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Something About That Skirt

Chapter sex

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It was like jumping from the highest trampoline in the swimming hall. Once you had finally gathered the courage to jump, that water-surface was coming whether you liked it or not.

Taichi's arms were wrapped around the other's shoulders, pulling him with him. They stumbled towards the brunet's bedroom, trying to continue the kissing simultaneously. Being males, that naturally resulted in both activities being done less than perfectly. Furniture were banged into, books and dvd's were slipped on, walls were crashed into. Meanwhile teeth collided and lips slid over everything except the other's. When they finally reached their destination, their problem had only started.

"Holy shit, don't you ever clean your room?" the blond exclaimed, still completely clueless of how anyone could live like this, even though he'd known Taichi for a long time now.

"I honestly don't know where to start" the other admitted foolishly, scratching the back of his neck.

Yamato shrugged, looking over the mess. "How about making a path to the bed?" he suggested wisely. Then, when having seen the target, he added, "and making it possible to lie on."

"Right!" Taichi eagerly started throwing things to the side, creating a walkable path to his bed. Once there, he threw all the things –mostly clothes- out over the restof the chaotic room, happy to see that his bed was clean. Enough…

"Nasty," Yamato muttered, just behind him. The bearer of courage spun around, only to be dragged into the blonde's long arms and kissed again. Finally behind a closed door they maintained on the same spot, thus able to kiss properly. Taichi found himself rising to his toes to be able to grab Yamato's face in an unbreakable hold and ravish without holding back one bit. It worked until the blond cheated the same way.

They both strived for dominance, and had about the same amount of privileges and hinders as the other. Taichi was a bit stronger. Yamato was slightly taller. Taichi was stubborn. Yamato was sneaky. Both had their own kind of willpower. They did however enjoy every moment –domineering or not- since they had the same goal.

The two had both a relaxing and egging effect on the other. Though it was embarrassing and strange to strip each other down, they had nothing to hide or hold back.


There were too many first-time experiences to be counted, and neither felt the urge to really take in what they were actually doing and what it meant. All that existed was the present, and though both teens were slightly dizzy, it became one of their most intense and alive moments they'd shared.

"Can't believe you shaved your legs" the pale boy muttered, adverting his legs from Taichi's. The darker one rolled his eyes, sighing at his friend's never-ending whines about his brief crossdressing. He kissed his neck, pulling him closer. As an answer to his sigh, the blond added "it just doesn't fit."

"Well, try not to think about it," Taichi mumbled, working his way up to his ear, causing the other to shiver. "Could've been worse…" he murmured, hiding his grin against Yamato's neck.

Said boy snorted, amused. Letting one hand stroke its way down the brunet's chest and abdomen, he reached the area he figured Taichi had meant.

"True," he offered, smirking as Taichi met his eyes. "That'd be a shame." He looked down, running fingers through locks that didn't quite beat the softness of the enormous mop of hair on his head. He suddenly chuckled. "Who would've thought?"

"What," came the hesitant and slightly offended reply from the football player, who didn't know how he was supposed to take the blonde's amusement.

"Brunet all the way," Yamato snickered, ducking his head from the other's questioning gaze. Taichi still didn't know if he was supposed to be offended or not; he continued blinking, looking like a human question-mark.

"Aw come on!" the blond finally exclaimed, "I'm not saying it's negative" he assured, still playing with it, happily ignoring what the complete-brunet would obviously rather have him playing with. Taichi held out for a short while, but soon shifted and let out an annoyed groan. "Will you stop the fucking teasing!"

He was made up for with a slow kiss. "Just wanted to make you sweat"

"You can do that without being mean" the other muttered.

Yamato sighed at his whiny friend, closing his fingers around his sack and pulling. Taichi inhaled, eyebrows rising slightly in surprise. Then he closed his eyes, tilting his head towards him. The blond kissed his cheek, continuing to stimulate more intensively. He soon had the athlete panting under him, which turned out to be an overwhelmingly arousing sight. Yamato found himself panting along, feeling his own erection being sandwiched between their bodies.

Taichi pulled the blonde's hand away and rolled onto him, capturing his lips and shakily started to grind his hips down against his. They both moaned into each other's mouths, grabbing and stroking everywhere they could reach.

Finding that he was not strong enough to push the heavy brunet off of him, Yamato reached lower and hooked a finger into Taichi's body. He laughed breathlessly as the other yelped and threw himself off him, landing on his back. Quickly straddling the football player, Yamato was about to lie down on top if his friend when a sunkissed hand stopped him, pressed against his chest. Then another reached lower and started stroking his almost painfully hard erection.

He hissed and hung his head, letting his bangs hide his face from the brown-eyed boy he was sitting on. Working him in an almost unbearably effective way –though partly ignorant of that fact, Taichi tilted his head, missing the other's face. "Matt?"

Said boy crunched over slightly, grabbing the other's wrist with a gasp, stopping him from moving his hand further. When Taichi remained motionless, Yamato finally looked up, bravely exposing his eyes that shone with guilty pleasure. He breathed deeply, slowly collecting himself. Taichi smiled and sneaked his hand behind his neck, pulling the blond down into a kiss. Once he thought Yamato had got completely into it, he quickly brought his hand back to its previous activity. The rock star jumped and hissed, gritting his teeth in order to keep control over his body. The teen underneath laughed.

