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Author's Notes:
This is my first attempt at writing a Naruto Fanfiction, so please be kind. It's a working progress so far and the story line follows the Naruto storyline, but with a twist. This is more like a what if sort of story. Also to help you understand more of what I'm trying to get at here, here's the full summary

Gaara-Prince of Sand
Influenced on Price of Egypt and Lion King

Full Summary:
When the evil organization, Akatsuki take over Suna, in search of the One Tailed Beast of Sand, Shukaku, who possesses the son of the Kazekage, Gaara. Gaara's mother does everything she can to make sure he stays safe, even if it costs her life. She, with Gaara's older siblings, Temari and Kankuro, take Gaara into the desert to get to the Fire Country for safety, so that Gaara would be free from the Akatsuki.
However, along the way, they are attacked by two of the Akatsuki and Gaara's mother is gravely injured. While she's fighting to save Kankuro, she gives Gaara to Temari, who manages to escape to the boundaries of the Fire Country and places Gaara in a bed of reeds, sending him down the stream then is captured and taken back to Suna.

The river takes Gaara close to the Hidden Village of the Leaf where an S Ninja, Jiraiya finds him. Taking pity on a lost baby boy, Jiraiya takes him to the Ninja council of Konoha, where his fate is decided. The Shinobi Elders immediately see the Sand demon, Shukaku inside him and decide that they would keep a close eye on him. So while under the watchful eye of Jiraiya and a young genius ninja, Kakashi, Gaara is raised alongside another baby boy, Naruto.
Throughout the years, both Gaara and Naruto are shunned by other children and are seen as outcasts. But they become best friends and are becoming great ninja.

But as Gaara grows up, trouble comes looking for him.

During the Chuunin Exams, the two Sand ninja and his older siblings, Temari and Kankuro, arrives looking for him and begging for his help. Now Gaara must decide; return to free his home land from the Akatsuki or stay in Konoha while his people perish under the command of the evil ninja.

Chapter 1:

Sunagakure; it was always seen as a harsh place because of the long hot days and the raging sandstorms by other countries. It was seen as a place that foreigners would never go to because of the harsh climates, plus the Sand people didn't like strangers very much. They would treat tourists with respect, of course, but sometimes they just spooked the visitors off. It was true that the people of Suna weren't the friendliest of people.

But then again, there were exceptions.

The women there were some of the most beautiful people in the lands, and were the loveliest belly dancers and singers. That was mostly why anyone visited Suna. There were many days where the visitors saw the true beauty of the Country of Wind. The sunsets were exquisite, and the music was so mystifying that it felt like the visitors were being put into a trance. Suna was a very seductive and enchanting world.

But even it had its troubles.

Near the desert mountains, there was a terrible organization called the Akatsuki, who had caused a lot of trouble for Suna several times. They were a gang of ninja bandits, always attacking people or trying to take what did not belong to them. And numerous times they had approached the great Kazekage, demanding that they would hand over the spirit of the Sand Demon, Shukaku. And during those numerous times, the Kazekage refused, saying that the spirit of the Sand Demon must not be touched by such wicked hands. He had fought them off several times with his Sand ninja.

They were only lucky that the Akatsuki wouldn't put up much of a fight.

Truth be told, the Kazekage had no idea where the spirit of Shukaku was. It was like the sand filled winds, blowing place to place, causing enormous sandstorms when it was angry. It was almost as troublesome as the Akatsuki, maybe even more. It was a danger to the people of Suna.
But after years of trouble, the Sand Shinobi Elders had finally found the spirit and decided to lock it up inside a living organism, just so that a lesson could be learned. Unfortunately, they had no control of what living organism it would be placed in. For it was Shukaku's choice of what it would live in, even if it didn't actually have a choice but to be locked up.

As a symbol of revenge, Shukaku chose the body of the new born baby of the Kazekage.

The Kazekage had been furious that it chose his son, but it could not be helped. For to extract the demon now, it would cost the life of his newborn son. And that was not something that the Kazekage would dare to try. He had two other children, of course. And he loved them dearly. Maybe a little more than his now "demonic" son, but he still cared for the boy.

