The Titans and their allies sat in the main chamber of the Batcave, clustered around a large table usually reserved for forensic examinations. Tonight, it held a set of blueprints for the nearly completed Gotham University Interfaith Study Center- formerly the Wayne Chapel, and current hideout of Jonathan Crane.

The plans described a large, airy building with a cavernous main hall which was being turned into a large library. At the back were a number of small rooms, originally the chapel's rectory and living quarters and now being turned into a set of conference rooms. Two subterranean floors had also been added, intended as storage facilities. Most significantly, the building also had a large three story clock tower attached. It was slated to become a set of administrative offices, but at present it was empty- at least in theory. According to their intelligence, this was almost certainly where Crane was producing his toxins and therefore where Beastboy was most likely being kept.

Nightwing had been sent on a reconnaissance mission over an hour before. According to his estimates, Crane had somewhere between fifteen and twenty henchmen acting as guards throughout the building. They were reasonably well-armed, bearing a mixture of semi-automatic weapons which they carried with the air of experienced gunmen, possibly even professional mercenaries. They also had a small number of heavy weapons among them- including at least one rocket propelled grenade launcher. Given this opposition, a simple assault was out of the question, even for an experienced group like the Titans . As they examined the blueprints, Batman began to lay out his plan of attack.

"Batgirl, Cyborg and Raven, I want you three to make the initial assault through the main hall. Knowing Crane, that's where he'll have placed the majority of his hired muscle. I don't expect you to get very far, however- the construction means there will be a great deal of cover available to both sides. Don't push them too hard, however; your role is to serve as a distraction and to draw as many guards down to the main hall as you can. Raven, I want you to be especially carefully- given the nature of your powers, a dose of Crane's fear gas would prove catastrophic not only for this mission but for the city as a whole. While unlikely, it's not inconceivable that Crane has given small amounts to his thugs to use as weapons."

"Agreed" Raven replied, her gaze never leaving the plans. She tapped one section with a thin gray finger. "Should we make our entrance through these large windows? That would grant us the element of surprise and throw our opponents into disarray"

"Ordinarily that would be my recommendation, yes" Batman said "but remember that your goal is to act as a diversion for as long as possible. To that end, we want the fight to go on for as long as possible. Therefore, a frontal assault- made with as much noise and fury as possible- is what we require"

"Gotcha- lotta sound and fury, signifying nothing" Cyborg quipped, to wry smiles. "But what are we diverting them from?"

Batman reached down and tapped a small room at the back of the plans. "Here is where Robin and I will make our entrance- through a window at the back of the rectory. According to Nightwing's intelligence, Crane is using it as a storage facility for the runoff from his toxin production. The air inside is highly toxic, which is why it's unguarded but my hazardous environment gear should keep us safe. We will quietly and quickly make our way up the clock tower, which should hopefully be free of guards. Once we reach the top, Robin will go look for your friend while I attend to Crane and his toxin. . If you defeat Crane's thugs before we have captured him or rescued your friend, he may use Beastboy as a hostage to secure his own freedom- or he may simply kill him. It is vital that you NOT defeat his gunmen before you hear from me."

"Have a question." Batgirl interrupted. "Why us? No offense, Tim, but am better fighter than you. Raven could teleport to top of clock tower. Bypass all guards. So why being sent on diversion."

"Raven could indeed teleport us directly to Crane, but that would put her at risk of being exposed to his Fear Gas- a risk I am not prepared to take. Batgirl, you are there to maintain the illusion that this is our main attack. I want you to use as many of my signature weapons- batarangs, bat bolas and so forth- as you can to make the enemy believe that I am there myself. Cyborg you were chosen to lead the assault based on your prior leadership experience and because you're the only one other than me I trust to drive my car."

Cyborg's head shot up and his eyes bulged, a massive smile stretching his mouth. Batman sighed. "Yes, I trust you to drive the Batmobile. Please don't make me regret that decision."

Cyborg leapt from the table and began to dance around the cave, clapping his hands with glee. The others watched him for a time, but when he showed no signs of stopping Raven lifted him off his feet with her power and deposited him back in his seat before slapping the back of his head.

"Focus." She said, her emotionless tone belied by the glare on her face. "We're nearly at the end, and Beastboy is almost as good as rescued. I won't let it all fall apart because you were overexcited about a giant phallic vehicle."