"You might as well let go, Matt. I'm not stopping anyway." He smiled affectionately as the other panted, and nuzzled the side of his face. Feeling just a little bit evil but happily brushing that thought away, he squeezed harder, torturing the most sensitive parts. He grinned as the cool Ishida half groaned, half cried into the pillow, gripping its edges and damn near tearing it in half. "Fuck, Tai –I can't…"

The boy underneath moaned from just listening, feeling his head spin having from having this gorgeous panting rebel on top of him, making the noises he was because of his own hand. "There you go!" he breathed with a grin, "Gotta have the guts to be a little verbal in bed. It's not like you'd look like a fool next to me –I've just spent the day waltzing around in a skirt."

"Yeah, you're not exactly afraid to be a woman," Yamato moaned, able to talk since Taichi's hand didn't grab quite as hard at the moment.

"Proof of manliness you know" the other informed. For some reason the taller started laughing breathlessly.


"Just something Sora said."


He moaned softly. "That I'm not man enough to get in touch with my feminine side"

Taichi grinned. "That's true."

"That's bullshit"

"Very convincing."

The blond blocked his view, challenged. "Don't believe me?"

"I don't" the former crossdresser replied, if nothing else than just to see what his friend would do.

The other closed his eyes, relaxing. After a short while he started moaning quietly, in a pitch far higher than his usual deep voice. Taichi bit his lips to stay serious. He could not believe he was actually witnessing this. The rock star's mouth opened, and his moans turned louder, still unbelievably high-pitched coming from him.

"Am I supposed to be turned on by this?" he grinned, in all honesty wondering.

"Oh, Tai!" the bearer of friendship suddenly exclaimed, going for the record. "Ah! Don't stop. Oh God, Taichi! Yes! And… other stuff women say in bed!" he gasped, cracking up when the brunet almost started crying from laughing.

"Touché!" he gasped out, still laughing. His hand fell to his side, leaving Yamato to rock his body against his. "You're the manliest person I know!" he admitted, grinning madly. As an afterthought, he added "next to Sora"

The blond gave another laugh, nodding. "Fair enough"

He moaned unconsciously as Taichi groped him again, his voice finding its right place by dropping several octaves into a sensually deep tone that made the football player's heart jump.

Yamato closed his eyes, now completely used to have torn down his walls. When he opened them again, finding the boy underneath watching him with an undeniably longing gaze, he smirked. "What?"

His friend just smiled, looking away briefly.

"What?" the musician prompted, enjoying his friend's unusual coy state, mentally grinning. He loved it when Taichi was embarrassed.

The dark-skinned male sat up, hugging him. "You're fucking sexy…" he muttered into his hair, almost accusingly. The other snorted, amused. "Did it take you long to figure that out? Ow!"

"No need to be an asshole, Yamato" the brunet sung perkily.

"No need to bite, shithead" he shot back, but grinned all the same. Why? Because the shithead was infectious.

When the groping hand returned, he kissed him deeply, moaning as Taichi enthusiastically quickened the phase. Moans turned into groans and he started moving along, thrusting into his palm.

"Jeez Yamato, will you stop being so fucking hot!" the bearer of courage moaned whiningly, causing the blond to laugh.

"What's with the fan-boy behaviour?" he commented, glancing at him.

"Sorry, but you're kinda killing me here" the other teen mentioned, hastily taking care of it himself, abandoning his friend's arousal.

"Shit, sorry" the musician finally realised, fighting the brunet's hand away and closing his own around the other's pulsing length. Faintly noting that it was the first time he'd ever done that. Intently working on pleasuring the brunet, he glanced up, noticing that he had squeezed his eyes shut.

"Feel good?"

"Sure beats doing it myself" came the cheeky reply.

"I'm flattered" the blond muttered dryly, but smiled as the brown-eyed boy let out a groan, revealing how much really did enjoy it. He fell back on the bed, breathing deeply. Yamato let a hand stroke over his rising and falling chest, smiling at the sight before him. He let Taichi stay in heaven for a few minutes, enjoying the view in the meantime. Then he leaned down and kissed him, shortly being rolled over to his back with the athlete on top. His neck was immediately assaulted and while it did make him giddy, he decided that he wasn't done with his friend just yet.

Like before, the brunet's reaction was hilarious, but this time he was held still by a pale arm, and the fingers didn't withdraw. In result he squirmed and tried to stop the hand from continuing to molest him. Unfortunately, Yamato's hands could reach further and moved quicker than his, which made him too distracted to really do anything about it.

"It's not funny!" the brunet growled, squirming again. He moaned as the poking continued, but scowled all the same.

Yamato chuckled, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Just admit that you like it"

In compassion of imagining how weird it must feel, the blond settled for poking and teasing the muscle, not bothering to enter. The football player was however still greatly disturbed by it. But despite awkwardness the stimulation brought him helplessly closer to orgasm. He grinded against Yamato who groaned at the friction.

"Matt, I'm close" he hissed, grinding harder. The old bed squeked as he raised himself to rest on his elbow, sneaked his hand in between their bodies and grabbed the musician's arousal, jerking him violently. Yamato cried out at the sudden attention and reached another hand around the darker one's back, tickling the back of his scrotum. Both boys panted and moaned, throwing each other over the edge with cries that rang through the apartment.

Neither let the other be until the last spasms had died out, both completely drained from energy.

They recovered slowly, lying in a silent echo of the sounds that had just come from them.

Minutes rolled past.

Finally, Yamato pulled himself up and looked down at his best friend lying under him, hair crazier than ever. He cracked a smile.

"Don't tell a soul"





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