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When Zack stood at the door, his face reddened with jealousy and confusion to the sight in front of him. Can he really believe his eyes? Reno and Cloud? Pardon. His Cloud?!

As he was trying to get over his shock (somewhat) and the jealousy that burnt in his eyes, his brain seemed to drag him into talking to two-sides of his mind. The left that convinced Yeah Zack! Go ahead! Kick him where the sun doesn't shine!—I mean at Reno! While the right brain argued No Zack! Maybe it's all a misunderstanding!—Maybe Reno had not just crossed the line!

After that he decided to just ignore whatever annoying whispers he could hear in his mind and shook his head as he turned his attention back to the two.

The magnificently sexy blonde.

And the magnificently annoying red-haired.

As Cloud 's mouth widened in a gape and Reno closed his mouth, Cloud shoved his hand away and quickly stood up before blushing furiously, his eyes widened in surprise and embarrassment as he tried to get his lips to talk.

Even taking a couple of quick minutes to ask his mind for help; for a very good excuse to what Zack witnessed.

If only I could shoot Reno….why now….

"Zack, is not like what you—"

It was too late. Zack had already dropped his stuff and lunged forward at Reno, causing the two to engage in a serious (and childish) wrestle.

Cloud stood where he was, just for a very long time and enough to blink in complete confusion and before he really could sink it all in his mind right now, he was confused…as to why Zack looked like…

An angry balloon?

If only balloons had angry faces.

When he turned around, he raised his eyebrows in amusement to watch the two roll to and fro on the woodened floor, the air filled with chorus of their grumblings, snarls, growls, sounds of the punch blows, one yelping and the other screaming in pain.

And most of all, even insults that are not quite spoken in English.

"Get your hands off him, BASTARD!"

"No you get yours hands off me, ass! I had him first!"

"In your dreams! I had sex with him, Reno! And it was damn right FANTASTIC!"

Then they stopped for a moment, hands gripped on the other, legs on one another and feet almost close to one's face. From the floor, they looked up to Cloud and blinked.

Cloud frowned and glared at Zack for that absurd statement, though he was understanding enough at the fact Zack was…not at his best moods right now.

Sex? How come I never remember that?

"Go on. What else can you come up with? Besides the fantastic sex that never happened." Cloud said sarcastically, crossing his arms to his chest as he looked down to the two, with critical eyes.

Zack and Reno frowned before looking back to each other, snarling viciously and then a minute later they were back to rolling on the ground, punching each other, kicking each other and wrestled like a pair of grown-up adults fighting over who could really get the expensive candy.

More snarls, growls and loud volumized yells that went along like a chorus of a horrible song from the two. However, what was weird is that none of the two were seriously injured...
Then again, Cloud's sanity slowly thinning toward its own injury.

"STOP IT YOU TWO!" Cloud shouted, demanding for them to halt their childish brawl and fight. Stools, chairs and tables start to tumble, fall and Cloud almost heard a crack. He rolled his eyes as he smacked a palm on his forehead, sighing exasperatedly.

Oh god…Tifa's gonna kill us…

"Hold on, Cloudy! I'm gonna screw this ass upside down!" Reno shouted while blowing another punch on Zack.

Zack growled as he spun around and then return the same fist impact on the Turk, "What Cloudy?! He's my Chocobo-kins!"

Cloud frowned at this; …Chocobo-kins? What the hell is it with the pet names…

"STOP IT YOU TWO!!!" A feminine familiar voice interrupted in an angry and impatient yell. Tifa stepped in and had a baseball bat in hand as she scowled dreadfully.
Reno and Zack quickly froze, as again the position was the same – one foot on the other's face, tangled in between and trying to break each other's bones. They both looked up to an angry Tifa –an extremely angry Tifa and swallowed hard. Well…they realized now just who's bar had they turn into a wrestling arena.

Cloud sighed in relief before looking to Tifa thankfully, but for sure Tifa couldn't see that since she's so overwhelmed with her own anger.

"Not like I really have anything to say about this...weird affection you have for Cloud but THIS IS MY BAR!" Tifa shouted.
Reno and Zack swallowed hard before glaring at each other, "He started it first!" They simultaneously said.

Cloud sighed heavily before walking over and wanting to interrupt but Tifa blocked him as she stepped closer.

"Fine…since the both of you are competing…I have a better idea."

There was an eerie silence surrounded them, as the last chair fall to the ground broke the silence, Zack pushed Reno away from him and the Turk hit against the wall before the two looked up to Tifa with mild confusion, but Cloud maintained a distasteful frown… for he anticipated something…something horrible…is going to occur.

Probably much worse than Reno bugging him daily, much worse than Zack keep persisting that they're a couple.

Tifa's face slowly glowed with a grin on her face, "Smoothie competition!"

The three were baffled, however, Reno slowly grin, Zack blinked hard in confusion and Cloud's face paled…

"Smoothie competition?!"

-To be continued-

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