But due to the demon, the baby couldn't sleep very much, which was a terror for his mother at nights. He was a real handful for the Lady Kage. But with the help of several hand maidens and a mistress, they could manage to take care of him. The baby, whose name became Gaara, was loved by most of the people, but that was mostly because no one outside the elders and the Kazekage's family knew that he possessed by the dreaded Sand Demon.
And the Kazekage made anyone who did know to swear that they would never tell. So when Gaara's mother walked in the streets of Suna with Gaara in her arms and the two older children, Temari and Kankuro, they were greeted warmly by their people. Gaara had received many gifts from the people he would not know for a long time. Because while he was half a year old, the Akatsuki found out about him and the demon sharing the same body. In rage, they decided that since the Kazekage didn't want to give them the Sand spirit demon willingly, they would take it by force.

The attack came during a very warm spring morning, while everything was just barely starting to come alive.

The people of Suna were just starting to go about their daily routines, and the Kazekage was walking with his wife and children, just to meet with the people and get some more dragonfruit, which was something that Gaara seemed to adore drinking other than his mother's milk. Both Kankuro and Gaara seemed to take after their father more than their mother. They both had thick red hair much like the Kage had. But unlike Kankuro and his father's dark brown eyes, Gaara had pale green eyes like his mother's. The oldest child, Temari was more like her mother. She had thick blonde hair which she would put up in bushy pig tails and her eyes were like the Kazekage's. It was only the Lady Kage and Gaara who had teal colored eyes.

"Ohayou (Morning), Kazekage-sama." A few shop keepers called.

The Kazekage would return the greetings with a nod and his hand raised to acknowledge them. He smiled when a few shop girls walked up and offered desert flowers to his lovely wife. The Lady Kage would accept them with a gentle smile before patting them on the head while she balanced their newborn son in her other arm. But as the family of five walked together, the Kazekage suddenly got a very eerie feeling, something he always got when something was going wrong. He frowned and looked around before looking up into the sky to see a rather large bird flying high above the giant city. That was suspicious, indeed. For the Kazekage knew that there were no birds in this part of the desert, other than vultures. And that certainly was not a vulture.

Suddenly there was an explosion not far from them, making several people jump or scream in shock and confusion. The Kazekage jerked around, his arms immediately wrapping around his wife and baby boy, his eyes searching for the source of the explosion. There were so many murmurs and yelling now followed by several more explosions all over Suna. The streets immediately were erupted with screams.

"What the….?!" The Kazekage quickly looked at his wife and children. "Get the kids to safety! If it's the Akatsuki as I think it is, get Gaara and the children out of here! They must not touch him!" He told her. The Lady Kage frowned with worry and looked like she wanted to refuse but her husband shook his head as he grabbed her shoulders and looked into her eyes with sternness. "Love, we don't have time for an argument. If the Akatsuki get a hold of Gaara, they will kill him."
The Lady Kage sighed before she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss, while tears filled her eyes. She kissed him for a long moment before she pulled away, looking into his dark eyes. "Please, return to me." She begged him before she grabbed Kankuro's hand and hurried off with Temari right behind her. The Kazekage just watched them before his face twisted into a serious determination and then he rushed off to fight with the Akatsuki.

It was a terrible fight. Many of the Kazekage's shinobi had fought the Akatsuki, trying to protect the people and were killed doing so. The Kazekage, himself, had tried to fight several of them off at once, trying his best to kill them. He received many injuries during the process, and in the end, he was killed by the Akatsuki leader.

Upon hearing about the death of her husband, the Lady Kage knew she did not have time to grieve for him. She knew that the Akatsuki would be searching for her son. She packed as many things as she could think that they would need, having help from Temari, who was in tears after hearing what had happened to her father. But she was doing all that she could do to help her mother. Kankuro was confused at first but he cried just because his sister and mother was.

After night fell and the Akatsuki were still searching on the farther side of Suna, the Lady Kage and her children snuck out of their secret safe house, keeping an eye out for any guards. There was only once that Kankuro almost blew their cover by trying to run across the way to get to the next alley just as an Akatsuki member had been coming out of a house after searching it. It was only lucky that Temari quickly pulled him back out of view before he could be seen.

