Chapter Eleven

Luke was furious when he found out but he was doing this for his sister, his wife and ultimately his daughters. So T.J. , while under careful supervision, completed the project… from the ground up, literally. Luckily the project went relatively quickly, only taking a few weeks.

After the garage had been rebuilt, it was divided into two floors. A living room with a small kitchen was on the first; while an open loft upstairs provided bedroom space for the girls with a bathroom in the middle to divide the rooms. Clara's room was complete with full bed, desk, closet, dresser and multiple bookcases. The walls were painted a beautiful shade of blue. April's room was the exact same only purple; Lorelai had made the bedspreads and curtains. It was the first real room Clara had ever had and she finally had her own space.

After a few days of being in her new room, Clara was alone, instant messaging when her cell phone rang, the ring tone signaling that it was Rory.

"Hey Sis, what's up?" she asked, as Paul Anka climbed up the stairs into her room.

"How would you like to come to London with me?! Tomorrow night!" Rory exclaimed.

"Are you kidding? Tomorrow? "

"Well, Logan needs to go back for some business meetings and I thought I might go and maybe do some wedding shopping. I wanted you to go along. I wouldn't cost a dime; you would just need bags and a passport."

"Wow, that's really sweet. But I do not know what you would want me there for?"

"Logan and I discussed it, and we want you to be the Maid of Honor at our wedding this fall! Honor is going to have a baby and she doesn't want to be standing up front. But I really want you to… that's what little sisters are for!"

"Oh my gosh. Rory , I would be honored!"

"But there is a catch to going on the trip…" Rory paused. "Mom and Luke."

"I can ask… the worse thing they can say is no. I'll call ya back as soon as I find out!"

"Ok, Logan and I are going to a play tonight so I got to get ready. Love ya." Rory hung up. Clara headed downstairs and through the newly- constructed passageway connecting the garage to the kitchen, followed closely by Paul Anka, who never got comfortable.

Lorelai and Luke were sitting in the kitchen paying bills, when Clara came in. Paul Anka headed straight for his food bowl.

"Mom, Dad, can I talk to you?"

"What about?" Lorelai inquired, placing an envelope in a pile of outgoing mail before eating a handful of M&M's. She had been on a junk food fix for a while… except for that random apple she had had for lunch. But anyway…

"Rory called and she and Logan want me to be the Maid of Honor in their wedding!" Clara squealed.

"I knew that was coming…" Luke smirked as Lorelai pushed him in the shoulder.

"She also invited me to go to London with her for four days…" Clara avoided eye contact as she waited for her parents to digest the recent news.

"Clara, you would be traveling fourteen hours over the ocean with your sister near the end of school, missing two days of it, and going without your parents… I don't think so." Luke answered. Clara groaned.

"Daddy please… I promise to behave and do everything Rory tells me to do…. Even though she is my sister that might be kind of hard to do but I will.

"Clara, I know your sister invited you but…" Luke started but Clara gave him the puppy dog eyes.

"Please, Dad. I have never been to Europe before, my grades are good…." She begged.

"When is this trip?" Luke asked.

"Logan's plane leaves tomorrow after dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's…" Clara muttered. Luke looked as if he had been hit with a sledgehammer in the chest but kept his cool.

"If it is alright with your mother." Luke mumbled reluctantly. Lorelai smiled and nodded.

"I'll write a note…" Lorelai replied.

"Oh thank you!" she said happily. She thought for a moment.

"Mom, why don't you come with us?" she asked.

"Oh, honey. That's ok. I have not been feeling so good lately. You go and have a good time."

"You guys are the best parents ever!" She shrieked, before kissing them both. "I have to call Rory and pack!"

Luke looked sick to his stomach as his eldest daughter scurried away.

"Honey…" Lorelai set her hand on his.

"Did I really just agree to that?"

"Yeah, you did. Totally out of character." Lorelai laughed.

"She's so independent… soon she is going to be off to college and getting married and having kids…" He rambled. Lorelai touched his face and looked into his eyes.

