Chapter 9: Singing Vampire

8 months later


I think I'm getting used to this. I never really realized the kind of restraint Edward had to use around humans. I still don't. According to Carlisle, I'm the most human newborn he's ever met. I don't thirst greatly for human blood.

Then again, I never really have tasted human blood before. I've never even killed a person.

I was 'born' with an extra talent, like Edward, Alice and Jasper. I can go 3 times longer than anyone else without hunting. I also have telekinesis. Which is cool. I always wondered what it would be like if I had the same powers as Jean Grey. It's totally awesome.

Edward told the world that Bella Swan died. He also made sure that I took off right where Bella took off. To the world I'm known as Isa Hale. That's what my new birth certificate says. I'm the younger sister of Rosalie and Jasper Hale. The twins of our family. Woo. Edward and I have been dating since I was changed. He follows me around and makes sure I'm at all of his concerts and he's at all of mine.

What's odd is that no one in the world seems to notice that I look like Bella Swan. Oh, right! I am Bella Swan! Well, I used to be.

"Bella, love? You alright? We have to leave soon," Edward asked, coming into our room. I was sitting on the end edge of the enormous bed that Edward had bought. It was so him. We all moved back to Forks, Charlie notices nothing about me. We all even went to his house, saying how upset we were about my death. Since Charlie knew me as Isa Hale, he was surprised, and said he didn't know Rose and Jasper had a sister.

Edward and I had to go to the Rose Quarter in Portland, so we had to leave soon. (A.N. I know where that is, I live in WA).

"Fine, just...thinking," I answered, turning to face him standing in the doorway.

"Okay, well we should leave now, I want to stop in Nevada for a couple minutes."

"Why?" I asked, raising one eyebrow skeptically.

He grinned his adorable half smile at me and was suddenly running. Edward collided with me and we fell back onto the bed. He had me trapped under him, arms snaring around me.

"Just to do some sightseeing." He was lying, I knew it.

"Edward, tell me why. And skip the sightseeing crap." I said.

"Well, I was wondering, to what extent are you against getting married?" he asked.

"Edward...depends. Did you ask my father?" I said, changing my course of words after I saw his face when I spoke his name.

"Yes, Carlisle thinks it's a wonderful idea," he smiled the crooked smile once again.

"Alice will kill you. I hope you're aware of that," I teased. Alice would kill him though.

"Fine, we'll be like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Get married once secretly then again for our friends," he grinned, happy with the thought of getting married...twice.


"You don't have a choice Bella," he said and leaned down the 5cm to my face so that he could kiss me.

Unfortunately for me, his kisses still did the same thing to me now as they did when I was human. Once his lips landed on mine, all bit of resolve I had dissolved.

He stopped short and pulled back to look into my eyes. Then he disappeared to the bedside table.

"Edward?" I asked, quickly sitting up. His eyes never left mine as he pulled out a small inoffensive black velvet box. He then lifted me from the bed and got down on one knee.


"Isabella Marie Hale, I promise to love you for eternity and longer. Will you marry me?" he asked.

I couldn't believe he was serious but his eyes proved me wrong. I was suddenly overfilled with emotion so I shrieked."Of course! Yes, I'll marry you!"

Edward smiled and placed the ring on my finger.

"It's beautiful," I sighed, looking at the many shining diamonds.

"It was my mother's. I know that she would want the woman I married to wear this, just like she did."

"Bella!" I heard Alice yell as she ran down the hall.

"Oh, no," I whispered then said in a normal tone, "Yes, Alice?"

"I get to plan it right?" she asked. I should have known. But when I turned around, everyone was with her. I flushed.

"When did all of you get here?" I asked.

"When Alice Shrieked about your wedding. We came rushing back from hunting," Carlisle said.

"Bella, I want to plan your wedding! You're not going to Vegas, after all, your only 17, and Edward, 18. Tsk, Tsk." Alice said,then laughed.

"Wait, 17? Why am I younger?!"

"You have a couple months. You're exactly eleven months younger than Rose and Jasper. So, just a few more months of school. Don't worry."


"Yeah, your birthday is, for this 'life' May 18th." she smiled brightly at me.

I hid in Edward's chest. He wrapped his arms around me.

"Not fair," I mumbled.

"Let's go. We want to make it to Portland soon. You know, before you're concert," Edward joked. He drove like a maniac. We'd be there in two hours, tops.

I slammed my bag into the car after running from the wedding-dazed Alice. Edward did the same and we left quickly.

I decided that the song I would open with would be 'All Around Me' in memory of my friend Bella Swan.

Okay, if you think I should continue on, you know to the wedding and such, just tell me. But if you don't, also tell me. Cuz' if ya don't, I wont continue, and I'll just end it here.