6 Months Later

"Okay, pull your wrist back, steady now," said Sweeney Todd as he guided his pregnant wife's hand. She did as she was told, and launched the salad plate until it whirled like a discuss across the garden, finally smashing against a wall with a satisfying clatter.

"I did it!" shrieked Nellie Todd, face lighting up. Inwardly, she gave herself a mild scolding. You've been married to this man for six months, she told herself in her mother's voice. You're four months along pregnant with his child, and still just feeling his hand on your wrist turns you to absolute jelly. I know you're in love, but it's ridiculous. But she was still smiling.

For a moment Sweeney Todd marveled at how he had managed to find the one woman in the world who was just right for him, just as he was, and even more amazingly she'd agreed to marry him. Then he refocused his attentions to the teacup in his hand and how it would sound smashed against the wall. Since moving to Todd Hall and giving up the meat pie business, he had occasionally indulged in his old hobby of plate throwing, and he thought it might be good for his pregnant wife, get any sort of hormonal anger and all that out. Besides, Anthony and Johanna had given them some spectacularly ugly china for their wedding, and it seemed like an excellent use . . .

Anthony and Johanna had just recently married; in a gesture that meant more than she knew, Johanna had, lacking a father of her own, asked Sweeney Todd to walk her down the aisle, and Mrs. Todd-formerly-Lovett, although married, had been something like a bridesmaid. The happy couple was now living at Hope Hall, where they threw frequent and lavish dinner parties, and were alarmingly enthusiastic and charmingly naive about everything.

"Don't forget, we've got dinner at Andrew's tonight," his wife's voice broke his train of thought.

"Oh, are you sure we can't find a way out of that?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her.

Cousin Andrew had also married not long after their wedding. His wife Belinda was perfectly suited to him, a skinny, domineering woman with a high voice, a penchant for extremely heavy makeup and five- no, four- cats.

Nellie thought for the thousandth time how lucky she was to have found this man; how unbelievably lucky that he loved her back. ""Fraid not," she said, adding with a mischievous smile, "Belinda's likely to be in a right state since that cat of hers died."

A wicked grin spread across Sweeney Todd's face. "You mean the mangy yellow one who kept biting people? Yes, pity about that. And on the very day I was going to trim its fur. Funny how those coincidences work out, isn't it?"

"Yes, well, I made a special treat to cheer them up," Mrs. Lovett-Todd was smiling; she knew he'd like this.

"What's that?" Sweeney Todd asked, arching one eyebrow suspiciously.

"Oh, just meat pies," she said, smiling innocently.

She was right; he did like it. So much in fact, that he swept her into a kiss, both of them holding tight to each other and kissing with all the passion in them.

"Meat pies," he repeated with a wicked grin when they broke apart. "My favorite."

Picture Verity fainting, then coming to with smelling salts, then jumping up and down with glee. That is how happy you, wonderful readers, have made me. It really choked me up how many of you said you were sad to see it end, and you know what, I am too, I'm really going to miss this story. A special thanks to anyone who answered my questions, to all my regular reviewers (especially BabyBluewinx, tearsandeyeliner and Johnnydspiratequeen for reviewing nearly every chapter) and . . . well, all of you, even the lurkers. You all make Verity extremely happy. Meat pies all around!