27 drabbles

27 drabbles

1/27: SqualoXTsuna

The couches in the recreation room would have been way more comfortable in his normal clothes, Tsuna decided, as he struggled out of his suit jack and tried not to collapse right then and there.

It had been three months since Tsuna and his guardians (even Hibari and Mukuro/Crome, to Tsuna's continuing amazement) had been moved to the mansion they shared with the Varia (of all people). The 18-year-old still couldn't believe that, when it came to paperwork, the ninth boss was even crazier than Reborn.

Tsuna was honestly afraid that he would never be able to use his gloves again, his hands were so sore.

Cracking his eyes open, the boss-to-be gazed around the room, noticing that the guardians that had been waiting for his return had vacated the room (even Gokudera, who had likely been pulled away by Yamamoto, and Tsuna was so, so thankful because while he cared about Gokudera, he really did, the man was not conductive to a quiet atmosphere). This left the place empty, except for him and surprisingly enough Squalo.

The long haired man was reading using both the natural light of the moon and the artificial light of the lamp. A pair of square glasses rested on the older man's nose, somehow making his hair seem even more silver. Tsuna focused on Squalo's hair, taking in the silky smoothness and clean shine with a bit of rueful jealousy. He knew that his hair would never be as nice, even if he did have the time to manage it.

"Voiiiii! What are you staring at, boy?" Squalo looked up from his reading, mouth twisted in annoyance.

"Ack!" Tsuna yelped, eyes opening up all the way and cheeks reddening in embarrassment. "Sorry!" He gave in way of replay.

Squalo scoffed at Tsuna, before getting up and making his way towards the door, pausing to cuff the boy lightly- more like a tap than anything. His hand still when it brushed Tsuna's hair and his mouth curled a bit more in disgust. "What is this, brat?!" At Tsuna's bewildered glance, the swordsman rolled his eyes and tugged slightly harder than necessary at one of the brown locks. "This is a fucking mess! Where is your pride?!" He demanded. Tsuna's face just got more shocked, to the point it was bordering on panic. Squalo sighed and pushed the younger man up by the back of his head with the demand to "bring me a goddamn brush, kid." Years of tutelage under first Reborn, then the ninth, meant that Tsuna jumped up and immediately went to his room and back for the desired object. He ignored Squalo's grumblings about now a Vongola boss shouldn't be ordered around that 'fucking' easily.

Tsuna handed Squalo the brush, who forwent the object and grabbed the younger man's wrists, pulling Tsuna down next to him. He turned the boss-to-be sideways on the couch, with his back to the swordsman. Squalo tilted the brunette's head downwards, and placed the brush flush against the scalp, before yanking it mercilessly through the brown hair before the younger had any time to react.

The resulting yelp was ignored, and the hands that went up to protect his head slapped away via the wooden handle of the brush. "Shut up, brat! This isn't the sort of thing you can get through all nice and fucking easy. This is a goddamned mess!" Another harsh set of yanks punctuated his statements.

Eventually, s the knots loosened and came undone, Squalo's brush strokes grew softer and slower. Without the yanking, Tsuna couldn't help but find the motions soothing. He began to relax, melting into the movements and letting his tired eyes slip shut.

S27 . S27 . S27 . S27

All the knots were long gone, but Squalo continued to drag the brush through the locks, feeling the soft tresses as they passed through his fingers. Finally, knowing enough was enough, Squalo stood up from the couch, saying "Okay, brat, all done. Now scram. It's past your bedtime."

But Tsuna didn't answer, instead flopping back on the couch now that his support was gone. Breathing deeply and not even stirring at the drop, it was obvious that the kid had finally passed out.

If Squalo was being honest, he would have admitted that he was impressed. The longest bet for the brat to finally collapse had been over a week ago.

Cursing slightly, and rolling his eyes for good measure, Squalo picked up Tsuna bridal style and began the thankfully short walk to the brat's room- scaring a guard into opening the door for him.

The couch in the first room he entered seemed like a perfectly good place to put down the boss-to-be, and so the swordsman dumped him unceremoniously onto it. The brat flopped bonelessly onto the furniture and looked perfectly content, but Squalo still hunted down a blanket and draped it carefuly over Tsuna. Then, pausing a minute and watching the boy as he slept on, the silver-haired man groaned in defeat.

The kid was just so goddamn cute.

Leaning down, Squalo pushed back the now soft locks, pressing a kiss first to Tsuna's forehead, then to both cheeks, before brush his lips against the brunettes. Then, blushing, Squalo retreated before he could go even more bat-shit insane, rushing to his rooms before settling down for the night.

And Tsuna slept, a smile gracing his lips.

AN: Uwahhhh! It's done! Finallly!

Okay, so this is the first of a series of 27 drabbles, of which the parings have already been decided. This is also the first KHR fic I've done, so if you saw anything wrong, tell me please!

And I realize Squalo was way out of character. Yars…

I'm going to try to update once a week, though on Fridays. So, see you then