Author's Note: 7/5/12

I'm editing and taking out spelling errors and then intending to continue and finish.

Author's Note: 5/1/2008
This is the longest ongoing re-write. Given I started re-writing this story, which was originally started just after PGSM finished. I started re-writing it last year, and got to chapter 2. Whoop-de-doo, given at that point it was 16 chapters long. Anyway, here's hoping this re-write goes a good deal better.

Original Author's Note:
This one actually gets a disclaimer, because I don't own PGSM, and this one is taking some extreme liberties with information which was given in 'The Special Act-four years later', in that it basically takes most of it and throws it out of the proverbial window. So, there we go. I do of course have much love for Takeuchi-san and all things Sailormoon, but sometimes you start thinking...what if? In this case, what if the senshi still had their powers during this time, but elected NOT to use them unless there was need...and, come on there has to have been some kind of media coverage/fall-out, and sometimes I think, what would happen if a senshi ran into a rabid fan of them, or at least rabid gaijin fan-girls, we have to be sorta scary...

Without further a-do on with the story.

It's odd when it hits. Out of the blue. I'm not at the flat or near anything familiar. It's usually something minor: a craving for edamame or having to explain for what seems to be the fiftieth time that it's pronounced "Ah-mee" not "Ay-mee" but every once in a while it's bigger: an overwhelming sense of loss at not being able to just kick off my uniform and run over to CROWN and hang out singing karaoke and eat cream pudding.

There's no pressure of impending youma or anything like that...I just can't. It's just not feasible in the middle of what I'm doing to pick up and FLY back to Tokyo. No way. No how.

These feelings always happen at a time when calling isn't even feasible it's three tomorrow morning when it's ten here on the West Coast of the United States and while I'm sure whoever I actually got hold of would tell me that it's okay I doubt they'd really be happy to be woken up.

I've found a little fountain in the hospital ground that I sit by on a fairly regular basis. I like to just stare past my reflection at the coins glinting off the bottom and feel the spray splash into my hair. I have a crystal clear...flash, Rei-chan would call it, a memory but not from this life; I'm dropping so far it's as if I jumped from my flat window. I land in a deep body of water and it's as if I'm absorbed down to the very bottom. I don't, didn't, even gasp for breath as I hit the surface. There's someone down there and I'm swimming over to meet up with them.

They hit from time to time these memories, clearer than what I ate yesterday (meat sandwiches and a fruit cup, I think) and the only explanation I have is "Moon Kingdom". I wish they were more solid with details, even if it doesn't really matter; it's so long since we've had to fight anything. Even so I still feel guilty for being here. The people I know here will ask me why I get these melancholy times but it's hard to explain. Everyone here seems to be about "sharing feelings" "emoting" but I don't see them understanding or believing that I miss turning into another person and fighting demons for no pay at the risk of personal and universal annihilation.

If I really think about it there's a very empty space in my life if I think that I may never have to transform again. That's even stranger given the amount of times during fights when I would sometimes think the reverse. I know the career path I've chosen will allow me to continue to help people and there is relief to not have to make the cell between operating on someone and having to fight plastic looking peril, but I'm afraid of getting too comfortable.

"Home sick?" a familiar voice asks.

I look up to find Harris, a former med school guinea pig who is becoming a friend (although I'm sure Usagi and Minako might trying to prove something more) standing nearby. There is a moment where I almost give him a report on my excellent health before remembering what the phrase actually means.

I slide across the fountain wall to let him sit down, "I was remembering things I used to do with my friends," it's a safe enough answer.

"That you can't do here?"

"Something like that."

He glances off towards the parking lot. I hesitate to watch in case he's not looking at anything but just thinking too, "You want to do something?"


"I don't know...go back to my house? I can dial for pizza like nobody else, given I really wouldn't trust a sushi delivery...of course you'd have to deal with my kid sister being you like Chinese food? I know you're not Chinese...say something?...please?"

"Something? Please?"

It takes a moment for him to realize I was trying to be funny.

So by the by I find myself walking up a slightly untidy and to him small and me huge garden path to the front door of his parent's house.

"I'm going to give you mostly the same warning I give everyone. My kid sister she's annoying as Hell. She's into all this Japanese cra-stuff, and well, because of that she may try to eat you."

I stand warned and even more apprehensive on Harris' right as he fumbles for the key to open the house. The door swings open without the haunted creak I was expecting. There's just a shoomp as the base of the door scrapes the top of the thick purple carpet.