"Sorry, Rae." Cyborg said sheepishly. "You're right- gettin' my little buddy back is the most important thing. It's just, well, driving the Batmobile is a dream come true. I guess it just overwhelmed me a little."

"I have a question" Starfire interjected. "What is to be my role in all of this? Surely, you do not intend for me to simply wait here for you?"

"Starfire, your powers make you very useful in virtually any situation we might come across, and so you are going to be a mobile reserve force. You will circle the building from the air and listen to the communicators. If anyone seems to need help, you will move to aid them. If you see someone attempting to escape, or if outside forces attempt to come to Crane's aid, you will stop them."

Starfire was about to voice her agreement when she felt Robin taking her hand.

"Is it wise to leave her alone like that?" he asked "We know Crane's penchant for attacking targets he perceives as helpless. I know Star can take care of herself against virtually any foe but that Fear Gas…"

Before Batman could respond to that, Starfire spoke up. "It must be me, Tim, because it can be no one else. My gift of flight will allow me to respond to a call for help faster than any of us save Raven, and she is limited by her inability to rely upon her powers in the presence of the mad. If I do not accept this, then one of our friends may find themselves in the trouble with no one to call upon for aid."

Robin sighed and squeezed her hand. "You're right, but I don't have to like it."

Batman nodded. "That's right, you don't. We now have a workable plan and will be leaving shortly. Starfire, come with me for a review of the surrounding area and possible patrol routes. The rest of you, make whatever preparations you feel are necessary then meet back here in thirty minutes." The Dark Knight reached into his utility belt and withdrew three small syringes. "This is an antidote to Crane's fear toxin- it's extremely complex and I only have three doses available at this time. Batgirl, Robin and myself as the only fully human members of our team, will be carrying them. I cannot predict the effects of the chemical on non- and partial humans, so the rest of you should try not to get poisoned."

The next thirty minutes passed in a blur. Robin and Batgirl spent the time optimizing their utility belts, with Batgirl occasionally grumbling about the need for so many tools. Ordinarily the silent girl carried only the bare essentials, preferring as she did to rely on her own phenomenal skills. Tonight, however, she needed to give the appearance that she was the Batman himself, and so she loaded up with her mentor's signature tools. In contrast, Robin spent most of his time emptying his belt. His role in tonight's mission would focus largely on stealth which meant that his usual assortment of armaments and weapons would only get in his way. So he reluctantly removed his exploding discs, his freeze bombs, his bo staff and the steel caps of his boots- and was surprised at how vulnerable he felt.

Cyborg occupied himself in studying the Batmobile. Batman's main vehicle was a one of a kind car, with systems and abilities that put even his beloved T-Car to shame. It would take days, possibly weeks, to become truly familiar with every facet of this magnificent car. But they didn't have that kind of time, so Cyborg cheated a bit. He hooked his own central processor unit into the Batmobile's sophisticated onboard system and downloaded as much information as he could- instructions, protocols, safety procedures and more. Normally the cybernetic hero avoided learning things in this manner; quite apart from the alien feel of knowledge literally flooding into his brain, information gained in this way never lasted long. His human mind couldn't learn things like that, and so the information was relegated to his short term memory, to be forgotten within a few days. Still, it would give him enough proficiency to make it through tonight and that was enough for right now.

Raven had originally intended to go over Crane's profile in the Batcomputer. She hoped that, if she familiarized herself with his particular mental illnesses, she might be able to predict what sort of effect he might have on her psyche. But she found herself distracted by another program, running in a small window at the lower right corner of the Batcomputer's main screen. It was a live transmission from the camera in the Joker's cell at Arkham. No matter how hard she tried to pull herself away from the small screen, she found herself being drawn back again and again to stare at the monster that'd done so much to her and her family.

At the moment, the Joker seemed to be sleeping. He lay still on his narrow bunk, his arms crossed behind his head. He seemed utterly tranquil, totally harmless… and completely helpless. Raven could hear her darker emotions whispering at the back of her mind. Rage tempted her with visions of bloody vengeance- of unleashing her father's heritage to turn the clown into a bloody smear and a cautionary tale about angering demons. The temptation was strong, since by all accounts few would complain if she did kill the Joker, and fewer still would seek to punish her. But, in the end, she knew that she couldn't do it- her upbringing in Azerath and her time as a Titan had imbued her with a horror of killing and if she crossed the line now she would never be able to live with herself. With a sigh she rose from the computer and went to meditate, determined to balance herself as much as possible for the night ahead.

