Kairi was having an odd day. First, falling on top of his long-time crush, Momo Adachi. Then, the surprising revelation that Momo's boyfriend, Toji, was in the hospital. One insane bicycle ride, train journey, and quick jaunt to the hospital later; Momo had almost jumped out of a window. But now, things looked like they were going to be alright. Until, of course, he told Sae Kashiwagi, Momo's worst enemy, that they had kissed. Now, things were bad. Very bad!

"Well, if I'm an idiot, then you're a liar!" Shouted Toji angrily. He was arguing fiercly with his girlfriend.

That doesn't even make any sense, mused Kairi. It seemed that the stoic Toji was coming apart at the seams. Didn't really seem fair that he should go through all this right after an appendicitis surgery. But what could Kairi do?

That was the question. He'd gotten Momo into this mess, even when he made it his job to get her out of it. It's not like failing Momo now would help his chances with her any, even if she did break up with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Sae was practically beaming in delight as her latest evil scheme came to fruition. Kairi had seen right through her the first time he met her, and yet this idiot Toji still took her word over that of his girlfriend. All because of a stupid kiss…


That was it!

"A-hem." Coughed Kairi loudly.

"What!?" Shouted Toji back at him.

"Okay, first of all, you need to shut. The. FUCK. Up." Snarled Kairi.

"Listen here, you playboy-!" Started Toiji.

"No! You listen! I've about had it with your bullshit! Macking it to my girl! You think you can get away with this shit!?"

"Aha! So you and Momo were dating behind my back!"

"Wrong again, jackass!" Cried Kairi, before pouncing on Sae who only flashed a look of complete shock before she was enveloped by Kairi.

The room was doused in silence as Kairi smothered Sae in a long, deep kiss. It was so impressive, that as he finally let the girl go, she fell down to the ground on her knees. Toji and Momo just stared, mouths hanging open.

"So. That's how this is," explained Kairi, motioning back and forth from himself to the completely shocked Sae, "So yeah. Stay the fuck away from my girl. Later, kids." And with that, Kairi grabbed Sae's wrist and dragged her out of the room.

Sae's entire mental processing seemed to shut down. Had she lost? It was all so fast, and here was Kairi, the most popular guy in school, dragging her down the deserted hallway of a hospital.

"Wait!" she screamed, at last coming to her senses, "What are you doing!?"

Kairi rounded on the girl and looked her head in the eyes, his nose only an inch from hers.

"Clearing up a misunderstanding."

"What!? What do you mean!? Don't you like Momo!?"

"Maybe, once, a long time ago, but I'm tired of hiding it, Sae. You, you're the one I really love. I was just following Momo around because I thought that'd let me get close to you."

"I… I…" stuttered Sae, amazed, as Kairi once again embraced her, as if to lean in for yet another passionate kiss.

"I love you, Sae," he confessed softly.

"Oh… Kairi… do- do you really?" whispered Sae, suddenly very shy and vulnerable.


"No." He replied simply, shoving her down the nearby flight of stairs.

As she tumbled, Sae screamed back, "FUCK YOU, KAIRI!"

Kairi waved over his shoulder as he walked away, calling back, "Die in a fire, bitch!"