Finally, they were out of Suna.

The Lady Kage and her children ran as fast as they could dune to dune, looking back to make sure that no one had seen them. They thought they saw someone once but after a long moment, they realized that it was only the night mirages getting to them. They kept going, covering their mouths with clothes to stop from breathing in the sand. A few times they had to stop because Baby Gaara had started crying, and not wanting him to get very loud, the Lady Kage had to feed him so he would keep him quiet while her children kept watch for any movement.

"Mama, why did those evil men attack Suna?" Temari asked as they walked later in the evening. She was carrying the exhausted Kankuro on her back since he had nearly stumbled on the sand from being so tired.

The Lady Kage sighed as she cradled Gaara closer to her chest, checking on him now and then. He was awake, of course, looking wonderingly up at the stars as shooting stars were whizzing above their head. "They attacked Suna because they are after the spirit of Shukaku, Temari." The mother sighed sadly.

Temari looked up at her with surprise before looking at the sand beneath their feet. She knew what Shukaku was. She had overheard her parents talking about it all the time when they thought she and Kankuro was asleep, when he really was. She had asked an elder once about what Shukaku was and they told her it was a wicked demon that had tormented the Wind Country for thousands of years. It was only recently that the Shinobi Elders managed to trap the demon inside her little brother. She had asked the elders why they would do that to a baby like Gaara. But the elders sighed and shook their heads. She never fully understood why it happened until she asked her father about it. The Kazekage hadn't wanted her to know but he could never resist the puppy eyed look that Temari learned to control him with. So he told her that it was an accident that Shukaku was placed inside Gaara, that the elders hadn't meant to put it into him.

"Why, mother? Why do they want the spirit? If they took Shukaku out of Gaara, wouldn't it kill him?" Temari asked her voice breaking.

The Lady Kage shivered with her own grief to think about that. She knew that her answer would only hurt Temari. The young girl loved her youngest brother with all her heart, even though when he cried it annoyed her. "Yes, Temari. It would kill Gaara." She answered, her voice thick with sorrow.

As expected, Temari started crying. "Wh-why……why would those m-men want to kill Gaara?!"

The Lady Kage stopped and placed one hand on Temari's face, giving her a look of comfort. She knew if Temari wasn't quiet, the Akatsuki might hear, if they were close at all. "Temari, they will never touch Gaara. You and I will make sure of it." She promised. Temari slowly nodded and they continued on their way.

Two days of wandering passed and they finally crossed the borders into the Land of Fire; the Lady Kage could tell by how green the trees were now. She almost smiled when Temari and Kankuro gasped with wonder and began looking at trees and bushes. They had never really see so much green in their lives. Nor had they ever seen trees like these. With a smile, the three continued, even though there was much grief. And as they traveled further into the forests, the Lady Kage suddenly realized how quiet it was. There were no birds singing anymore. She grew very still, pulling her children to stop. Temari and Kankuro were confused but they knew that look on their mother's face. They knew that something serious was about to happen. Breathing deeply, the Lady Kage looked around with alert before she saw him.

There was a man standing in the trees, looking down at them. A man wearing long black robes with red spiral markings. Akatsuki!

"No!" The Lady Kage gasped before she shoved her children into a run while hurrying behind them. She knew that if they got caught now, her baby boy would die. And possibly Temari and Kankuro with him. She had to get them to safety. Their lives depended on it. "Run, children! They're here!"

Immediately Temari and Kankuro ran as fast as they could. They could hear the Akatsuki's robes snapping behind them as he gave chase now. He was moving quickly when they took off running. The Lady Kage made a worried face when Gaara chose that exact moment to start crying. She knew that would alert the Akatsuki that she had a baby, the baby that he was looking for.

"Stop now!" The Akatsuki ordered; it was a very young

But the Lady Kage would not listen. She pushed her children into running hard, while shielding Gaara from the trees. She winced a few times as branches cut her face but she didn't slow down at all.