Jerry "Cutter" Nelson marched idly through the old chapel which had been his home for the last two months performing his hourly patrol. At his side were Jimmy O'Reilly and Bob "Bugshit" Johnson, his comrades in arms for most of his adult life. The three men had been in the military together, and had survived multiple tours of duty in some truly god-awful hellholes across the world in conflicts that never made even the back pages of the news. Five years ago, the three had decided that if they were going to be risking their lives it was going to be for better pay than what the army offered and deserted together. They hooked up with a small mercenary company, Thunderbolt Solutions, and had soon learned just what a poor decision they had made. Thunderbolt Solutions made its money by renting highly trained killers to various dictators and crime lords. The three men found themselves fighting in the exact same hellholes as before, only now they were fighting on the other side, killing men they'd once served with. The three had considered quitting, but eventually had to reject that idea- after all, where would they go? All they could do was to keep their heads down and hope for a better job to come along.

Now here they were in Gotham, leading a team of mercenaries hired by a madman in a costume to act as security. At first they thought it was easy duty too; act as toy soldiers for a small time loony and guard him from enemies who, while highly skilled and resourceful, were famous for never killing OR using guns. Their quarters in the basement were, if not luxurious, at least clean and reasonably comfortable. The group had been downright cheerful, so much so that after a few days one of their number- a Congolese veteran named Nkem Okoro- had teased their employer about his costume.

Nkem's death had changed their mood. Crane hadn't even looked up. He'd simply raised his arm and sprayed a yellowish vapor into the Nkem's face. The hardened fighter had screamed in terror until his heart gave out, crying out about vengeful ghosts while his companions were forced to stand there and watch. When it was over, the lanky maniac had turned to face his employees and gave them a thin smile. "I trust there will be no further need for me to invoke the Punitive Clause in our contract?" he'd said before leaving.

The Punitive Clause was a standard part of Thunderbolt Solutions contracts; it stated that the employer had the right to punish the mercenaries as necessary, provided he was willing to pay a significant fee. This was response to the paranoia of their typical clients, who were uneasy at the presence of heavily armed men who were beyond their direct control. In truth it was seldom used, since the fee was so high as to make casual killing an expensive proposition, but plainly the Scarecrow was not dissuaded by mere expense and would kill any or all of them if he felt it necessary to do so.

Nevertheless, they had a job to do. The mercenaries soon organized a patrol roster which allowed the entire building to receive equal coverage. Two teams of three patrolled the main chamber, walking down the aisles between the empty desks and bookcases. A further three men patrolled the clock tower staircase, moving between the floors to ensure no one snuck in that way. Four more men patrolled the area around the chapel disguised as campus security- they were lightly armed but well trained and acted as recon. Finally, a further four men waited in the cellar storage areas, acting as a reserve force. The small building was as secure as a fortress and Jeremy was positive that whatever plans his employer was working on could proceed safely. Then he and his fellow mercs could leave, possibly after showing Crane the unofficial cost of invoking the Punitive clause- namely, that a large number of well-trained killers were now angry at you.

These plans were shattered when, with a roar, a massive black car crashed through the front door of the building. Years of combat experience caused Jerry and his team to train their guns on the vehicle, but before they could open fire a burst of smoke jetted from the front of the car.

Using the smokescreen as a cover, Cyborg and his team exited the Batmobile. Cyborg had immensely enjoyed the trip- the batmobile handled like a dream and had more gadgets than he'd ever imagined. The short drive over had given him ideas on modifications and upgrades he would make to the T-Car when they returned to Jump City. Enhancements to the suspension, built-in smokescreen, variable-density tires… the list when on and on. But he put those thoughts aside for now, and began to overturn tables and bookcases to create cover for his team while Raven and Batgirl distracted their attackers. He had purposely turned the Batmobile as it crashed through the door so that its armored bulk would protect them from attacks from outside. Satisfied that they were as well protected as he could make them, he converted his arm to sonic cannon mode and began scanning for targets. As they had decided, he focused part of his attention on the outside of the building, where Nightwing suggested at least some of the guards were likely to be stationed.

Raven used her powers to hurl debris at the gun men, using her empathic senses to pinpoint them despite the nearly impenetrable smoke screen. She took care not to injure any of them too badly this early into the fight, knowing as she did that this had to last for as long as possible. The empath also took care not to push herself too far. While telekinesis was a very easy ability for her to use, she could feel the faintest tingle of Crane's insanity at the very edge of her psyche. The madman was close, just a few floors above her head. He wasn't close enough to affect her powers, but past experience made her cautious0 it wouldn't do to have her powers run out of control here.

