Sequel too Two Years Later

Sequel too Two Years Later. Hey everyone, again I just wanted too thank everyone for reading and reviewing my story. It means so much too me. Sorry it took me a couple days to get the summary up because I have been working you will be getting chapter 1 by Sunday because I have off that day. For those of you that are just tuning in I have a story out called Two years Later if you want to read the sequel your going to have to read the original because it will be confusing and you don't know what is going on so for those of you that want to read this story your going to have to read Two years Later first. I am going to put up the summary and you tell me what you think and I also am going to put up some questions for you to answer. Here is the summary and tell me what you think.

Summary: Our Love Is Strong

Sequel to Two years later. Gabriella and Troy move out of there apartment and get a new place. Its 8 months later Gabriella is 9 months Pregnant so any day she will have her baby. Troy and Gabriella also are planning there wedding. Everything seems so perfect but what happens when someone from Gabriella's past comes back and couse trouble between Troy and Gabriella. Will there love be Strong or will they fall apart stay tuned to find out. Troyella, Chaylor, Zekepay.

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Gabriella will have a baby in the coming chapters what sex do you want it to be

A Girl

A Boy

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