Chapter One Hundred Four : Severus Snape, Death Eater

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He entered the room to find the Dark Lord, alone, seated behind a desk with his hands folded on top of it. His robes appeared to be very deep green, and he looked quite calm. The room was very well lit and sparse. One desk and one chair, nothing more.

"You heard the news of Sterns?" he asked coolly, regally motioning to the chair opposite him for Severus to sit.

"Yes. He told me he was dying."

"He did? Vern was never the type to talk to people much. Very private man. A very, very good man, fine man. Loyal, brave, fierce and most resourceful. His passing is a great shame. He was the one of a few of my followers to ever prove to be a good and useful spy. He was bitten by a dragon a few years ago. The Healers were able to contain the spread of the venom but his days were numbered. He took many potions to keep the symptoms as bay but in the end, there was nothing that could be done. Enough of Vernalias, you requested this audience did you not? I hope it is not to thank me for lifting the Malfoy curse, I do not require your thanks, consider it an even trade."

"No my Lord, I came on another matter," Severus said nervously, not really knowing what to say next.

"You wish to join me and help me in my quest to take over the wizarding world and once and for all put an end to Muggle domination?" he asked, clearly reading his mind so Severus would not have to speak.


"Do you know what that decision entails?"

"Not, exactly."

"Tell me, what can a sixteen year old possibly have to offer me?"

"Well…I have already completed one task for you my Lord…"

"A Muggle could have done that. I'd hardly call it a task," he interrupted. Clearly he did not know that Severus had to brew an acid potion, fly out a window and run like hell.

"I...I can fly."

"You fly?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Without a broom?"

"Yes, I don't care for brooms; I'm not very good on them…"

"Never tell me or anyone else what you are not good at. No one wants to hear about things which you are not good at. It makes you look weak. Focus on things you are good at. You say you can fly without a broom, how is that possible? What's the incantation?"

"There is none my Lord. I…have a somewhat natural ability and when I focus very, very hard, I can fly…I do need a wand though."

"I see. Interesting. Your ancestor Serban the Great could fly as well. He terrorized people that way, gained many, many followers with that gift. It made Muggle killing very easy for him as well."

"I see."

"You did not answer my question, what could you possibly do for me?"

"I…I guess anything you would need me to do?"

"Very well Mr. Snape, I need you to murder your Muggle father, infiltrate the Ministry and cast an Imperius on the new Minister for Magic, bring me Dumbledore, alive…torture as many Muggles as I ask you to, blast the Muggle Parliament to bits, and use that clever spell of yours, Sectumsempra to behead the current Muggle Prime Minister. Any questions?"

"Do I have to drop out of Hogwarts to complete these requests my Lord?" Severus asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Sarcasm, it's something people fall back on when they have nothing better to say. So I ask again, what can you do for me?" he asked silkily and expressionless.

"Well, I could be used perhaps in a similar fashion as Lucius was. Recruit new students for you, tell you who your future threats are, other than that, I'm not sure what I can offer you."

"Then you are useless and I have no need for useless people. The truth is you did not come here to swear your undying loyalty to me and to aid in my cause. You came here for protection from those who torment you and because you really don't have anywhere else to go."

"Yes, my Lord…I did come for that reason...also."

"Good, honesty. You can not lie to me. No one can. People try and I catch them each and every time. I have no tolerance for dishonesty or disloyalty. I understand you've become rather skilled at Legilimency and Occlumency. Even the worlds best Occlumens is no match for me."

"Yes, my Lord," Severus said beginning to fidget in his seat. The Dark Lord would not accept him into his band of Death Eaters, and now he did not know what to do.

"Mr. Snape, you failed to answer my question properly. When I asked you what you had to offer me, you did not tell me the truth. You left out a great many things."

"I did?"

"Yes. You have poor self esteem, so poor you can not even see what attributes of yours are the most valuable, let's say, to someone like me."