All the while, though, she made sure to keep part of her mind devoted to controlling her emotions. Even before they had arrived at the chapel, her emotions had been unbalanced- with Rage, Happiness, Worry and Hope all battling for control of her mind. The addition of

Meanwhile, Batgirl moved silently about the room. Since her return to Gotham, she'd had Batman install a simplified version of his cowl's sensory equipment into her own costume. While it did not give her the same capabilities as her mentor, it did allow her to penetrate the smoke and gloom with ease. Her skills in stealth allowed her to move among the mercenaries, sometimes only a foot or so away from them, without being spotted. She selected her target carefully, choosing a man in the center of one of the squads who appeared to be in command. She moved away and pulled a batarang from her belt. Unfolding the projectile she took aim and threw it.

The weighted batarang connected with the man's forehead, driving him to his knees. Though dazed, Jerry Nelson scrabbled back upright and ordered his team mates to cover him while he scanned the ground for a trace of whatever hit him. When he saw the batarang his blood went cold. He pulled his walkie talkie from its pocket and pushed the button to address all his men.

"All guards converge on the main room! Batman is attacking here!" he shouted. "I repeat ALL guards converge on the main room NOW!"

"But sir" came the reply, and Jerry recognized the voice as Marcel Gauthier- one of his campus patrollers "what if this is just a trick? What if Batman's trying to lure us off so someone else can get in?"

"Crane ordered us to make Batman our number one priority" he responded. "Therefore, we deal with Batman. If someone else sneaks in, that's not our problem- we obeyed his orders to the letter just like our contract said we would. Now get down here!"

Batgirl gave a single satisfied nod and leapt up onto one of the bookcases. The guards were now thoroughly convinced that Batman was making his attack from the front, and would abandon their posts to deal with this threat. She fired her grappling line up towards the far corner and soared up. Using the hook as an anchor, she braced her feet against the wall and surveyed the scene. The Titans were in an excellent position- the Batmobile and the overturned furniture provided them with excellent cover on all sides, allowing Raven and Cyborg to keep their opponents from maneuvering. The thick smokescreen still clouded the room, lowering the visibility level to almost nothing, allowing her to move easily around the room and pick off the mercenaries at her leisure. Under normal circumstances, she estimated it would take no more than five or six minutes for them to neutralize the entire force. Instead, she triggered her communicator and selected the encrypted channel reserved for Batman alone.

"Plan is working" she whispered. "All guards here."

From his perch a block away, the Dark Knight nodded to himself. No reply was needed. Instead he looked down at his former sidekick who stood beside him on the roof of the university's library. Robin smiled back at him and reached for his own grappling gun. Together, they leapt off the room and fired off a line, beginning their silent approach to the clock tower. As they went, the Boy Wonder glanced at the battle unfolding below. Three men were arrayed around the front of the chapel, firing their pistols at the Batmobile which blocked the doorway. Periodically, a bolt of sonic energy would erupt from behind the armored vehicle, always close enough to the attackers to force them away but never close enough to hurt them. Clearly, Cyborg was being careful not to end the fight too quickly.

Reaching their goal, the two vigilantes examined the tower for an entrance. Most of the windows had been carefully bricked up, but one window on the second floor had clearly been a rush job. The bricks were uneven, the mortaring thin and there was a small crack in the side. Robin moved forward and withdrew an explosive disc from his utility belt. He looked up at his mentor and tilted his head at the disc questioningly.

Batman held up a finger and triggered his communicator, selecting the channel he'd set aside for Cyborg. "We need a distraction in twenty seconds- something to cover up a loud noise."

"Gotcha" came the immediate reply. "Twenty seconds and counting."

Robin carefully wedged the disc into the crack in the wall, and set the timer. Ten seconds later, the dynamic duo heard the impact of a massive sonic blast on the ceiling of the main chamber. At almost exactly the same time, Robin's disc detonated, creating a large blast and demolishing the window. Robin nodded once, proud of his team mate- Cyborg's distraction had been perfectly timed. Furthermore, the guards would assume that the noise of the explosion was just a result of Cyborg's sonic attack.

