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Warnings: oh what not... crossdressing, yaoi, shota, yuri sort of, transsexuality, just a little blood, bad language, violence, and -obviously- sexual content.

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Something About That Skirt

chapter one

Celebrating with ice cream was heaven, but having that done, he was bored out of his mind.

What was he supposed to do now?

Taichi hadn't planned on going back to school after his show, but he hadn't planned the four hours in an empty apartment that lay ahead either. If it wasn't for the fact that he was quite full at the moment and slightly sick to his stomach –which was always the result of him eating without anyone around to say 'stop'- he would've just gone out and busy himself with whatever came up. But right now he was too tired to do anything, and yet… too freaking bored to do nothing!

He shone up when the doorbell rang, throwing himself out of the couch –which he slightly regretted when his guts did loops- and headed for the door.

"…Takeru," he greeted, a bit surprised. The younger teen smiled his usual polite smile and raised his eyebrows. "Can I come in?"

"Mmsure…" Taichi offered, his mind pondering different crises or obligations this kid might have as an excuse to come see him –instead of being in school like he should be right now.

Takeru kicked off his shoes and made himself at home, seating himself on the couch. The football player gazed after him suspiciously, closing the door. He then joined him in the living room, scratching his head. "So," he spoke up, throwing the blond a friendly smile. Silence followed.

"Hikari-chan wanted me to check on you" Takeru finally explained, eyes studying the other boy's legs that were still exposed seeing as he hadn't changed yet.

The brunet frowned; Takeru's lie was ridiculously obvious, and he didn't seem to even try sounding convincing. Neither did he hide the fact that he was checking him out, rather than checking on him.

"Ookay…" Taichi briefly pondered if he was supposed to confront him and ask what the hell he wanted –truth was he wasn't sure if he really wanted to know- or just find an excuse to make him leave. Either way, he was not going to stand here let his best friend's little brother drool over him, at least not while being dressed in a girl's school uniform.

Before he could put his thoughts into action, Takeru looked up, smiling innocently. "Nee Taichi, how come you haven't changed into your regular clothes?"

"I ah…" He winced, starting to feel guilty. The skirt was shamelessly revealing. Whether one was interested or not, it was probably hard not to stare. Taichi chose to ignore the obvious interest in the younger boy's eyes and assumed the latter. "…was just going to. Just had to celebrate with some ice cream first" he ended with a broad grin, trying to break the awkward tension.

Takeru just smiled politely again, "Heh, I'm not surprised." He chuckled kindly, and Taichi relaxed. "But you could change now" the younger teen then suggested hopefully, face shining with so much hormones that the brunet felt like running away screaming.

"H-hah I'll do that, but you should get back to school now don't you think, alrighty there we go take care Takeru thanks for the visit bye!"

He slammed the door shut and sunk to the floor, sighing. "That is one scary guy."