Suddenly, there was a flash of black in front of the three, making Temari and Kankuro gasp in fear as they tried to stop only to run right into him. The Lady Kage was faster to stopping. She gritted her teeth when the Akatsuki grabbed a hold of her two children, holding onto them painfully tight. She quickly hugged the now screaming and crying Gaara close her chest before lashing out a fist and slugging the ninja across the face, making him stagger back a little and release Temari and Kankuro. But for a brief moment, his eyes flickered down to the baby in the woman's arms, who had the chance to open his eyes and look right at who his mother just punched. Those deep emerald eyes met fiery red black ones.

But then they were torn away when the Lady Kage lashed out her foot now, attacking the Akatsuki. The ninja quickly moved back to avoid getting hit anymore, leaping into the far tree behind him. With a fierce look at him again, the Lady Kage and her children were running as fast as they could again.

The Akatsuki watched them for a moment before his eyes narrowed dangerously and he took out a long kunai. He just continued to stand there, before throwing the kunai as hard as he could after the Lady Kage. The kunai whistled in the air as it lashed through their air until it slammed into the woman's back.

"Argh!" The Lady Kage screamed in pain, making Gaara cry again. She almost stumbled but managed to catch herself on a tree. She could fee the hot blade in the middle of her back but she knew she could not stop. She saw Temari and Kankuro jerk around when she had screamed but she quickly shook her head and took off running with them beside her. "Just run! Don't stop! Just keep running!" She told them as they ran. As they ran, the Lady Kage quickly reached up behind her and wiped some of her blood from her back, pulling it back with a wince. She looked at her hot blood, knowing that it was bad. But a sudden idea came to her mind. If she could, she would do what she could to make sure that Gaara stayed safe.

"All mighty Shukaku, hear my cry." She whispered to the baby in her arms. "Protect my son. With this symbol, I give you my life." She touched Gaara's head, now writing in Kanji, a symbol. The symbol of love.

Not long after, there two flashes of black and two Akatsuki were now running alongside them. The black haired one with red eyes and a shark head looking one. The Lady Kage gritted her teeth, even though her children were screaming in fear now. She knew they were in deep trouble. She gritted her teeth when one of them tried to reach for her. She moved quickly around a tree so that the shark looking man would crash right into it. It slowed him down. The black haired one though, reached for Kankuro, grasping his sleeve and yanking him to a stop.

"Ahhh! Mommy!" The terrified boy screamed.

The Lady Kage and Temari almost stopped to look wild eyed at the man and Kankuro but with a pained look, the mother shoved Gaara into Temari's arms. "Temari! Run!" She told her, looking into the girl's stunned eyes. She shook her head as she pushed her daughter. "Temari! They will kill him! You are the fastest runner of our family! RUN!" She screamed at the blonde.

Hugging Gaara close, Temari nodded and bolted as fast as she could. She knew that her mother was about to fight the Akatsuki, to save Kankuro. But her part right now was to save Gaara. So she just ran.

"Get the demon carrier, Kisame!" The black haired Akatsuki yelled as he held the struggling Kankuro. The shark man nodded and started running after Temari. But the Lady Kage quickly got into this way and made quick hand signals. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" She yelled before there was an explosion of smoke and there were two of her. "Let my little puppeteer go!" They both yelled before charging at both of the Akatsuki.

Temari heard her mother scream in the distance behind her but she didn't stop to turn back. She just kept on running with tears in her eyes, holding on her struggling and crying baby brother. She didn't know what happened to her mother or her brother, but she had to save Gaara.
Because of her tears blinding her vision, she stumbled right into thick bushes, cutting her skin. But she did all she could to protect her baby brother as she quickly pushed herself through, almost stepping right into a river. Only one foot went in, splashing herself and Gaara with cold water. "Gasp!" She yelped before stumbling back onto her rear. She looked at the wide river rumbling before her. She knew she had hit a dead end, for she could not swim. She had never seen so much water before in her life.

