//Told ya it wasn't over! Just wanted to give you all some comfort after I disappointed you horribly.//


Four years later...

Above the the rumble of rushing water, footsteps made by boots tipped with metal echoed through the dark cave. The footsteps paused for a brief moment, then continued toward a grouping of various sized crystals, which emitted a soft blue glow. A tall man dressed in a maroon jacket, a light grey shirt, and a pair of jeans stood still, his crimson eyes focused on the ground in front of him.

A small, square stone lay on the floor of the cave. It read, 'Lucrecia Bethany Parkfield - She will forever be known for her sacrifice.'

"Hello, Lucrecia," the man said, his soft, strangely accented voice reverberating within the cave. He knelt down in front of the grave, placing a bouquet of lilies on the modest headstone with a hand made of tarnished brass.

After a moment of silence, he spoke again. "I'm sorry I have not visited you for quite some time," he said, brushing a few strands of raven hair out of his eyes. "The past few years have been very hectic. Rufus Shin-ra is alive, you know. Apparently he cast Wall on himself before the blast from WEAPON. But do not worry; he is a changed man now. Though I still think of him as a boy, despite the fact he is twenty-five."

The man sighed, a lonely sound in an even lonelier place. "He is a good lad, I must say. He loves Yuffie dearly; perhaps even more than I do. If anyone deserves a place in her heart, it is most definitely him." Suddenly he laughed, a quiet rumble from his throat. "Listen to me, I sound like some bloody git waxing philosophical." The corners of his lips turned up into an amused smile. "I'm sure you noticed the way I look now. No more somber black and red, I suppose. Never thought I would say it, but you can't dwell on the past forever."

Ruby orbs fixed on the grave, he shook his head. "I still love her, Lucrecia. Even though I know I can never have her, I still love her. After all, you've been gone for thirty-five years, and I love you as much as I always did. I always *will* love you, Lucrecia. Just as I will always love Yuffie."

The fingers of his human hand traced the edge of the stone. "Well, anyway, I imagine you tire of my ramblings. I just... knew I could tell you." He lifted his arm, and pressing two fingers against his lips, he rested them briefly on the marbled surface. Then, standing to a full six feet in height, the man turned on his heel and walked out of the cave, the metallic sound of his footsteps mingling with the gushing clamor of the waterfall outside.

//The (finally) End.//