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Epilogue: A Family

Setsuna buried his head further into the pillows on the plush couch. His head was throbbing, each pulse corresponding with the outraged cries coming from the kitchen. His dad's hoarse voice, strained from the the on going argument, pitched before a crash resonated to the living room.

At that point Setsuna knew that his parent's were past talking. Although truth be told it was more likely that Sasuke had given up trying to make amends and Naruto just wanted blood. It didn't help that the tension between the two adults had increased into tsunami sized waves these past few weeks.

Stress and anxiety seemed to emanate from both of them, coupled with worry and fear. Setsuna couldn't quite blame them, he was feeling it too. He was foolish to think everything would be smooth sailing once Sasuke had moved in with them. Well it had been for the most part.

The first two years had been touch and go, but relatively calm. Setsuna had to learn what it was like to have a family. He wasn't alone though. Both Sasuke and Naruto struggled with being parents, while trying to reform their old bonds.

It took months before things began to settle down, and everyone formed their own place within this family. Everything quickly fell into place after that, becoming the norm and comfortable. Sasuke and Naruto had also begun to reform their physical relationship. It never failed to unnerve Setsuna when he walked into a room only to find his parents way too involved in each other.

Setsuna couldn't say he was all that shocked to find out that they were sleeping together again, though how he came to that conclusion wasn't anything less then jaw dropping. He remembered coming home one day to find his father stalking about the house in a tizzy. Apparently Naruto had been taken to the hospital, and had Sasuke wait around at home for Setsuna to return from training.

His dad had been sick, which was more or less unheard of. Though come to find out it was Naruto's anxiety of what was happening that lead to Sasuke's current stress level. From what Setsuna had gathered from his father, Naruto seemed to know something was amiss, more so then just the flue. Naruto didn't seem inclined to tell Sasuke, which only seemed to make the situation worse.

Come to find out, Naruto had been right to worry. Setsuna would never forget the look on his father's face when Naruto informed the two of them that he was pregnant. Now it was one thing to find out that your 'mother' was very much male, but it was another thing to witness it as a bystander.

Sasuke seemed to be placed in a state of absolute shock. He only nodded, before leaving the room. Naruto had merely laughed at the reaction, finding the display humorous.

Regardless, that all brings us back to the current situation at hand. Setsuna chanced a glance towards the kitchen when the noise level turned from violent to perfectly peaceful. Not a reassuring change believe it or not. Some one was most likely dead, unconscious, or they were too busy with their make up kisses. Neither option thrilled Setsuna in the least.

If one thing was for sure, pregnancy and hormones were the bane of his young life so far. He couldn't wait till the little brat came out. Don't get him wrong, Setsuna was ecstatic to become a brother, he just didn't like his dad's current mental state.

"Fucking hell!"

Well at least he knew Sasuke was alive. The curse was strained and tense, not boding well to Setsuna's ears. Apparently Naruto had taken the hit this time, which was unusual considering Sasuke refused to raise a hand to a pregnant Naruto, even when goaded.

"Setsuna get in here now..."

Naruto's voice made his stomach twist in a sickening way. There was an edge of panic to his dad's tone. Setsuna's heart quickened as he shot off the couch and hurried into the kitchen, expecting the worse.

What he found was Naruto in a slumped heap on the floor, Sasuke next to him. His father laid a calming hand on the mountain that was Naruto's stomach, and something about the motion had Setsuna sweating.

"Suzume-chan." The pet name was spoken with haste, and Setsuna didn't even bother to protest it. "It's time, looks like the baby's coming." Naruto said it like it was no big deal, and Setsuna had to disagree. How ironic could this possibly get? When he said he wanted the baby to hurry up and be born, he didn't mean this soon.

Finding himself at a loss, Setsuna could only nod his understanding. His eyes followed Sasuke as he scooped Naruto into his arms and headed for the door. He didn't look back to see if Setsuna followed, too worried about his lover to care.