"My Lord?" Severus asked, very confused indeed.

"I can have anyone go and murder Muggles on my behalf. Any oaf can blow up a building or torture someone for information or just for sheer pleasure. I have many oafs who work on my behalf and I assure you I don't need any more. I need someone who's smart, gifted, powerful, and has skills that I have need of. I need someone apt at potions, someone who has a knack for the healing-arts, someone who knows as much dark magic as me, someone who is a skilled Legilimens and Occlumens so they can spy for me. I need a reliable and loyal Death Eater who can gather information, invent new and clever spells and potions that only we will have access to, and someone who can heal my Death Eaters when they get injured by Aurors. In short, I need someone like you. Lucius brags about you more often than you think. He first mentioned you to me a few months into your first year at Hogwarts and I've been following your progress ever since. You do all of the above. You have the skills I need."

"I…" he said, stunned at what he'd just heard.

"Do not speak. You are young, very young, and too young to be of any use to me at the moment. And that's precisely what I need."

Severus thought to speak but then remembered he was told not to, so he lifted a brow and had a very puzzled look on his face.

"I need a young person like yourself that I can mold. Lucius was my first experiment. He was sixteen when he took the Mark. Also too young to be of any use to me. I've trained him, given him more complicated tasks and now he's one of my most valuable Death Eaters. He had a certain skill set that I needed, plus the proper and influential family and the right friends. I'd be happy to take you on as well. I will teach you how to be a superb Occlumens so that you can go and spy for me. You've already proven to be a most resourceful spy. You also have a real knack for potions and healing. I desperately need a healer. I was hoping Lucius could fill that role, but he's proven himself more useful and productive in…other areas. Do you swear to remain loyal to me and only me?"

"Yes…yes I do."

"What I want in a Death Eater is someone who accepts and spreads my ideals whole heartedly. I require you to do things for me and I don't accept excuses. When I summon you, you come that instant. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded. Very greatly rewarded. Now, do you want your first orders?"

"Um, yes, my Lord."

"You are to return to Hogwarts and go about your business. I do not want anyone who is not a Death Eater to know that you are a Death Eater, do you understand me? Since your future role will be as an information gatherer, I can't have anyone know of your status. I want you to get top grades and then serve as an apprentice to a potions brewer after you leave Hogwarts. You will also train as a Healer. That is all I require of you at this time. What do you require of me?"

"Oh…um…nothing really my Lord," Severus said as the Dark Lord eyed him and then made a face as if he were disgusted. He had to want something, and he could not deny him his most wanton desires. "I do not want to return to my father's care actually."

"I understand. Unfortunately that is one request I can not grant. The thing is, both the Muggle and Magical authorities know of your mother and they want you to remain in your father's custody. If I were to have him killed and remove you from the home it may look suspicious. And I want no suspicions around you, none what so ever. Like I said, no one can know that you are a Death Eater. You must play up your half-blood status and avoid being seen with known Death Eaters in the presence of non-Death Eaters. I don't expect you to stop being friends with Lucius, because no one knows he's a Death Eater for similar reasons. I must however, ask that you distance yourself from most of your roommates, Avery, Mulciber and Rosier. Their father's are Death Eaters and from what my spies at Hogwarts have told me over the last few years, many of the teachers and students suspect that they will take the Mark.

"I prefer you just…disappear into Hogwarts, like a fly on the wall. Listen, report any findings you think are important. Keep up with your studies and go on like always. That is what I expect of you. In return you will have a very, very comfortable life upon my being victorious. I sense it's power you crave, and you shall have it. You will be powerful and highly respected amongst everyone once I have taken over. No one will taunt you…ever again."

Severus smiled. Everything he proposed sounded very reasonable. Especially the power and respect part.

"As for your father, he will be dealt with. You must remain with him for the summer I'm afraid. You will be seventeen soon, this summer will be the last time you see him. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

"You mean for him to be…killed?"