Batman took the lead, entering the tower and quickly making his way up to the main chamber at the top. Robin followed him, moving backwards up the steps so that he could watch for pursuit. When they reached the top, they found a large wooden door barring their path. Batman launched a kick that tore it from its hinges- clearly the time for stealth was over. But no sooner had the Dark Knight entered the room then a large hammer crashed down onto his head. The heavy armor of his cowl absorbed a good deal of the blow, but it was still enough to send Batman to his knees- Crane always avoided physical confrontation, and so the attack had caught Batman off guard. Robin moved to intercept the madman, but rather than immediately making good his escape, the gangly psychopath leapt toward Robin, extending one hand to the Boy Wonders face.

"So nice to see you again" Scarecrow said, dark glee evident in his voice. "It's been such a long time. Let's see if your screams are as pleasant as I recall."

With that, a puff of gas burst from Scarecrow's palm and enveloped Robin's head. Years of training caused him to almost instinctively hold his breath, but Crane surprised him once more with a savage punch to the stomach. The blow wasn't strong enough to cause any real damage, but it was enough to drive the air from Robin's lungs and instinctively the young hero gasped in a lungful of air as Crane bolted down the stairs.

"Well, that was amusingly pointless wasn't it?" Slade said, stepping out of the shadows which were spreading across the room. "All that preparation, all that work, all your friends risking their lives and you managed to fail within a few seconds of entering the room."

Robin glared at the older man. He didn't question what his arch enemy was doing in Gotham, much less how he'd gotten into the chapel. Nor did he wonder why they were suddenly completely alone. Instead he withdrew his Bo staff and adopted a fighting stance. "I haven't failed yet, Slade."

If Slade noticed his former apprentice's aggressive posture he made no sign. He calmly walked forward, arms crossed behind his back. "Haven't you? Your partner is down, your friends are outnumbered, the man you came here to apprehend has escaped and there's still no sign of your missing team mate"

Robin didn't rise to this, instead feinting with his bo staff before launching a vicious side kick. As he expected, Slade dodged the blow from his staff. What Robin had not expected was for Slade to catch his foot in mid-kick and to toss him clear across the room. Robin hit the ground with his shoulder, rolled and came up in a crouch. Before he could move, however, Slade was already right in front of him- Robin hadn't even seen him move.

"But you failed him even before that, didn't you?" Slade said, his voice as cold and quiet as ever. "You let him get taken from that hospital- the hospital he was in because of YOUR attempt at treatment. You let him get kidnapped by the Joker. All of this is your fault, isn't it Robin? No matter how hard you try you can't save anyone. Not your parents, not your friends, not your lover… You bring death and suffering to everyone you love."

Robin snarled and launched a series of clumsy attacks. "That's…not…true!"

Quick as a flash, Slade's hands were around his neck. Robin struggled, but his opponent was far too strong. "Oh but it is, and I think you know it. Why not just surrender, Robin? Why not give in and save everyone so much pain. You know I'll win in the end. I always do. "

Batman shook his head as he rose from the ground. Despite his cowl, Crane's surprise attack had dazed him badly. He looked around and growled- Scarecrow was nowhere to be seen. Robin lay on the ground, thrashing about in the grip of some poison-induced nightmare. Batman raced to the young hero's side, withdrawing the antidote to Crane's fear gas from his belt. It took a moment to subdue his one-time partner enough to safely inject him with the antidote, and he knew that by then his chances of catching Crane were slim. It would be up to one of the others.

Starfire flew around the building in a tight circle, maintaining a constant speed and keeping her eyes firmly on the ground. IT had been hard to watch her team mates charge into battle and not move to aid them. As a Tamaranian, she bridled at the thought of leaving others to do the fighting for her- her warrior's soul yearned to be in the thick of the fighting. Her softer side (what Robin jokingly called Human Starfire) worried for her dear friends. Although she knew them to be great fighters in their own right, she felt like she was abandoning them. But she had her role to play within the Batman's plan, and a warrior must obey her orders.

She had been greatly pleased at the way things appeared to be unfolding. The enemy seemed to be well contained, and her friends did not appear to need her aid. She saw Batman and Robin make their entrance to the building- and noted how handsome Robin looked in the moonlight. She quickly shook such thoughts from her mind and resumed her flight, forcing her mind on to the present. There would be plenty of time to admire Robin's form later. Her attention was caught by the sight of a gangly human in strange clothes exiting the tower through the hole created by Robin. Flying in for a closer look, she saw that it was indeed the Scarecrow and swooped in to intercept him.

