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It was only a kiss

It was only a kiss. It wasn't like she had never been kissed before. And what is a kiss? A simple action, nothing important, not when thinking about it in greater terms. One kiss cannot change the world. A kiss can't heal your wounds. It can't take back time, replace what was lost or create something new. No, a kiss was definitely not important. And what could a kiss say? On its own it means nothing, nothing at all. There are no words behind a kiss. It doesn't show loyalty, dependence, need or love. It's purely a movement between two people. A kiss can be an accident. Something one thinks they must do, feel obliged to do. The same as saying goodnight. It can be a familiarity, where one forgets who they are standing with, replaces them with another. Or wishes it was the one they wanted standing before them, someone who they had truly longed to kiss. A kiss does not mean love. Love transcends action; it cannot be expressed in words, only in feelings. You cannot feel love from a kiss. Kisses do not break spells like in fairy tales. The world is tragic and unfair and once the kiss is finished it remains the same. People do not change from a kiss. When they break away they still look the same, the sins still etched on their skin, the guilt, the past, the present is all still there. A man does not become a prince and a woman does not wake from a dream. A kiss cannot save the day. It can't drag you back from the edge of desperation, nor give you a reason to continue to live. It cannot give yourself meaning when you have lost your reason or make you believe that you are still useful, still appreciated and still wanted. A kiss is a kiss, nothing more and nothing less.

It was only a kiss.

And maybe, just maybe

If she keeps repeating this all in her mind

She might eventually start to believe it.

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