"Luke, we found her late in her life…that stuff is bound to happen. She's growing up, babe. But we have the rest of our lives to be in hers. Let her be a kid, hang out with her sister. She will be fine…" She kissed him passionately.

"You're right."

"I usually am."

The next evening, the trio headed to London and arrived at dawn in the most beautiful city Clara had ever imagined. As Logan headed to his meeting, the girls walked down the streets of London.

"Makes me feel like becoming a chimney sweep or a flying nanny." Clara laughed as they headed toward the hotel that night, bags in her hands.

"Well those positions are hard to fill." Rory replied as they entered the hotel lobby. It was packed with photographers all crowded around a couple people in the center of the room.

"There she is." Someone shouted as thirty cameras shined in Rory and Clara's direction.

"That's Logan Huntzberger's fiancé, Rory Gilmore, and her sister." Someone else shouted. Logan made his way through the crowd to them. Clara and Rory both ducked under his arm and he ushered them away.

"What's going on?" Rory inquired.

"Who else but Mitchum. He just made a multi billion dollar deal with a huge newspaper here in London. So of course, who is going to be on the front page of the paper tomorrow? Are you two alright?" he asked.

"Where's my purse?" Clara exclaimed. "I had it when we entered the hotel." Logan fumed. He turned the corner and raced back down the main stairway.

"Where's the purse?" he yelled angrily. A guy threw the beaded blue bag up to him.

"By the way, Logan, nice picture of you covered in cake." A photographer waved a handful of photographs.

"I got those developed the other day; I forgot to take them out." Clara moaned to her sister. Logan found the girls again and handed Clara her purse.

"Logan, I am so sorry."

"No, it's not your fault." He replied. Rory took his hand and they went back to their suite.

The next morning, there was a deafening bang on their hotel door. Clara put her silk robe and met up with her sister in the small foyer while Logan opened the door as his father stormed in.

"Look what is on the cover on this morning's paper." Mitchum noted, thrusting a newspaper into Logan's hands. Clara and Rory looked over his shoulders and cringed. On the front cover was a huge picture of Logan covered in the wedding cake. The article was titled "The Next Newspaper King?".

"Where would they have gotten this picture?" Mitchum exclaimed.

"The picture was from Rory's mother's wedding." Logan said.

"Logan, these are the kinds of things that are reputation destroying. This could ruin your chance of ever being a successful Huntzberger." He yelled.

"Mr. Huntzberger…I know where the paper got the photo. They snatched my purse at the press party last night in the lobby. They must have stolen the picture. I'm sorry, sir." Clara explained. Mitchum seemed surprised at first that Clara spoke to him but them he took a deep breath.

"Well, Clara… you certainly have come into your own. Those parents of yours certainly know what they are doing. You should all get ready and eat some breakfast. I am going to fix some damage," Mitchum said, much calmer.

"Yes, sir." Logan said, letting his father out.

"Well done." Logan said to Clara.

The rest of their trip was rather pleasurable. Seeing the sites and sounds of London was a dream come true for the teenager and she could not think of anyone better to share the experience with than Logan and Rory. Unfortunately they were due back in Hartford and the next evening, they headed home. Sadly Logan was only accompanying them home. He was going back to London for the last time. Mitchum decided it was best that Logan be with Rory. When they arrived back in Connecticut, it was ten o'clock in the morning. Lorelai was waiting for them in the baggage claim.

"Hi Mom!" Clara called over the bustle of people. Lorelai waved as Clara and Rory came up to her.

"How was the trip?" Lorelai embraced them both.

"Great, Rory got her dress, and my dress, picked out invitations, picked a cake that Logan is going to have shipped over here and we got you a present." Clara pulled a gift wrapped package from her carry on and handed it to Lorelai. She smiled as Lorelai opened the gift to find a beautiful crystal Big Ben figurine.

"Do you like it?" Rory asked.

"I love it, thank you."

"Here are the bags!" Logan called pulling two suitcases behind him.

"Thanks, Logan." Clara said as she took her bag from Logan and headed out of the terminal with her mom.

"I have to go back in three hours." He told Rory.

"Well, I guess I will talk to you later then." Rory replied sadly. Logan kissed her.