Setsuna only stayed frozen for a moment, slight fear gripping him at the worry etched into his father's face. It was odd to see such raw emotion on Sasuke face, a fact that made Setsuna feel uneasy. Gathering his breath to calm his rapid pulse, he quickly took out after his parents. He couldn't miss the birth of his sibling.

Sasuke paced back and forth down the titled hallway. Each pass he made in front of Setsuna had the boy resisting the urge to stick out his foot and trip him. The pacing thing only made Setsuna more nervous, but he wasn't about to risk his father biting his head off to ask him to sit still.

They were both nervous wrecks, waiting for any sound to be heard. So far only curses and screams could be heard, and neither was very reassuring.

Sasuke had wanted to be in the room with Naruto, but Sakura had forbade it. Apparently it was against policy, or some stupid shit like that since due to circumstance the baby would be born through cesarean section. Setsuna didn't understand the thinking behind it, but there wasn't much he could do about it at the moment.

Another pass, and Setsuna had to cross his feet at his ankles to keep himself from sending his father flat on his face. Sasuke was lucky it was Setsuna plotting this apposed to Naruto. He was sure his dad would have no qualms sending Sasuke on a one way trip to a face plant.

All current and violent thought processes were cut short when a faint cry echoed through the halls. A nurse who was passing by paused by the door before casting the two awaiting men warm smiles before going on her way. Setsuna watched her for a moment, eyes turning back to Sasuke and then to the door.

Both men, father and son, stood motionless in the tense silence that soon followed. Each waiting impatiently for the click of the door as it opened. It seemed like an eternity before the heavy door pulled back and revealed a smiling Sakura.

"Well it's done," She said, moving aside. "You two can go in."

Neither waited for any more encouragement. Setsuna was hot on Sasuke's heals as they flew into the room, gathering at Naruto's bedside. The blond haired man, smiled tiredly at them, his normally wild hair plastered to his forehead with sweat. Though both Sasuke's and Setsuna's attention was on the small bundle of pink in Naruto's arms.

The tiny baby slept, seemingly oblivious to the people around her. Sasuke's eyes softened at the sight of his new daughter. He reached a gentle hand out and tenderly stroked the black fuzz like hair on the crown of her head.

"A girl," Sasuke said, almost as if he couldn't believe it himself.

"A girl, our baby girl." Naruto reaffirmed.

Sasuke smiled, a true smile. Something Setsuna rarely saw. It made a warmth flow through him as he watched his parent's and his new sister. This was his family, no matter how unconventional it may be.

"What's her name?" He asked, his hand coming to rub his sisters rosy cheeks.

Both Sasuke and Naruto looked towards their son for a moment, and then back to each other. They seemed to contemplate the question, before Naruto spoke. "You name her," Naruto said, looking towards Sasuke.

"I don't know..."

"Of course you do. I named Setsuna. It's only fair you get to name our daughter." Naruto's reasoning was flawless, and Sasuke took a good long look at the new addition of his family. What sort of name could he possibly give her, that would do her justice?


Naruto glance towards Sasuke at the mention of the name, turning back to the small baby a second later. He eyed her up and down, as if assessing the name. Finally he nodded his approval.

"Uchiha Mi-"

"Uzumaki." Sasuke interrupted Naruto quickly, not letting him finish. "Uzumaki Miyoko."

"But Sasuke..." The older man waved Naruto off, not wanting to hear the words that would no doubt spill from that mouth.

"We've been through this before. I don't want to curse my children with that name. The Uchiha were meant to die, that much I am sure off."

"Fine fine," Naruto laughed, not being put off in the least. "Uzumaki Miyoko."

The small, but growing family, gathered closer around the bed as they celebrated in the miracle they had been given. Setsuna still didn't understand how he had become so lucky. Going from having nothing, not even a father to call his own, to having a family as loving and wonderful as this.

No matter how wonderful his family had become, Setsuna still couldn't help but hope that it would not grow any further. For his sake and Sasuke's as well, he didn't think they could survive another nine months of Naruto's mood swings. At least now, maybe it would be a little more peaceful around the house.

Although, that might be asking for a little too much. Sighing, Setsuna just shook his head. He would take anything he could get.