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Now onto the questions/answers from the previous chapters I asked about

1. The Third Instalment's title name will be Hopeful For You. but you will get the summary next week sometime so please check it out and review

2. Gabriella and Taylor will have there baby's the same day it will probably be in a flashback because I will start the story 5 years later.

3. question: Sharpay will have a baby the next story should she have a girl or a boy and what is your favorite girl name and boy name.

I have three story ideas after I am done with Right Beside Me what one do you want me too write next.

1. Title: Enemy Brothers For Life (might be rated M)


Troy and Zac are twin brothers. Troy is the good twin and Zac is the evil Twin. Troy is East Highs Basketball Captain, and Zac is East Highs Football Captain. Troy is smart he gets straight A's, Zac is not good in school, but gets out of it by making Troy do it for him. Troy and Zac never got along, sometimes They didn't act like brothers either, even though they are Identical. They were so different, they always competing. Zac gets into trouble a lot. Troy is in love with his best friend Gabriella Montez. But there is a problem Gabriella has a boyfriend and that guy is Troy's brother Zac. What happens between Troy and Gabriella when Zac is sent to Juvie for steeling a car. What will happen when Gabriella finds Zac kissing another girl. What will happen between Gabriella and Troy when Gabriella goes to him in comfort. Will Gabriella finally realize that the guy she really loves was there and her best friend Troy all along. Read to find out what happens. Troyella A little Zacella, Chaylor, Zekepay

2. Title: Wedding Crashers (Kind of like the movie but different might be rated M)


Gabriella and her best friend Taylor crash Wedding's. They meet hot single guys at the wedding's and hook up with them. When the nights over they do it all over again. When Taylor's mom's friends daughter Sharpay gets married to Zeke, they go to the wedding to find 2 single guys. They meet 2 guys named Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth. They are good friends with Sharpay and Zeke. Gabriella and Taylor talk to Troy and Chad. Sharpay after the wedding invites all of them to there cottage for the weekend. So the four of them spend the weekend there. They get to know and learn more about Troy and Chad and they start to fall for them. but What will happen when the truth comes out that Gabriella and Taylor are wedding Crashers and sleep with guys will Troy and Chad still want to be with them or want nothing to do with them. Read to Find out. Troyella, Chaylor, Zekepay.

3. Title: People Can Change (Might be Rated M)


15 year old Troy Bolton was a geek, had gaped teeth, big glasses and nerdy cloths. Troy is best friends with Chad. Troy has a crush on Chads Step-sister Gabriella, but Gabriella doesn't feel the same way about Troy. She tells Troy that he is a geek and not interested in him. After that Troy is sent to boarding school and never saw Gabriella again until 3 years later. Troy is now 18 and he is home for the summer from Boarding School. Troy grew out his hair, had braces to fix his gaped teeth now there straight. He lost the glasses and got contacts. He also got into Basketball and was really good at it. He is Chad best friend still. Gabriella sees Troy shooting hoops in his backyard and didn't now it was Troy until Chad said it was him. Fist time seeing him in three years. the more Troy hangs out at there house she starts to get a crush on Troy. What will happen when Troy See's Gabriella. Will old feelings come back and start to fall for her again. Read to find out. Troyella, Chaylor, Zekepay.

So there you have it so what one would you want me to write when I am done with Right Beside me please tell me what you would like to read. thanks again and I hope you enjoy my other storys and read them.

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