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Chapter 1

"But where is Bumblebee?"

The question seemed innocent enough, but the gulp I took sent pain to my vocal cords. Even though I was in a new form, I still could not speak, and the question sent what humans call shivers through my body. I knew I had nothing to be afraid of, I was still doing my duty after all, but I was frightened of what my comrades would think if they knew that one of the three humans in front of them was the comrade they just asked about. At the moment I wasn't even quite human, even though I looked like one. I still had better hearing, better sight, and above all, a spark within me. Normally, a spark signature could be detected, but as I was a scout for the Autobots, so I could hide mine quite well. And at the moment I was glad I could. I was embarrassed and scared at what I had become, what the Decepticons somehow turned me into. And what's more, if they knew this was me, they would finally know my long-kept secret. I'm not sure if they already know it or not, but if it's the latter, I don't want them to find out.

The four Autobots looked down at us as though we could answer their question. Mikaela and Sam could, but I literally couldn't nor didn't want to.

Stuttering, Sam said, "Bumblebee? Was that the one that was attacked by – what did you call them – Decepticons a day ago?"

Growling dangerously, the dark mech said, "What?!"

I took a step back further and hoped that my small size would help me be invisible. That was not to happen.

"Ironhide, calm down. You are frightening one of the chil–"

Optimus Prime stopped talking in shock and looked down at me with the others following suit. I somehow knew that the four of them could feel a spark signature and it was coming from the blonde human female that Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes brought with them: me.

Quickly realizing my mistake, I hurried and tried to cover my spark signature once again even though the damage has been done.

Crouching down more to our level, Optimus Prime and the three other Autobots looked at me like they could not quite believe what their optics were showing them.

Shrinking into myself as much as possible while standing, I took another step back that placed me behind Sam and Mikaela.

Understanding what happened, Sam said, "Um, yeah, as I was saying, Decepticons attacked your friend and us, so as a result – uh –"

"What Sam is trying to say is that the Decepticons somehow turned your friend, Bumblebee, into a human, only not quite as far as we can tell," Mikaela finished.

Now that was out, I was literally shaking in fear. My eyes were averted to the ground and my spark was engulfed in both fright and fear.

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