"Mercury! Abunai!"

The warning shout, in my native tongue, sends me jumping back from the door startled. Who knows me by that name here? I could swear that was Venus' voice, which makes it all the stranger. What's she doing in Harris' parents' living room?

Harris looking at me with concern from just inside the door is all I see, "It's alright. You can come in."

I cautiously step over the threshold, automatically slipping my feet out of my shoes. This makes his smile widen, and he calls through to the other room, "Jen, turn that crap off! We have company!" the keys drop from his hand into a green crystal bowl which is sitting on top of a nearby bookcase.

As I follow him into the living room I see girls in gaudy short skirts with multi-colored bows flipping around on the television screen. They're avoiding a large computer generated monster and occasionally zapping at it with bright energy beams. One of them looks very familiar even if she's got a large blue bow on the back of her long blond hair.

"See, look," I hear Harris say, "Even the native is aghast and it's supposedly from her country."

The redhead sitting cross-legged on the couch turns her head around to glare at him. She seems like she's going to say something, but then she yips a kind of indignant phrase and bolts out of the room leaving a bowl of popcorn spinning on the table. Harris picks up the remote and pauses playback. It freezes with "Oh, darn that hurt," a censored translation of something the green haired warrior girl is shouting as she's been knocked into a wall by the monster. From the looks of things she's a knock-off of Jupiter. The others have red & pink, blond, purple and white hair. Two of them are running to help her up.

"I sound like a total prick, but the voices are painful. That green-haired one she throws coconut milk or something what's that supposed to do? I have no ide—please tell me I didn't just insult your favorite childhood show or something..."

I shake my head fervently, "Mmm, no, not that," I sit down on the couch, "Can I see the box, please?"

"This probably hasn't done anything to stop you feeling homesick," he murmurs furrying around on the top of the cluttered entertainment center for it.

"It must have come out since I've been gone," I say, "believe me I would remember this," I take the box from him and scan the cover, which is clearly an illegally copied product, mostly in the original Japanese except for a small area in English that was probably added using Adobe Photoshop, explaining about a "great threat in to the cosmos" and that the "only one who can defeat it is Sailor V and her friends with their Crystal Magic." No wonder I thought I heard Venus, Minako did mention at one time that she'd been cast as herself in a series of movies. I flip back to the front, "Crystal Sailor V versus the Plasma Witch from Xenon."

"You know it?" his sister emerges from the back room. She must have been lounging around in her night clothes as she's wearing jeans now and a black t-shirt over a green long sleeved shirt. The long sleeved shirt is plain but the t-shirt has an ironed-on design it looks to be the cover for a band but I don't know for sure.

"I didn't know this came out," I admit.

"I heard the series started out just with Sailor V," she says, "but I haven't been able to get hold of any of those...from what I read on message boards they added the other warriors in because of something that happened in Tokyo a few years ago."

I feel the opposite of something I feel quite often, heat draining from my face instead of rising to it.

"Ami?" Harris asks.

"I figured it was some weird marketing ploy," Jen goes on, oblivious, "People being sent to the hospital, weird creatures breaking through buildings and attacking people, there've been some people saying they've seen them dressed over here, full of it-"

"There were some articles in the papers," I nod, "some of the descriptions were different than this..."

"I was hoping Aino Minako would sing something in the movie," Jen goes on.

"She used to do the theme songs," I explain, "but she did retire from singing, you have to do what you want of your life once you have it,"

"You're a Minako fan?"

I could think Harris makes a pained noise. He interrupts to get the pizza order, but Jen won't be dissuaded for long, because if I have every CD I must have been to the Sayanora concert and it's hard for me to back pedal on that even though if she's a big a fan as she appears to be it won't be long before she realizes I'm one of the ones who was up on stage with Aino Minako and Mars Reiko and the other girls.

No matter how much I try she thinks my stories are so much more exciting than anything she could be telling me. Harris can't help much in steering the conversation either. Why would she listen to her brother when she can listen to someone Aino Minako considers a friend? I'm just going to have to search for these message boards myself after I get away. Perhaps I'll be able to talk to one of the others later and they can help dissuade my fear about other senshi. I'm sure America has cosplayers too, that's probably all that it was, plus if I can talk to Makoto, Usagi or anyone it might not feel so cold here.