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"What in the world?" Sheppard muttered as he squinted out of the puddle jumper's windshield trying to see through the whipping snow. The gentle snow flurries had greeted them when they exited the Gate suddenly become a densely swirling curtain of white. The weather not an hour ago had been cold but clear according to the MALP.

"Watch out for stopped cars in the road and remember increased braking time needed." McKay quipped trying to see anything through the swirling white. The MALP telemetry had indicated Earth-like atmosphere and temperatures - no surprise there - and no clustered life signs near the Gate. The database clearly indicated a friendly civilization on this world so the decision had been made to take the puddle jumper and check it out. The HUD had shown a city quite a ways inland, an hour or so by jumper.

Sheppard glanced over at him giving him a small grin before returning his attention to flying in the near white-out conditions. They were still 30 minutes from the city and he was thankful now for the time he spent in the Antarctic because Afghanistan sure didn't prepare him for something like this.

"Everything okay?" Ronon asked from where he was lounging in the rear.

"Sure, as long as I don't hit black ice we should be fine." Sheppard drawled actually grinning at Rodney's snort of amusement.

Teyla and Ronon long inured to obscure quips just traded confused glances and remained silent letting Sheppard concentrate on flying.

About that time the jumper shuddered and bucked as strong winds buffeted from several directions.

"Crap!" Sheppard fought with the controls trying hard to get the ship back on course.

"Look out!" McKay shouted.

"I seeā€¦" Sheppard started to say then they slammed into the trees. He was too busy then trying to get them down in one piece to talk.

The jumper shuddered from the impact and veered wildly only to be tossed up and dropped by the strong gales. They plowed into the canopy of a giant of a tree and the world swung in dizzying circles as they bounced off of another tree. The ground swooped up dizzyingly then everything went black.