27 Drabbles

5/27 LongchampXTsuna

Tsuna's eyes roved over the classroom, struck by the normalcy. Even after those months spent in that bleak future, even after the older versions of his friends had done who knows what here, it remained the same as he remembered it. Despite his extended absence, everything was the same. He had actually been surprised to hear someone call him 'No-Good Tsuna' after all he had been through.

The Vongola Heir had never thought that the horrid nickname could actually be some how comforting, in a sad sort of way.

Brown eyes searched the room, and paused on a figure spayed out on a desk in the back. The wild, spiky hair identified the form as Longchamp. Unlike the excitable (perhaps too much so) person from Tsuna's memory, the Tomaso Family Boss was slumped listlessly, and startlingly quiet.

Not one to just ignore obvious signs of distress (at least, not anymore...), Tsuna spared a passing glance backwards at Gokudera (who was currently chewing out a group of students who had been making fun of him. The brunette didn't feel the need to break it up quiet yet, since the bombs hadn't made an appearance.) and Yamamoto (who was trying to calm down Gokudera, with limited results) before making his way to Longchamp.

"Longchamp-kun..." Tsuna greeted quietly.

The other boy raised his eyes, which were wide and watery, and locked them on the brunette, before launching himself over the desk and wrapping his arms around Tsuna's neck, crying out, "Sawada-chan!"

"E-eh?" Tsuna stuttered, arms automatically coming up to support the openly sobbing boy.

"Nina!" Longchamp sobbed, pressing his face into Tsuna's chest. "She- She dumped me! After two weeks, she dumped me!"

The Vongola heir awkwardly patted Longchamp's hair, casting a desperate glance over his shoulder, at his friends. Gokudera was being physically held back by Yamamoto, as the Storm Guardian attempted to blow a pair of persistent juniors sky high. Not sure if he should be glad that the two weren't paying attention to see him being glomped by a sobbing Tomaso Boss, or disappointed that the two were to busy to offer assistance, Tsuna settled on just turning back to the boy clinging to him, who was babbling on about this 'Nina'.

"She was so beautiful!" The wild haired boy moaned. "She had the prettiest eyes, and her hair- it was such a soft brown. We had such a good time! Two weeks. That's the longest I've ever been with someone! How could she leave me, after all that we've done together?"

"Longchamp-kun," Tsuna said softly, nudging the other boy's head that that he looked up. "If Nina left you, then that's her loss. I'm sure you'll bounce back for the better. You always do."

The tears had stopped leaking from Longchamp's eyes, and he rubbed away the tear stains from his cheeks. The piteous expression changed, the Tomaso Boss suddenly looked like he had just experienced and epiphany.

"Sawada-chan looked adorable when he said that!" With a shift of weight and his arms, Longchamp turned the tables so that he was the one embracing Tsuna. Then he dropped his head down and planted a kiss firmly on the smaller boy's lips.

"W-what?!" Tsuna squeaked when he was released, face bright red but not struggling against Longchamp's arms or lips.

"You qualify to be my girlfriend!" The Tomaso Boss announced, undeterred by the brunette's confusion. He made a set of odd hand gestures, arms still wrapped firmly around Tsuna's neck, and smiled widely. Only his blotched face and remaining tear tracks showed that his previous depression had not been the work of the special bullet he was known for.

There was a moment of dead silence, with Longchamp grinning at Tsuna, before the statement sunk in.


A sudden cry of "Juudaime" was the only warning that Gokudera, followed closely by Yamamoto, had seen and heard the exchange. The silver haired teen ripped his shell-shocked boss from Longchamp's grasp. "Leave him alone!" He growled.

Longchamp only laughed and leaned forward, speaking directly into Tsuna's ear. "I'll take you on a date, Sawada-chan. See you at seven."

Before Tsuna could recover, the teacher entered the room, and the brunette was dragged off by a half-amused, half-annoyed Yamamoto, leaving Gokudera to reign in his temper.

Even as he calmed down and attempted to listen to the teacher, Tsuna' couldn't help the small smile that crawled onto hsi face.

Somehow, he was looking forward to tonight.


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