"He's already dead Severus…he just does not know it yet. Now, as for your Mark…" he said leaving Severus rather shocked. He instinctively closed his mind entirely to the Dark Lord and thought phony thoughts of how happy he'd be once his father was dead. So far, the Dark Lord seemed to be buying it. "Do you want it now?"

"Oh, well yes, is it…just done here?"

"Oh yes Severus, no ceremony if that's what you are thinking. It's rather painful. When I summon you, it will burn. You will go to wherever you need to go to Apparate and you will Apparate instantly to wherever I need you. You will always do so wearing your Death Eater robes and mask. The mask is a magical one, Lucius will teach you. He will also deliver the robes to you.

"I am aware you have no Apparation license, therefore I will not be summoning you for some time. I also see no need to summon you when you are at school, as your number one priority is to be a top student after all. I'm just telling you this so you understand what the Mark means. If I need you for any reason before then, I will send a messenger to fetch you. That is what the Mark's main function is though, as a means of transport to get you to where I need you.

"It's also a representation of your loyalty to me, and a way to prove to other's that you are a Death Eater. When you take the Mark, you take it for life. Do you have any questions Severus?"

"No, my Lord."

"Good, get down on your knees," Voldemort said in a soft tone as he rose to tower over Severus. Severus did as he was told. "Look up at me," he commanded as Severus complied. "Do you swear to remain loyal to me for life?"

"I do."

"Do you swear to do everything I ask of you, whenever I ask?"

"I do."

"Very well, give me your left arm," he commanded as Severus held his arm up. Severus looked at his thin, pale and unblemished left forearm for the last time. The Dark Lord pressed his wand into the flesh of Severus's forearm as the skin and muscles began to burn as bad as when he had his acid-potion accident back in his first year at Hogwarts.

The pain was so bad he did tense up for a moment.

"Relax, do not tense up."

Severus tried to relax his arm and tried not to show any of the pain he was feeling by making a face. He stared into the Dark Lord's red eyes the entire time and before he knew it, the pain had lessened. He looked to find a tattoo of a skull and snake on his arm. The color was very deep and the image was very detailed.

"You are one of us now, rise my loyal servant," Voldemort said as Severus rose, only coming to the Dark Lord's chest. Voldemort leaned in, and kissed him once on each cheek. "Congratulations, you have just saved your life; for once I'm victorious I will not look kindly on those who opposed me."

"I understand. Those who are not for you are against you."

"Precisely. Igor will take you back home now. I have nothing else to say to you. In the meantime, Lucius will contact you with any further instruction. Expect him this week."

"Yes, my Lord," he said and then noticed something familiar on the desk near the Dark Lord. It was something he'd not seen in a few years. It was the book Lucius told him he'd accidentally destroyed. Was nothing that man ever told Severus that was the truth?

"You recognize this book? Yes, I had Lucius get it from you a few years back. I had been looking for that book for many," he said magically handing the book over to Severus. "Take it, I know everything I need to know from it."

"Thank you my Lord."

"Go now, and thank you Severus for joining me. It's been my desire for some time to have you on my side. I'm looking forward very much to working closely with you once you leave Hogwarts."

"Me too, my Lord."

"Excellent. Good night," he said never taking his eyes off of Severus's. Severus lowered his sleeve and left the room. The tall Russian Karkaroff was waiting for him in the hallway.

"Are you Igor?"

"Come," the man said after making a harsh face at Severus. Severus followed him out of the house and to the grounds. He was Apparated home without a sound and when he turned to thank him, he was gone.

As he entered his building it dawned on him that Voldemort was going to have Tobias killed sometime in the next six months. He'd probably have Severus do it. Could he? He did swear to do anything he was asked, but could he murder his father? Could he murder anyone really? Voldemort told him he wanted to use him for his mind and for spying, healing and brewing. He said he had a bunch of oafs to do that other stuff. Which oaf would he employ to murder his father? What was Severus going to do?


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