The alien girl snatched Scarecrow up into the air, making sure not to fly too high up- she could not guarantee that Crane would not escape her grasp, after all, and if he were to fall to his death Robin would be most displeased with her. Looking around, she could see two figures emerging from the clock tower. Robin looked pale and disturbed while Batman seemed to be somewhat dizzy, but their presence was enough to reassure her.

"Surrender now" she said, her voice calm and confident. "There is no chance of escape. Batman will be here within seconds to question you. Simply cooperate with him and no further harm will befall you."

In response, Crane wriggled until he managed to get one arm free. Shoving his hand into her face as best he could, the self-proclaimed God of Fear triggered a burst of his trademark greenish gas. Starfire, surprised by this unexpected display of contortionism, gasped involuntarily… then exhaled as hard as she could. Her powerful lungs, adapted to long periods of flying through the vacuum of space, drove the gas directly into the lanky lunatics face. Crane went rigid for a moment, then began thrashing while screaming as though all the demons of hell were tormenting him.

Startled, the Tamaranian princess let her captive drop to the ground, where he writhed about screaming about bats. Within moments, Batman and Robin arrived on the scene and immediately moved to attend to Crane. Starfire landed, concern written upon her face.

"Is he well?" She asked worriedly.

Robin gave her an angry look. "What were you thinking, Star? We told you over and over again how dangerous Crane's gas was! You know that our antidote wouldn't work on you…"

Before he could continue , Starfire placed a finger on his lips to silence him. "And I reasoned that in all likelihood, neither would the poison itself. It is very unlikely that Crane would seek to make his poison compatible with aliens, and less likely still that he would be able to do so even if it occurred to him."

Robin's jaw sagged open. "That-that honestly never crossed my mind" he admitted with a sheepish smile. "You were way ahead of me on this, Star and I apologize for snapping at you."

"Save the apologies for later." Batman growled, standing up and discarding the now empty syringe. Hauling Scarecrow to his feet, he leaned in to growl into his enemy's face. "It's over, Crane. Now, where is Beastboy?"

Crane's response sent Starfire's heart sinking in her chest.

"Who?" he said, honest confusion filling his voice. "Where is who?"

The Titans sat in a conference room in Gotham City's police headquarters, waiting anxiously for the results of the interrogation. Raven had entered a meditative trance the moment they'd arrived at the station, and had had to be carried up into the room. Cyborg and Starfire were pacing the room, while Robin sat muttering to himself. Only Batgirl was able to maintain her self-control.

The wait was not a long one. About thirty minutes after their arrival, Batman strode into the conference room followed closely by Commissioner Gordon.

"Crane was telling the truth" Gordon said in a weary tone. "He has no idea where your friend is, or even who he is. Apparently, several months ago, Crane was contacted by a courier representing an anonymous party. Crane was offered four million dollars in cash to pick someone up from the airport, then lie low for as long as possible."

"I should have known" Robin growled "The evidence was just too pat, too perfect. I should have KNOWN it was a set up!"

Batman put a hand on the younger hero's shoulder. "There was no way you could have known. Whoever set this up was good- each clue seemed to point to Crane, but none were so direct as to be suspicious. Even I was fooled."

"I think we're all missing a more fundamental point" Raven said, and as she spoke black energy enveloped the conference table and began to tear it in two. "Namely, where in the HELL IS BEASTBOY?"

Beastboy looked up from the television at the sound of the door opening. His guard, Joey, rose from his seat and moved to escort Charlie and two other guards into the room. Beastboy could immediately tell that something big was happening, since for the first time Charlie was carrying a rifle similar to those of the other guards. He also bore a grim expression.

"What's going on, Charlie?" the changeling asked warily as he stood up.

"I got some orders about you today, kid. They ain't such hot orders, but…" the older man grimaced, clearly not happy about whatever it was he had to do. "Listen kid, I want you to know that I really don't wanna do this. You've been a good friend and I don't want nothing to happen to you. Just wanted you to know that."

Beastboy sneered- he couldn't help it, this was just so hypocritical. "That's good Charlie. Whatever horrible thing you're gonna do to me, at least now I know you don't wanna be doing it. That'll be a big help."

"Hey come on!" Charlie protested "That ain't fair! I ain't got a choice here!"

"Neither've I dude" Beastboy replied "and that's because of you. Let's go do whatever it is we're gonna do."

To be continued in Titanomachy- coming soon !


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