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This story is set several years after where the current time in the book series and it is told through the eyes of someone just being introduced to the paranormal. Murphy in the book series went in a little at a time this guy is going to be thrown in the deep end.


Life in SI

Chapter 1: Bad Day

A tall, well built man, with sandy hair and dark green eyes looked up at the squat brick building in front of him and realized something. Detective Alex Cobsman was not happy.

This was a rare thing. After being a rising star in the CPD, top of his academy class, at twenty-four he made Homicide Detective after only six months on the force, help close several hard cases. All brought down in flaming ruin.

During a rather high profile case a key piece of evidence disappeared, a piece that Alex had marginally been in contact with, a piece of evidence that turned Alex into a scapegoat for the rest of the Division. The only thing that had kept Alex on the force was his prior accomplishments.

It was also that piece of evidence that placed Alex where he was now. Now assigned to a division of the Department's rejects, the place where embarrassments went to be put out of their misery. A hell hole you never want to fall into, where the only ways out are where you kiss ass to a point where brown nosing is an understatement, you quit, you die, you go crazy, or you're like Captain Stallings and get really, really, really lucky. And as the high turn over rate would have it more often than not you quit as soon as possible, some on the first day.

Alex Cobsman stood in front of the Special Investigations division. Sighing he made his way in remembering all the stories he's heard about the people he would be working with. The some of the more 'interesting' names Alex had heard or used for new inductees in the past went along the lines of 'Joining the Loony Brigade' or 'Those on the Way Out'. But the strange thing is if you stayed in, stayed sane, stayed alive the name changed, only use for those that have been there for years, those that for some reason or another survived or even liked the work they did, they were called 'Trenches'.

Named for the odd, informal uniform most wore, even the most hardened cops in the other Divisions have grudging respect for Trenches. Always wearing strangely embroidered dark long coats trimmed in grey, carrying odd equipment never seen outside SI, and generally known for going into places where Fool's fear to tread and coming back out. A close-knit and even tighter lipped group of people that the rest of the force did everything in their power to pretend didn't exist.

After checking in with the desk Sergeant, Alex made his way up to the office of one Lieutenant Karrin Murphy. The Lieutenant was the Captain's old partner years ago who took over SI when the then Lieutenant Stallings went for the Captain's spot. It was rare that a demoted officer ever got back to the Lieutenant rank, even rarer that a member of SI became Captain. Both appointments were hinted at having mob involvement but that never went anywhere.

Walking up to the open doorway Alex was greeted by two women in deep conversation, one in here late thirties of slight stature with blonde hair and blue eyes was chuckling softly at something the other, whose back was turned, had said. Knocking on the door frame Alex entered, bringing the conversation to a halt.

Stepping into the office Alex said, "Detective Alex Cobsman reporting."

"Ah, yes, me and Sergeant Lupo were just talking about you," Lieutenant Murphy said, smiling, "I hope you last till the end of the day, but if not and you just want to save us both some time and trouble I have your papers here," turning around several pieces of paper and sliding toward Alex.

Looking down Alex was shocked to see what was on the paper, "Lieutenant?"

Smiling sadly Murphy explained, "Most ask for them within their first week, hell, less than a third last past the first month. This just speeds things up a little and lets me get the paper work off my desk. Might as well get the ball rolling and all that, or at least offer."

Scowling Alex slid the Letter of Resignation back toward the Lieutenant, "I'm not quitting, I'm not letting the Department shove me somewhere out of the way for something I didn't do and hope I just disappear."

Cocking an eyebrow the Lieutenant slid the papers off her desk and into a file, "Well than, I suppose we should see how long it takes before you do want these papers. Detective Cobsman meet your new partner Detective Sergeant Celina Lupo. She will be showing you around and familiarizing you with your new duties. "

Turning Alex extended his hand, "I hope we get along," he said to his new partner.

Smirking, Lupo , a woman in her late twenties with an olive complexion, black hair, and golden eyes, wearing t-shirt, jeans, and a strange, poorly fitted, hooded leather vest with an odd symbol over the heart, replied, "You won't be here long enough to find out," grasping his hand, she turned to Murphy, "Two weeks."

"One," the Lieutenant countered.

Releasing Lupo's hand, Alex looked between the two and asked, "Excuse me?"

Grinning slyly, "Just trying to figure out how long before you ask for those papers, if you make it past today that is. Well, com'on Cobs not every day I get to destroy someone's concept of the world."

Before Alex could ask what she meant and protest his new nick name, he was dragged out of Lieutenant Murphy's office, through the main work space and crammed into a briefing room chair that was never really designed to properly accommodate a human back side. Going over to the side of the room Lupo powered up a projector.

"Now before I completely demolish, your understanding of the world I would like to ask you a question Cobs," Lupo said, "What exactly do you think we here at SI do?"

Realizing that this day started bad and was only going to get worse Alex decided to play along and get it over with, "SI investigates odd cases, cases that don't fit the normal methods of doing a crime, this Division takes cases that make no sense and are almost unsolvable and tries to make sense and solve the cases no one else really wants. Usually this is all done in an effort to find a reason for the CPD to fire someone and not make the other Divisions look bad with unsolvable cases."

"Well, well, your answer is thought out, reasoned, logical, and completely wrong," Lupo said with the air of some one teaching a small child, "True, years ago you would've been correct, but that was before people in this Division started taking their jobs seriously and looking at the root cause for most of the unexplained, a cause that needed the members of SI to throw away some preconceptions and look at the evidence. It is most likely the reason that, after I'm done explaining it to you, you will most likely call everyone in this building crazy and you will get up and ask for those papers in the Lieutenant's desk."

Raising an doubtful eyebrow Alex asked, "And the big cause for all the unexplained is …?"

Leaning in conspiratorially Lupo whispered, "Magic."



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Next Chapter: Disbelief

Time to explain the facts to Alex, and have him see what's really out there.