him, and in the process he knocked over the empty beer bottles across the threadbare carpets, and he gently took her thin bony fingers into his own hands.

Shocked at the sudden touch, Eileen looked up at her son. Her face remained expressionless as she looked at him, her eyes boring into him.

"Severus." she whispered.

He was about to answer her when he was dragged back by his father.

At this moment, Eileen rose from her chair. "Tobias just leave him, he's just a boy." she told him.

Tobias dropped Severus, who, feeling the hard floor beneath him, scrambled out of the room, leaving his mother to defend herself against the drunken oaf.

"No wonder the boy's weak if you keep mothering him!" Tobias growled.

Severus saw Tobias strike his mother and closed his eyes tightly, his blood boiling, but this time fear of his father's actions kept him rooted unwillingly to the floor behind the door.

Tobias struck her again, this time Severus bolted up the stairs and shut himself in his room, he sat himself on his well worn matress on his almost broken wooden bed, torturing himself by listening to them arguing, his mother's screams of pain, and the sound of him hitting her.

Again the thunderous footsteps crashed against the rickety stairs.

He could picture him, beer bottle now in hand, a look on his face that would make the most terrible of madmen scared, his hair even more of a mess than before.

He curled up into a ball and waited agonizingly for his father.

"You'll get what's coming to yer, boy! You and yer pretty red haired friend!" his father slurred.

"Leave Lily out of it!" Severus snapped. Tortire, abuse, beat him all Tobias wanted, but so much as breath Lily's air and Tobias crossed the dangerous line.

Lily was the only person his ae to care about him, and he wasn't going to hurt her or let her be hurt by anyone.

Tobias thumped the door, making Severus bury himself into a tighter ball.

The delicate footsteps of his mother padded the stairs once more.

"Tobias, come. Just leave him." came her gentle voice.

Tobias grunted.

"Come, my love. Let him be." she said.

When Eileen had successfully removed Tobias from the door, Severus dared himself to get up and peer outside his bedroom door, fear making every inch of him tremble.

Seeing that it was safe, he crept down the stairs.

The first thing he saw was his father sprawled on the sofa, his black beady eyes fixated on the T.V and a beer bottle glued once more into his fist.

His heart leapt into his throat, fear prickling his entire body.

His eyes darted to his mother sitting back in her chair with her book, this time she was reading it.

Sensing eyes on he, Eileen looked up and saw her son on the stairs. She marked her page, placed it on the arm of the chair and rose from her chair and walked silently to him.

Severus looked up at her.

Eileen took his hand gently and took him into the kitchen.

"What's troubling you, my son?" she asked softly, quietly shutting the door and sat in front of him on a chair.

"He is…" Severus whispered, his eyes darting from his mother to the closed door that his father was behind and back again, afraid that he'd suddenly burst through the door.

"He won't come through darling. He's too engrossed in the T.V and with his alcohol." Eileen gently touched her son's cheek.

Severus looked at her, the only woman he looked up to, the only female besides Lily that he'd live too protect.

He reached up onto the kitchen work surface, took a stale biscuit from the grubby tin and took a bite from it. The taste was disgusting but there wasn't much choice of food.

Eileen pulled him into a tight embrace.

He hugged her back. She was the only one in the God forsaken house to make him feel at ease, and her touch wasn't alien, at least not this time. But he knew Lily's touch would be alien for a while, even if he'd choose not to show it.

"SEVERUS!" came a gruff, slurred voice.

Severus jumped away from his mother, looking wildly around. Gathering his posture, guessing his father hadn't come bursting through the door, he moved toward the door.

"Severus." his mother whispered.

"I'll be careful mum, don't worry…"

She gave him a soft smile, but she knew, no matter how careful he was, he would still be hurt.

"SEVERUS!" his father screamed.

Severus walked through to his father.

"What took you so long you useless boy!" Tobias sneered.

"Sorry, father, I was out the back, taking care of some things for mother…" Severus lied.

Tobias studied him for a bit before deciding he was being truthful.

"What is it you wanted?" Severus asked.

Tobias's leg swung off the sofa and came into contact with Severus violently, a sickening smile gracing the alcoholic's features.

Severus bit his lip in pain, but made no sound.

Eileen looked on apologetically.

Severus wouldn't let himself show any form of weakness, not in front of Tobias, his mother or anyone else.

-End chapter-