Sweet Competition

Warnings: possible fluff, AU, OOC, randomness
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: ZackxCloud/ RenoxCloud
Summary: Zack and Reno are competing to see who could make the best coffee smoothie. The judge? Cloud. And the prize...?
Notation: Please forgive me for my 'randomness' moment. Enjoy!

"This is just…not right." Tifa commented as she looked down to the thick mocha shake that dominated one of her last tall glasses. She could have thought of just have it with the beer glass but she had no idea….how clueless she was earlier before.

Reno frowned before snatching the glass from the counter table and then turned to Cloud, who was trying his best to put up his best 'No-Reno-I-don't-want-to-get-involve' face. But it was too late.

"Cloud! You must be kidding me…!"

Tifa sighed again before mentally thanking the fact she kept her hair long, it felt easier to hide her facial expression then.

Cloud twitched one eye before looking up to the red-haired Turk a little cynically, "What?" was all he could come up with.

Reno was furious for a moment; but that was until he realize the mocha shake melted in the glass and it spewed.

"That's it, Reno! YOU are going to MOP the floor! I don't even care if Easter bunny kills me for it!" Tifa said, glaring at Reno warningly. As if she really meant what she said—she doesn't care if Easter bunny really was out to kill her.

Cloud rolled his eyes before Reno suddenly held his hand after putting the mocha shake in the basin and right now fixed his eyes on Cloud's.

Cloud blushed slightly, but he also put a frown to his face. Because he knew…he had to do that.

Or else he'll be in deep trouble…and there's no telling if ever he had an easy escape with Reno.


"Reno. Shut-up. I told you stop calling me by that……………utterly ridiculous pet name."

"It's ear-deafening." Tifa agreed as she walked into the kitchen, leaving the two alone.

Before Cloud could speak another word, he come to a strong mental argument with his mind how much he really wanted to get his hands on Reno and just….kill him. Or something just to get his nerves out.

Reno smirked as he started caressing Cloud's hand, "Whatever, Pump—"

Cloud splashed his unfinished whiskey at his face, which made Reno stayed miserably silent and licked his lips, tasting the whiskey flavor that soaked his face.

Cloud glared, "Shut-up."

Reno started letting out a small whine under his throat before reaching his hand out and kneeling in front of Cloud and gripped his hand gently.

It struck Cloud in a minor shock—what now?

"Why, Cloud?! Why is it so hard to get your most darling attention?!" Reno dramatically demanded.

You were and still an idiot.

Cloud blinked before raising one eyebrow, "What in hell…"

"Everything I do, Cloud!! I'M JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!! Even over some stupid mocha shake I made—"

Ohhhh….not this again….oh by the names of a great Lifestream…

Cloud had the urge to cover his face in annoyance but something at the back of his mind told him he would be in deep trouble for doing that. Resulting with Reno's numerous times of complaining…exactly in just one thing:

I really like you, but why you don't really like me?


Reno sobbed, "I have to do something, Pumpkin. This…this is just not working!"

And it will NEVER work.

"Reno, go back. Relax. Drink some coffee and sleep." Cloud advised, but it was put in a very blunt and crude way that he really mean for him to just get out and just leave him alone. Respect his likeness for solitude.

Reno never did listen. Never.

Reno started shaking his hand, sobbing harder as his eyes now watering. Though with how the red-haired's mind really works; he probably thought the sobbing 'cuteness' factor will really work…

But who really knows if Cloud was one to fall for it?

Cloud frowned, the more he keep watching, the more he really want to just kick him in the face and signed on the imprinted foot print on Reno's face that wrote: 'Autographed by Cloud Strife'.

"Cloud…just…one time."

One time…translation: A million.

Cloud sighed miserably, he started to think of one of the best ways to get rid of this red-head but it struck to his mind immediately how much he wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble.

He knew Reno for very long and the Turk wasn't such a bad person…he was just plain annoying. If not plain, it was like one disease Cloud had to bring with him all the time.

Whenever Reno burst it, he had to stuck his ass at some random something and listen to his babblings. Whenever Reno started getting on his case, he remembered how much he wanted to slap Reno like every girl rejecting a guy whenever Reno tried a pathetic attempt to kiss him.

Which was cute. (To the authoress of this fanfic. A/N: okay okay, read on)

"One time on what, Reno? Create another mocha shake that looked like mountain smoothie? I can't even slurp the damn thing!" Cloud stated harshly, his eyes so fixed on Reno's, he was sure he didn't want to take his frown off his handsome face.

Reno kissed one of his fingers, "Puh-leaseeeeeeeeeee, Pumpkin—"


"Okay, not Pumpkin. Smoochy-kins, pwease—"

"RENO!!" Cloud roared, shooting up from his stool immediately, so quick was his anger reacting, that the stool fell on the ground.

Reno was shocked for a moment, but with it fade so quickly, he pouted.

"Aww, Cloudy mad…"

Cloud growled right under his throat and slapped his forehead, "Reno…you don't understand…"

Talk about him trying to go with the kind way.

Save me. Somebody.

Reno was on all-ears.

"It….it can't work, Reno." Cloud said reluctantly as he sighed and knelt down, holding Reno's cheek in his gloved hand and lifted an apologetic smile.

"I know how much you try but…but…"

"But…what, Cloudy?"

Earlier: Pumpkin. Now: Cloudy. Later: No-More-Reno.

Cloud was pushing aside the urge to slap him very far. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and exhaled before opening his eyes again to meet with a pair of confused eyes belonged to the Turk.

"I'm just not interested, Reno."

Reno was baffled.

"On what?"

"With you, trying to make me like your….something."

He rather not say it anyway.

When it took a while for Reno to take in the idea and to really understand it, he started to smirk and his sneaky hand snaked around Cloud's waist.

Who, on the other hand, his apologetic smile melted into a threatening scowl.

"Reno, which part of I'm-not—"

"One more attempt. On mocha shake." Reno interrupted with a soft coo in his ear, his eyes showing the vague determination he wanted Cloud to see.

Normally, Cloud wouldn't care. But this time…

"Reno, I said—"

"Hey, Cloud!"

Boomed a familiar voice, coming from the door that was widely opened. A figure about as tall as Reno stood at the doorway, until the two heard footsteps and the figure sauntered in.

Stood Zack Fair.

Now froze, shocked and….enraged.

……To be continued.