Swallowing hard, Temari whirled around when she heard crashing in the trees and someone was yelling for her. She knew it wasn't her mother. Helplessly, she looked down at the crying Gaara. "Oh, Gaara." She cried, hugging him. "What am I going to do? How can I save you?!" She shook her head as she hugged him closer. "Please, Shukaku." She whispered to the demon inside her brother. "Please save Gaara. For both of your sakes. Please take care of him." She looked frantically around for any solution and then she saw it.

A small wooden raft.

With a startled yelp, she climbed to her feet and hurried over to it, pulling it out of the thick trees that had it trapped. Unfortunately it was not big enough for her and Gaara. She had already tried to climb in it and it almost capsized. She knew that she would not be able to go with him. Temari left a few tears stream down her cheeks before she looked at Gaara, seeing that he was stop crying. "Little brother," She whispered as she looked directly into his eyes. "You're safe now and safe may you stay. For I have a prayer just for you. Stay safe, grow up someday and come back to Suna to free us. I swear it, I will come find you again." She kissed him on the forehead, not even noticing the symbol stained into his skin. Then she placed him in the boat, among broken branches and vegetation, covering him up with his thick desert blanket.

"Hey! I think the brat went this way!"

Temari gasped when she heard the voice. She shook her head as she quickly placed the sand in his blanket. Then she quickly pushed the broken boat out into the river, letting the current catch his raft. She watched it for a moment before she jerked around as she heard the Akatsuki now approaching. She just shook her head and began running up stream, taking off her jacket and making it into a bundle so that it would look like she was still carrying Gaara. She hugged her jacket close to her body as she just kept on running, hoping that the Akatsuki would be fooled into following her and not go after Gaara's raft.

Luck was on her side.

For not moments later, she saw a flash of black jump right into her path and there was the black haired Akatsuki, covered in blood, while his partner was carrying an unconscious Kankuro.

Temari didn't stop to think of where her mother was for she just turned and jumped into the river, knowing that she was being stupid but she had to make him think that she was going to run into the river.

It seemed to have worked because the Akatsuki were quickly following her. She yelped when she stumbled in deep water, dropping her jacket and almost going down under the surface. That is until a strong hand slapped against her head and pulled her back up by her hair. The black haired Akatsuki was the one who had grabbed her. Frantically, he began splashing in the water, lashing out within it to grab a hold of the "baby". But his fingers met nothing. He gritted his teeth as he looked down at the terrified blonde.

"You!" He snarled before throwing her hard to ashore before he continued to search the waters. "Kisame! The demon carrier! It's in the water! Help me find it!"

The shark man dropped Kankuro as if he was a sack of potatoes and lunged into the water to help search for the baby. Both of them thrashed around in the water, diving down to go under to see if they could see the baby. But after ten minutes of thrashing around, they knew it was too late. They figured that the current had caught the infant's body and had carried it off.

"Kuso!" Kisame roared before whirling around and glaring at Temari who was trying to wake Kankuro up. "You little gaki!" He lunged towards her, wanting to rip her apart for what she had done.

But his partner caught him, holding him back. "Kisame! Our orders were to not kill the children!" He barked.

Kisame tried to ignore him as he thrashed against the younger Akatsuki member, trying to get at the even more terrified Temari. "Shut up, Itachi! I want to taste her blood! Let me kill the little wretch! We've failed our mission because of her!" He snarled as he struggled against Itachi.

"Enough, Kisame."

Both Akatsuki froze before looking to see more of their comrades, including their leader, Sasori. They were all looking very serious about what has happened but they knew that it was no use getting angry other than they already were. Sasori shook his head as he moved forward, looking at the trembling girl. "It's too late now. What's done is done. But either way, we have Suna under our command now. The One tailed Beast is gone. There's no helping that." He shook his head as he glared at Temari now. "We shall return without the beast. The Kazekage and his lover are dead. Sunakagure belongs to the Akatsuki now. As for the children, they can return to Suna and be placed into the prison cells to rot there for the rest of their lives." He then turned away and started walking. "Itachi, Kisame, bring them."

Temari let tears slide down her cheeks as the black haired Akatsuki yanked her up to her feet. She glanced down the river, praying that Gaara would remain safe.