Sometimes they say that when it rains it's because the angels are crying

This is just a prologue, to see if you like this story or how it sounds. I hope you like it. This is inspired in a song in Spanish, from a group called Maná. This group totally rocks, if you understand Spanish I suggest you to check it out, it truly rocks. The song that inspired this is called "Cuando los Angeles Lloran" translated literally to "When the Angels Cry" I really love this song… and I'm not in the mood to write something overly cheery and stuff… so I heard the song and wanted to write something. I really hope you like it- Please read and review

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Sometimes they say that when it rains it's because the angels are crying.

Pit, pat, pit, pat

Sometimes they say that when the angels cry it's because an angel has fallen.

You could hear muffled sobs, everywhere. The village was a constant cloud of gloom.

Sometimes… people cry because someone is not with them anymore.

An angel has left… and won't come back.

Sometimes they cry because someone is now in another place.

She left flying at dawn… and we won't see her again.

Sometimes… even if they know she's in a better place they can't control the tears.

I've heard people say that when someone dies is because they fulfilled their purpose in life and God called them to be beside them; to be on their side. Even if the person was young… it's because the person was good… that person is an angel now.

But here the people couldn't think about this. They were too sad to even think about it, to even think that if their personal angel had died she would finally be in peace, beside the God she always spoke about.

I guess… you can't understand what I mean. You never met her. You never knew her story.

It's funny to think that no one in the history of that village had made the entire village cry, but now even the smallest kid cried, even the oldest woman held her chest in remembrance.

She truly was an angel, the people were sure of that. How could someone be so loving… so caring to everyone yet hold such hurt inside? She never showed it. I still can't believe she was called weak.

I suppose to understand what I mean; you need me to tell you the story, a story that went on for sixteen years.

Then let me tell you the story of the biggest angel that has stepped our sad world of shadows.

Let me tell you the story… of Hyuuga Hinata.


I know this is short but as I already said, this is a Prologue, barely to give you guys an idea of what it is about and what will happen. I hope you liked it hehe –sheepish smile- Please review and give me feedback- tell me whether you liked it and why or if you didn't then give me constructive criticism. Thank you so much!