Chapter 1

So far all of my fanfics have been about Olivia with someone else, with very little Elliot. This one is still going to be mainly Olivia-centric, but I'm going to try to include a lot more Elliot. This isn't E/O in a romantic sense, but it's all about Olivia and Elliot interacting AS PARTNERS AND BEST FRIENDS, so E/O shippers don't get too excited, lol. And for all you non-shippers (woot!) there's nothing more than friendship between Liv and El in this story (I'm trying to give you all the best of both worlds).

"Olivia," Cragen called as soon as Olivia stepped into the squadroom. He motioned for her to follow him, then went back into his office.

"Well that can't be good," she said to Munch, draping her coat over her chair.

Olivia walked into Cragen's office and closed the door behind her. "What is it, captain?"

"You're gonna be working with Munch for a while," he said.

"Where's Elliot?"

"He's on an undercover assignment. A group of guys are kidnapping women and holding them prisoner for months. We know who's behind it but we have no evidence that can stand up in court. Elliot's gonna be out of contact for a while."

Relief washed over Olivia. She didn't mind working with Munch, but she had been worried that something was wrong with Elliot, or the he had transferred out. She couldn't imagine working at SVU without her partner, but knowing the he would be coming back would make it much easier. "Any idea how long he'll be under?"

Cragen shook his head. "No, but it'll probably be a while. This group is pretty tight-nit, and we need as much evidence as we can get. So you and Munch better learn to work together."

"No problem, captain," Olivia said. She left the office and walked over to Munch's desk. "Did you hear about Elliot?"

"Yeah, Cragen told me before you got here. We've got a case," Munch said, handing her the case file.

Olivia opened it up and read it quickly. They were investigating a suspected child abuse. An elementary teacher suspected the one of her first-graders was being abused, but there was very little evidence. Munch and Olivia knew they were looking at a long and emotional day. Olivia sighed.

I know, REALLY short, but I'll be posting more soon.