"Just remember… we're going to be together forever after this. I love you, Ace." Logan kissed her then he headed back into the terminal and Rory ran to catch up with her mother and sister.

"Said good bye?" Clara asked as Rory met them in the parking garage.

"Yeah, but not for long." Rory smiled.

"Oh honey, you have graduation soon. He'll be home for that. Besides, that boy has a hard time staying away from you." Lorelai chuckled as they got in the jeep and headed out of the airport parking lot.

"I miss him already but I know that a lifetime is a long time to be with someone and knowing that makes it all ok."

"Insight from a very wise sister…" Clara replied as the three of them headed back to Stars Hollow.

Late that night, when both of the girls were asleep, Lorelai got up out of her bed. She was worried and excited all at the same time and she just had to talk to her daughters. It was important and this kind of secret was something that was hard to keep. Lorelai woke Rory first and drug her out to Clara's room.

"Mom, it is three in the morning…" Clara mumbled rolling over to look at her alarm clock as Lorelai shook her awake.

"Sweetheart, I have to talk to you." Lorelai insisted as Rory sat down on the other side of Clara's bed, falling back to sleep herself.

"Girls!" Lorelai scolded. Both of them, sat up in alert.

"I'm awake. " Clara assured her, climbing out of her bed and hurried down the small flight of stairs to the mini kitchen. Rory followed her.

"Girls, I need to tell you something." Lorelai stated, following them.

"That you have lost your mind by waking us up in the middle of the night?" Rory asked as she pulled a bag of coffee out of the mini fridge. Clara took it and poured the entire pouch into the coffee pot. Lorelai sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands.

"Mom, I didn't mean to offend you." Rory apologized, sitting down in a chair next to her.

"Mom, I'm sorry too." Clara said, setting a tray of filled coffee mugs on the ottoman. Rory and Clara each took on; Lorelai left hers sitting there. Rory and Clara exchanged glances.

"Mom, are you okay?" Rory asked and Lorelai nodded.

"Girls, I'm pregnant…" Lorelai mumbled. Rory and Clara both choked on their coffee in shock.

"What?!" her daughters said in unison.

"I am going to have a baby." Lorelai answered. Rory and Clara stared at their coffee mugs for a minute and all of the sudden, they screamed in excitement. They flew onto the couch next to their mother and hugged her tightly, their smiles wide.

"Mom, really?!" Rory asked, releasing her from the hug.

Lorelai nodded and the girls screamed again.

All the sudden, Luke walked into the room, a worried expression on his face. He sighed with relief when he saw Lorelai.

"Lorelai, there you are. I woke up and you were gone." He looked around at the girls and the coffee mugs.

"Sorry, honey. I just came down to… see what the girls were doing up at three in the morning?" she said, walking towards Luke and giving her daughters a wink over her shoulder.

"Girls, bed might be a good idea." Luke said as he kissed them each on the forehead and led his wife back down the hall into the kitchen. Luke winced as he heard another high pitched scream of excitement from the garage apartment.

"What was all that about?" Luke asked as they climbed the stairs to their bedroom. Lorelai took a deep breath as they got under the covers.

"Uh, we are going to have a baby," Lorelai answered calmly. Luke yawned and turned on his side.

"That's nice." He murmured. All the sudden he sat up in alert.

'We are?!" he asked happily. Lorelai laughed and Luke kissed her.

"So you're okay with this

"Absolutely" he replied kissing her again and they stayed up talking all night, not unlike the sisters in the garage.

Over the next week, deciding how to tell Richard and Emily the news. But despite all the concerns, no one had ever seen Emily Gilmore smile so much as when Lorelai and Luke told them at the next Friday Night Dinner.

"Oh my gosh, Rory's wedding! And a new grandchild! It is the perfect ending to the Gilmore's fairy tale!" Emily gushed. Clara smiled. Around her sat her parents, her sisters, her grandparents, her boyfriend and most recently her future brother in law, who had arrived that morning. She grinned, thinking of all the years before them as a family.

She set her hand on James' knee, looking around at them before speaking.

"No… it's the start of a perfect new beginning."

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