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A young girl, or at least a girl who appeared young, stepped through the Senkai gate, her black locks framing a gentle face that was currently very pale. Her slate gray eyes peeked around the shoulders of the two people in front of her, both of whom had white haoris draped over their shoulders. She stepped up bravely next to the dark-skinned woman with short spiked purple hair.

"Y-Yoruichi-sama, where are we?"

The woman in question turned her bright yellow eyes to the girl and flashed her a wide grin. The girl had been around her mistress long enough to know that this time it was forced.

"Can't say I know for sure, Little Bee!" As always, this nickname made the girl blush, and she looked down to hide it. Yoruichi turned to the other white-cloaked person, a young man with sandy blond hair. "Yo Urahara, where'd you drag us to, huh?" The man didn't respond right away, his eyes shutting slowly and hiding their haunted and depressed look from the world. Yoruichi watched him for a moment, her smiling countenance slowly dropping into a look of deep sadness. She turned back to the smaller girl and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I don't know Soi, I just don't know… But we're going to make the best of this, okay?" Soi Fong just nodded and looked back up at her. She thought back to earlier today, and the whirlwind of events that changed her life forever.

Soi Fong was sprinting as fast as she could for her goddess's chambers. Sweat ran down her face, not from exertion but instead from fear, an all-encompassing fear that the rumors were true – Shihouin Yoruichi, her commander, her queen, her everything…

Yoruichi was gone.

'It can't be true!' Her mind was screaming at her as she ran, hoping that in just a few seconds she'd throw the door open and see her favorite person slouched in her chair, stretching out like a big lazy feline. She'd be embarrassed and apologize profusely, then run back and kick all those Shinigami's asses for lying to her.

No way was Yoruichi a traitor! It wasn't possible, not the woman who trained her, taught her to fight… The woman who smiled at her, even poked gentle fun at her for being too stuffy... The woman whose protection had become her purpose in life, why she woke up in the morning and why she slept at night… The woman who trusted her to guard her while she slept, her head resting gently in Soi's lap... She threw the door open wide, an apology already on her hopeful lips…

And came face to face with an empty room.

Soi's stomach felt like it feel out of her body and her knees went weak. She felt her whole world crashing around her. The person she valued most, who she gave her whole life to… The person she would always…

"S-Soi…" She felt a hand on her shoulder and spun lightning fast to find herself face to face with Yoruichi, who was currently pale and slightly wide -eyed. She gasped and nearly threw herself on the older woman, ready to cast aside all her well ingrained formality, but the next words from Yoruichi's mouth halted her.

"Soi, I have to go, now! T-There's not a lot of time to explain!"

"Y-Yoruichi-sama, what's-"

"Soi, do you trust me?"

She froze up yet again, looking up and taking in Yoruichi's current appearance for the first time. Her captain's haori was torn in several places and her spiky purple hair was limp with sweat. She was breathing hard, as if she had been running a marathon. This scared Soi even more; she had heard Yoruichi's nickname whispered by fellow Shinigami – the Goddess of Flash. What on earth could make Yoruichi, possibly the fastest person in Soul Society, out of breath? She swallowed hard and stood a littler straighter. She was scared, yes. But she never had to even think in order to know her answer.

"Hai, Yoruichi-sama. I'll alwa-"

"Will you come with me, Soi?"

Soi fought down a gasp. Were the rumors true then? Was Yoruichi a traitor to Soul Society? Soi frowned and shook those thoughts away. Her Yoruichi-sama would never betray Soul Society! She realized what was being asked of her and her heart raced faster.

Yoruichi-sama wanted her to come with her. Yoruichi-sama trusted her! Her, Soi, nothing more than a servant, but of all the Shinigami under Yoruichi, she was asked. Her heart swelled and Soi knew then that she'd do anything for the one who she all but worshipped.

"H-Hai Yoruichi-sama… I-I'll follow you anywh-"

"Then we need to go NOW!" Soi didn't have time to ponder how she kept getting cut off whenever she spoke today. Her mind temporarily shut down when Yoruichi lunged forward and scooped her smaller frame up. The moment of shock became decidedly worse however as a fiery explosion rocked the building they were in, incinerating the entryway…

The entryway they had been in moments ago. Yoruichi Shihouin wasn't called the Goddess of Flash for nothing. From her position in the older woman's arms, Soi Fong could see behind them as they flash stepped away. The Second Division Taichou's office was kindling for a massive fireball, the only discernible feature being the form of Captain-Commander Yamamoto, his aged face set in a deep scowl as his Zanpakuto conducted the burning symphony. Soi Fong was stunned; the Captain-Commander himself was hunting them?! She squeaked as she felt kido blasts going off around them, paling as she looked down. Yoruichi was spiriting her away from what looked like the whole of the Gotei 13! She thanked any higher power listening that Yoruichi-sama was this fast; she actually saw herself in the purple-haired taichou's arms as shades behind them. The shunpo-induced fakes were drawing enough fire to give them a chance to escape, and after a few minutes Soi noticed that they had pulled away significantly. She turned and looked ahead, seeing the plaza surrounding the Senkai gate ahead of them. Yoruichi landed and set her down gently, but before Soi could get her balance completely back she felt Yoruichi-sama's hand around her wrist as she was dragged forward towards a very frightened and haggard looking Urahara Kisuke.

"Get the damn gate open Kisuke!" Yoruichi was screaming at him as they ran up alongside him. He jumped and nodded, working fast to open the gate. After a very tense minute it began to slide open. The three of them were through before the gate was even halfway there.

Yoruichi smiled gently at Soi and ruffled her hair. 'It's a real smile this time,' Soi thought absently to herself, before nearly squeaking and bowing repeatedly as she realized she'd been staring right at Yoruichi-sama this whole time. Only remembering Yoruichi-sama's frustration over formalities stopped her, but she could still only partially contain her embarrassed blush.

"I think we can set up here." Both girls whipped around to look at Urahara, who had yet to speak. His voice almost cracked and he was speaking very quietly, a shocking display of negative emotion for anyone who knew the man. Soi turned to look out at the village they were in.

The houses were mostly wooden where they were, but upon looking farther out there were signs of better materials being used. People were dressed quite traditionally as they bustled about, though many looked to be somewhat poor. The town seemed as though it could have been a clone of one of the middle districts of Rukongai – old, but not ancient.

"Sign says this place is called Karakura Town," Urahara jerked his thumb at a sign close by. "It'll take be a few days to whip us up some gigais, and then we'll go about finding a place to live." Yoruichi nodded took a deep breath, blowing it out slowly and shedding her Captain's haori. She turned to Soi, who was still in shock just a little over everything that had just occurred.

"Hey, Soi?"

"H-Hai, Yoruichi-sama?"

"I'm really glad you came with us."

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